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Ho les filles

How this project was born:

After publishing and editing two guidebooks ( White Pass and Haines Pass backcountry skiing) I could not stay too long without any project linked to my passion ( the mountains). After being involved in different movies and TV shows as a guest,  it naturally comes to me. I would like to show my personal vision of skiing in the Yukon and exploring the reasons why sometimes I go solo or I bring my girls with me.  Am I crazy? is it dangerous? Do the girls like it? What do they learn? what kind of equipment are we using? you will know more after watching this movie.

Where was it filmed

In this movie, you will discover the amazing mountains around Whitehorse and the Coastal Range between Alaska and the Yukon at White Pass and Haines Pass.

For the second part, I will soon bring Kiona and Heidi in the incredible Saint Elias Mountains and the Kluane National Park.

I am sure it will be an incredible experience for them.

The Saint Elias Mountains is the biggest glacial mountain range in the world and the largest protected area in the world. A stunning environment, only accessible during the summer season. We will be near the Mount Logan (5959m), the highest peak in Canada and one of the biggest mountain in the entire world.


The Team


Claude Vallier, conception

Dad of Kiona and Heidi, I come from the Aravis, in the French Alps. I was born and raised in the mountains, I grew up and worked in the mountains. It is my passion. With my family, we moved to and have been living in the Yukon for 10 years.

Kiona, the big sister, serious and caring. she is creative and her passion is figure skating.

Heidi, the athlete of the family, so flexible but a quite a character. Her passion is singing.

Yannick KLEIN, camera and post-production

Just like me, Yannick moved to the Yukon with his family. He is following his dreams and would like to make his passion for video becoming is main activity. When we first met and I told him about this project, he was soon interested in a partnership.

Jerome Dupraz, camera and design

So creative and always in good mood. Young entrepreneur he is one of the co-founder of ‘Collectif en huit lettre” a very dynamic and productive new company. Jerome is trully a “good ideas’ generator.


Claude, Heidi and Kiona, even if the sky is not blue everyday, another unforgotable moment together.

The Project

We started filming in December 2017 and did it all winter long, weather and snow conditions permitting. So far we captured enough good images to produce a bit more than 20 minutes of high-quality images. The next step is for June 2018, for our adventure in the huge the Saint Elias mountains. It is going to be a real adventure for the girls to go where just a few people are going. We should not see anybody for week in this huge remote and wild territory.


The Coastal range between Yukon and Alaska


The Saint Elias Mountains,  the Queen Mary, close to where we are going to set-up our camp.


Movie release.

The goal is to have the movie finished as soon as possible, in order to submit it to diverse events and film festivals. The movie will be released in private projection in October 2018 in Haute-Savoie and in the Yukon.


Allocation of funds

What are we going to do with the money?


So far, the project has been entirely funded with my personal money and with the help of my partners for the equipment and the logistic: PLUM, ZAG, Icefield Discovery and Terre de Montagne.

So the money will not be used to fund me, or travel or ski transport. I am independent and so far this film has been funded using my own funds, with help and support from some amazing partners.

But, the money we will collect, will help to finalize the project and to obtain   a  better quality. It will help to:


-Rent and repair our video equipment which suffers a lot in the harsh  northern environment ( extreme cold, remote places, technical terrain.)

-Pay for the post-production work.

-Pay for the rights to be able to use good quality music.

-Organize private projections

-Pay for the travel fees for the cameraman ( if possible)


What if we get more than expected?

I could replace and/or replace our broken and/or lost equipment. And also reimburse people who helped us by assisting them.


The total cost of the project is 10640$

7500$ comes from my personal  funding

1340$ from sponsorship

We are looking for 1800$ in donations




 total : 10 640$

Filming, editing and post production: 3500$

Permits and fees for Parks Canada: 340$

Transportation for the cameraman : 1850$ (flight France-Yukon and flight to the Saint-Elias mountains)

video equipment rental: 2500$

Video equipments repairs and replacement: 2150$



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