Help us to release Elevn's first album !

Help us to release our first album !

Project visual Help us to release Elevn's first album !
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Help us to release Elevn's first album !

Born last summer, Elevn was created by former members of Hantise, Hollow Corp, Coverage, etc ...

Not really synthwave, not totally metal, we're inspired by 80's horror and scifi movies, metal, electro or video games, and we're considerated to belong to the dark synth scene (Carpenter brut, Perturbator, Dance with the dead, etc...


Our first single Escape the Matter was released in september 2016 and played 100 000 times ! We received many support from youtube channels, blogs & radios. 

We're working on our first 11 tracks album, with only new & unreleased tracks. We'll release it in April 2017.


It was written & recorded, now it's time to mix and master it, maybe make some cds and vinyls mais that ... it depends on you !










Mathieu : Guitar, Bass & Horror synth (Elevn) / Creature designer (X-Men Apocalypse, American Horror Story, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, etc..) / Guitar & bass player (Coverage, Hollow Corp, Shelob)

Jérôme : Dark keyboards & Evil production (Elevn) / DJ/Producer (Hantise) / Label manager (BADD Records, Digital Heavy Records)



Allocation of funds

I am the only producer of this album. All funds will be send to me to pay this project.


We need 12 300 euros for the entire project, but the first goal is 600€

With 600€, we can pay a part of the mix and the mastering and the guarantee of a digital release in April 2017.


If you bring us beyond that, you can help us to conquer the world ! 


Here is detail of the next steps (in order of importance


Mix & Mastering : 1200 €

Artwork (cd, vinyl & merchandising) : 500 €

Promo (medias, web, press agent) : 1500 €

Music Video : 2000 €

Merchandising : 2000 €

SDRM : 1600 €

Vinyl & Digipack cd : 3500 €

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