Ibemi: the Fonio AfroChips

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Ibemi: the Fonio AfroChips

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Allocation of funds

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Featured reward

6-packs for the summer


  • 29 contributions
6-packs of Ibemi organic and healthy crisps: 2 x Mafé 2 x Yassa 2 x Sao Tomé Black Pepper

Estimated delivery: July 2021

AfroChips starter pack


  • 7 contributions
Discovery pack of 3 flavors saveurs : Mafé Yassa Black Pepper of Sao Tomé 100% organic.

Estimated delivery: July 2021



  • 26 contributions
9 x Ibemi organic and healthy fonio chips 3 x Mafé 3 x Yassa 3 x Black Pepper from Sao Tomé 1 x Ibemi fonio pack 1 x Ibemi fonio flour pack

Estimated delivery: July 2021

Crazy grains


  • 14 contributions
12 x Ibémi fonio chips packs 3 x African gourmet drinks from Maria Bradford at Shwen Shwen 2 x preparation kit for African cocktails - hibiscus and baobab 1 x large organic fonio pack 1 x large organic fonio flour pack

Estimated delivery: July 2021

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