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HIYA!, the 21st century cultural media

The revolution is underway

The world has changed and French culture, Western culture, is undergoing a profound crisis by dint of denying it. The result: ideological tensions, community withdrawals and culture wars.

What we took for granted is now outdated. We must invest ouverselves in the present. Let's question our collective ideas, all together and with respect for the ones who are different. This is precisely what artists do: let's listen to them!

With HIYA! we want to transform culture, to collectively build a world in which each person, in his or her singularity, can sublimate oneself.

HIYA! shakes the culture... But how?

Abdallah Slaiman, the creator of HIYA! explains it (in French)

Don't understand French or no time to listen?

In a few words :

HIYA! is a collaborative project born from a deep desire to respond to the absurdity of the world. It is by meeting and exchanging with artists that the project of this ecosystem was born. To create is to resist, it is also to connect.

Any change in civilization is accompanied by a transformation of culture. HIYA! opens spaces for creators to express themselves, to confront reality and to question us collectively through their work.

HIYA! is a cultural ecosystem that connects creators: physical events, online platforms, a media... in which culture is exchanged, debated and being different makes us stronger.

What do we offer?

Our cornerstones are: independence, quality and diversity.

With a double promise:

  • To give creators the tools to make a living from their work: they are the ones who make culture live and move forward.
  • To offer you, the public, a complete, ambitious and accessible cultural offer: because you are worth it.

The first stone of the cathedral we are building: the media of 21st century culture

On the web, on Instagram, in print, in video: its vocation is to relay the point of view and the creations of today's artists and citizens, relegated to the margins, but whose work questions our society, with force, intelligence and irreverence.

During the campaign and in the years to come, we will continue our work as intermediaries to highlight the culture of the 21st century: the messages of the street, the bridges that are being built and what is bubbling in the margins.

Created by artists, journalists and editorial writers, our productions mix styles and approaches, with sincerity of intent and originality of purpose as our compass.

See for yourself by visiting our website and on Instagram, if you haven't already!

Our magazine being printed at the print factory Stipa in Montreuil #oddlysatisfaying

But that's not all!

This crowdfunding is the opportunity to give a glimpse of what HIYA! will be tomorrow

We have great gifts, who put contemporary art within the reach of all.

Throughout the campaign, we will give a voice to creators, without any filter. This documentary series, "Carte Blanche" will be available on Youtube.

We also intend to launch very soon in publishing, cinema, music, communication, streaming... A world of possibility in which creators have the power!

If you want to know more: follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and subscribe (plus you'll get some cool rewards) 👉

HIYA! is a collective project

Behind HIYA! there is Abd al Malik, there is Abdallah Slaiman, but there are also many other people, especially artists. If you followed or were present at our block party, you'll know it.

If you want to know more about the artists of the collective: follow the media on the networks and subscribe to the YouTube channel. The "Cartes Blanches" are coming soon.

In addition to the artists, there are people who work daily to make the project live, in the editorial staff and among the team.

Want to know more about them? Go to HIYA.FR to read or see their portraits. During the first week of this campaign, they will be the ones to be honored, in "Cartes Blanches" text or video.

To support the project and join the artists and all the men and women who are committed with HIYA! to shake up the world of culture: only one thing to do, contribute to the campaign 👉

It's just like voting, except you get gifts.

Allocation of funds

Take part in the cultural revolution!

This crowdfunding has 2 objectives:

  • In the short term: to give us the means to develop our media independently for this year 2021.
  • In the long term: to lay the foundations of a collective project owned, in part, by its readers / viewers. To associate you to the project, as well as the artists with whom we collaborate every day.

Today, HIYA! is financed by Abdallah's savings, a financing from the BPI and a first fundraising realized with relatives. This money allowed us to start, but it is coming to an end. So if you want the magazine to really see the light of day, contribute to this campaign 👉

With 50 000€: your paper magazine every month in your mailbox

Because we have to start somewhere and we had to be reasonable, we defined this goal as the minimum to reach. Once this goal is reached, we will be able to finance the 9 issues (from April to December) to come in 2021. This includes layout, printing, distribution, and of course, paying the men and women who write in it. But we can do better!

With 100 000€: a fully self-produced web tv

By reaching this goal, we will be able to develop our video formats for your greatest pleasure. This will allow us to cover most of the technical costs, as well as the people who work to build them. It's starting to look better, but it doesn't allow us to go as far as we want.

With 200 000€: the editorial staff is financed for the year

At this point, we're starting to get serious! Raising this kind of money from our community means we can produce all the articles and videos we want, no questions asked. Where do we go from here?

With 500 000€: a new website and a killer app

With an additional €300,000, we can expand our team outside the editorial office and invest in a new website and app that will match our ambitions. For your reading and viewing pleasure. At this point, we're perfectly equipped to face 2021 with peace of mind. Support and share with everyone, we will succeed in adding this 0 to the goal!

With 1 000 000€: our budget for 2021 is completely closed!

With such a sum, not only do we break all records, but we also guarantee our functioning for the whole year - including the investments and budgets we plan to put at the disposal of the artists and the Berlin93 project. Really, it would be crazy to get there thanks to you! Challenge accepted?

The estimated expenses for 2021 to develop our media

To the question "what are we going to do with all this money?", we obviously have the answer!

Find below the projections established at the beginning of the year to achieve our ambitions. Goal: 1M€ raised on Kiss Kiss!

(figures are indicated in thousands of euros - English version to come)

The breakdown in percentages:

If we reach this goal, we'll probably throw a big party (when we can) to which you'll obviously be invited! 🎉

What happens if we don't reach our goal?

We die.

To be more precise:

  • If we don't reach the minimum threshold of 50,000€, the project will be very much compromised. We'll be able to settle what we owe to the partners and teams working with us, but the adventure will probably end here. We all want to avoid this, so only one thing to do 👉
  • If we just reach the 50,000€, we can get by. But then we'll have to turn to more traditional funders and/or scale back our ambitions. Only one thing to do again (the same) 👉

We count on your support!

Last but not least: a few thanks

To conclude this page, we wanted to send some love to all those who gave us strength: the artists of the collective, at our side since the beginning; our community, which follows us and reads us daily; the whole HIYA! team (staff and editors) who work hard to make this project a reality; our board of advisors for their judicious remarks; all the creators who agreed to support this campaign; our partners and providers who were kind enough to accept to support us at the expense of their payment terms; our families and friends for all their good advice and encouragement. And you, contributor who made the choice to commit to our side. Thank you 🙏

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