Horizon is Home

Horizon is Home ! 40 days, 8000km, 11 countries, and we hope a hell lot of artistic content !

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Horizon is Home

This journey will bring us from Bruxelles, Belgium to Nordkapp, Norway and back, while discovering some new horizons all across Northern Europe.


We’d like this roadtrip to be an unforgettable experience of traveling, learning and capturing unique moments. We’d like it also to be a part of our professional artistic content in building.


During this trip, Léo & Rom plan on bringing back pictures of amazing places, people and roads while posting their progress online.


We will publish at least a picture per day of travel on Facebook, Instagram and 500px (with the possibility to relay our sponsors).


We have also in mind, to do short series of pictures with a theme/concept (portraits with background stories, sports, panorama and other) but these ideas are not fixed yet and we would like for them to evolve as we are going on with the trip.




The TeamComo__rom_-1464285269 Romain Willekens


In 2011, I left formal education for artistic studies. Passionate about photography since I was young, limited by one factor : the number of films that I could afford, and later on, the storage on my hard drive. My eyes have been sharpening over thousands of pictures I took during my travels and my everyday life.


My entry in the art world reframes my work and force me to bend to other requirements than mine. In two years, I improved my technical skills and my artistic approach. My photos are no longer addressed only to me, they become an illustration work of what my eyes see.


My first two years in the art world, a photographer degree in hand, I started studying film. The universe and the constraints take an other dimension, I live in the cinema. Cinema is not only my field, it's almost the entirety of my time. When I’m not working on a project, I stroll with my camera to capture whatever I think worth sharing.


After 2 years of school and training projects at the SAE, I graduated in Film And Animation. It's time to make my mark in the world of cinema, after 3 months of internship in a production company, I’m engaged as a camera assistant / steadicam and pointer.


In 2013, I met Léo, his architectural perspective made my artistic point of view evolve in this more cartesian point of view.

Here is some of my work :

https://500px.com/romainwillekens https://www.instagram.com/wllks/


Como__l_o_-1464285445 Léopold Wéry


Initiated in my youth to travel (my old man working abroad), traveling quickly become a necessity. My childhood and adolescence continues in this way with trips around the world with friends and family.

In 2011, after a year of university, this need overtakes me and find myself going to Canada without really knowing what to expect. Soon I took part in the life there, and here I am, musher for the winter. The experience brand me deeply, leaving me with one wish, to live it again !

In 2013, I met Romain who photographs every day. Architecture student myself, photography and art interest me more and more. I play with Rom’s camera and find another way to show my point of view.

Still learning, I would like this trip to benefit on both level : artistic and professional.




The Road



Bruxelles, Belgium - Nordkapp, Norway

We’ll start on the 15 th of May and our first stop will be Berlin ! 765 km ! We plan on staying a few days in Berlin, after that Wroclaw (342 km), Warsaw (346 km), Vilnius (453 km), Riga (287 km), and we’ll be in Talin (313 km) for the 22 th . There, we gonna take the ferry to Helsinki.



From Helsinki to the Nordkapp, we’ll take our time visiting, to finally arrive at the “end of the world” around the 28 th of May, to see the midnight sun of course !



Nordkapp, Norway - Bruxelles, Belgium

For the way back, we have one week to reach Oslo, where we plan on doing a lot of pictures of the fjords. We’ll stay in Oslo for a day or two, then we’ll be heading to Denmark. It depends on the timing but we hope to have the time to visit Copenhagen. Last stop, the Dutch coast and Amsterdam ! Finally back to Bruxelles !





So what is “Horizon is Home” ?

It is the will of a generation to go meeting other populations, experience different cultures and try to get the best of it. It is also the desire to share our discoveries and journeys with people around us and those we encounter. It’s an opportunity to think outside the box and go where few people imagine setting foot one day.


It’s a bit of a dream we have, and we’d like to share it with you.




Thanks for reading !


Rom & Léo team@horizonishome.com




Read more about us, in our Project Description, on our website, or on Facebook and Instagram !


Allocation of funds

We'd like to share our work as much as possible during and at the end the trip. And for that we need your help !


We plan on printing some of the photograph we'll make, and expose them. So all the funding will go in the reservation of the place for the exhibit and large format print.


We'll try to book a nice place to show the best of our pictures !

Maybe "Les jardins d'Arthey" ? With the help of Lucie, Zoé, Laurie, and the rest of the team !


And we also need the funding to print large format photos from Labo River.


All the extra money we get will be spend in the goal of making even more amazing pictures and will let us go further than the initial project.

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