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It is above all a human adventure and collaborative, a spectacular event constantly fed by impromptu events, in a performative shape.


The action is the result of collaboration since October 2010, between Spanish flamenco dancer a young Cynthia Cano Candel and Valerie Ruiz visual artist and video artist, creator and director of this performance, designed for multiple players.





 http://ruizvalerie.com/                                               http://www.cynthiacano.com/     


As you can see, the human is at the heart of this event. These are also the Valerie Ruiz colours that create this device and feeds on many years of experience with various public.


"It is under the terms of Emociónalive all that occurs this one-time assembly that forms the base material and the performers of my last performance / installation"





At the heart of the approach is the question of "how to find a form of harmony, beauty, peace, joy of living in a sometimes chaotic daily experience. Offer ways to find hope for tomorrow.


Support this approach, but also support a PEACE process.


"Without actually naming him, I have always acted in the heart of my work for peace, today the need to name it becomes alarming. I will do everything that directs my steps towards IT by inviting all generations to join this work, so does our lives, our children. (...) Humour is a characteristic shape that describes our tears now, laugh to cry, the only weapon that can transform their own, laugh! (...) My works are all acts of love that unite people, our struggle is the silence that comes after seeing them, hope! "Valerie Ruiz




"Men" invitee representing the idea of ​​humans so male or female. The guest will come from different worlds such as contemporary dance, music, comedy, opera singing, flamenco, crafts, culture, street, etc ....

"Women": two women will be present. One of them was performer and video artist, his art draws from the material, creating a dialectic of everyday gestures. The other, through the art of flamenco dance, has articulated a strong expression.




Fed by impromptu events, under a performative shape, the implementation of this multidisciplinary device poetically explores our everyday thinking while collectively our future. 







"The feminine and masculine as white notes, black, eighth notes. Color balance and values. "



► This artist trio will not cease to invite each other to enter the world of the other, to establish fed phrasing of chaos and inter aesthetic.


'Fast setting is a response to a notion of time that echoes with the idea of ​​plaster which in its liquid form, passes the rigid shape.


► Before and after the action takes place an immediate meeting with the public in a playful, festive and participatory.




This invitation underlines the opening that art can offer to the difference in its broadest term. The artistic media are platforms that decompartmentalized, which open the minds and hearts who work for PEACE.






Corresponding needs:


Our plan is to meet a need to create new creative platforms gathering collective intelligence, broad-based partnerships, public participation, dialogue between all, to reinvent the collective.


You are part of it !


Valerie Ruiz, our designer and artistic director came from Alsace, arrived there 5 years ago in this village in Salles in the Lot et Garonne. Spanish artists came quickly to assist. Thus was born LEPOL'art and the first movement of this event with a first performance 20mn, "contemporary revolution or flame wine", which evolved in 2012 in the South West under the name translated into Spanish. The audience was delighted and touched, we continued.





Description of the action:


This second movement called "Men-Women rapid approach" to finalize a video in Murcia (Spain), birthplace of Cynthia, between a metal factory and the city.


"The part filmed in Murcia is live. This true sound and visual partition that I created, became artists to create support material used as support to the imaginary performance before your eyes, like a saying of our contemporary.


The acceleration of time makes thinking slow. At the heart of this contradiction that drives us, provides a representation of all those that compress our daily lives, represented by the steps of flamenco dancing and his journey to us. We offer live chatroom to invite the public to think with poetry today about these different times.


It takes great mastery of improvisation and mutual confidence to join this resistant way. The confidence of artists is a vital movement to express the fragility of an era. The transformation of our becoming allthat we do together, in this same confidence. "



To do so, collaborations have been initiated in France, collaboration with Spain (Murcia) have already been written. This work must continue. Games are the collaboration between Valerie Ruiz, artist, and Cynthia Cano, a young flamenco dancer who has just made a landmark move to the Theatre of Murcia. All stakeholders, both from the Spanish side and the side of the LEPOL'art http://lepolart.com/ association, have invested heavily and the work already done should not be lost. At this stage, only lacking the financial means to be able to produce the spectacular event film. Of course, fees for the artists of the project are also included in the budget, this action is also supporting action to contemporary creation.


We need you !



In short:


Diffusion, mediation and support for research through the implementation of artistic events to audiences located in a zone called "distant".


Co-production France-Spain.


Transdisciplinarity, pooling of resources at various levels (local, regional, national and international).

This action, which must be deployed over several years, will first be initiated in Aquitaine in the Lot et Garonne department.





" The Drac Aquitaine showed its interest and support this year but it is not enough and the March elections were marked by a lot of controversy in the partner share, such as theatres, places that encouraged us, due to the difficulty of carrying many events that challenge executives, with ideas for discussion today! The new season starts, we firmly believe that it is you, the public, who choose to strengthen our volunteers and professional artists who are working hard to give birth to this event, which will then definitely convince the places that also share a love of artistic quality.

We are expected in several regions of France and Spain we aim, Europe, South America etc."



The quality of the final product depends on us, that our success depends on you, thank you for participating in this event! "Valerie Ruiz


Calendar :


By end November 2015: filming and shooting.


Spring 2015: first representation


Season 2015/2016 and 2017/2018: launch a tour programmed with places with which we are currently in discussion.


Planned duration: 2 years renewable according to balance sheet


Allocation of funds



There is so much to make and we are so much all in the wedge. This artistic adventure as much as citizen overflows generosity, you know it as us, without the need to describe it to you. The scale of the work which spreads to offer you each steps of our reflections has no limit, this humble basic request has to assume an urgent and necessary present to continue with you. For a birth, we don't count, the LEPOL' art association needs you too because it is for our future in all that it bustles.... This outpouring of solidarity from you, is, what we wish you of better to see soon a sky of stars dazzling you.



Budget :


Would require us to collect € 5,000 Minimum today:


€ 2300  so that we can shoot the film in Murcia in a high quality format. Professional A camera is required which could be used to the whole concept of the association later.


For € 1000 costumes during the performance in Murcia.


€ 800 for both editing software.


€ 1100 for equipment.


● More ideally € 8000 for these four years of work conducted by all volunteers would really allow us to        launch to our partners this second movement, carrying the engagement of artists,and development            hybrid and human projects around all of us.


● But with € 10 000 guests are craftsmen who can better express their know-how with adequate and            sophisticated food or materials for your enjoyment.


● With € 15 000 for the annex but valuable material that accompanies any event. Then we can guarantee    a product dissemination and prospecting: website, digital publishing and paper, photos and DVD,              posters, etc. To enjoy and participate more personally in this important act that involves us all.


All these compensations are so many steps towards you to be better known this artistic approach. In each of its stages, it gives the tempo of the present.


Today, the associative tool bottom in the fact that we are all, human being. It is a creative platform without size pre-established to let vibrate our liberties.


If you do not want compensations, it is very simple, you just have to check the corresponding box.


It is with the great pleasure and the emotion as well that we shall register your names on the credits of the visual partition with which the artists are going to express and to have a dialogue. On the site also, to indicate that it is as well thanks to you as this human adventure is born!


If the collection takes place really well one launched by red, mediatized balloon, will be dedicated to you to thank you and send a peace message.....


IN SHORT ! A picnic basket of quality for peace for all.


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