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Try to remember everything that happened in the world last year, add latino beats and imagine it filmed on VHS. That's Les Anges Rouges.

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Helps Les anges rouges

Les Anges Rouges it’s a fiction short film, shoot in VHS and green screen, it has a kind of post-apocalyptic movie spirit but in a critical, political, sarcastic way. We found the heart of the movie in what is happening today or what happened yesterday - depending on the way we look at it. The bombing in Gaza the last summer, the Ebola epidemic, the restriction of porn in England... Are these things part of yesterday? They disappeared from the news, from the declarations of politicians, from the public space.

But are they gone? They are not.

History is not just a fact, it’s something that needs to be experienced and explored, it’s something that’s moving, changing...

With the help of cinema it's maybe possible to rewrite History somewhere, somehow... 


Felipe Monroy, the director, comes from Colombia and studied at the HEAD in Geneva. This is not his first experience directing a movie.

His documentary Tacacho has been screened in Festivals all around the world. 


His last movie "Meanwhile in Beirut" is about to make its appearance at Film Festivals.

Here the link to the production company website with more information about the movie:





Allocation of funds

Let us tell you the situation. We are already in Berlin, ready to shoot. Locations? Already found! Actors? Already there - and we are in love with them! Budget? well, already gone...

After a long preparation, we arrived at our 4th day of shooting. 

We already tried the green screen: Photo_5-1422983250



After that we spent two days in a very nice Kebab restaurant, confusing the roles behind the camera and behind the restaurant bar. We survived a night of shooting under the snow with a group of brave caribbean Bailarinas that danced challenging the winter. A white horse accompanied them: 





The crew is a mixture of columbian, french, palestinian, german, italian and dutch people, that are really believing in this project. We sat together last night and tried to find a way to raise the 400€ we still need to support the crew during the shooting and buy the last accessories. 


We are talking to friends, to curious people, to the fans of the director - we are talking to you who feel provoked by the project! Help us finish the shooting and show you "Les Anges Rouges" on a big screen! 

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