Illustrating unexisting stories

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Illustrating unexisting stories

<p><strong>The beginning.</strong></p><p>At first, there was theatre. As an actor, I gave body and voice to characters in discordant situations. I played parts, sometimes in self-made stories, sometimes in repertoire plays.</p><p>This activity resonates in my drawings. While drawing, I become the illustrator of stories that have not been put into words, that don&rsquo;t really exist. Figures are involved in dramatic dialogues with either themselves or with others. Bodies are ambiguous, unfinished, melted, and seem to derive from an interrupted metamorphosis.&nbsp;No naturalism, instead: a theatre of dreams.</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>L&#39;arriv&eacute; des d&eacute;goutants</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Titles</strong></p><p>I give titles to the drawings. Sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in French, sometimes in English. By doing so, I take them out of the domain of the strictly pictorial, and place them in a literary context. In fact, these titles work in the same way as the title of a play or a novel does. And since the stories in this case are &ldquo;non-existing,&rdquo; they can be invented by the viewer. I consider my titled drawings as prints in an ever-expanding cabinet of prints.</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>The philosopher remembers Caligari</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Medium and method of working</strong></p><p>The drawings originate in photographs I took, or physical drawings I made (with pencil, ink, gouache, aquarelle) and scanned into the computer. Then, I start working digitally. I use a simple Wacom drawing pad and Gimp, the freeware program for image editing. When I consider a work finished, I have it printed in a specialized photography shop. Generally, I opt for German Etching paper from Hahnem&uuml;hle. It&rsquo;s a nicely structured paper of 310 grams.</p><p>The drawings I will show mid-June, have more or less the same size as my computer screen. A maximum of 41 centimeters in height or width.</p><p>Of course, looking at a drawing on a computer screen (a light source) is very different from seeing the same work printed with ink on paper. I often need to make digital adaptations in contrasts and/or light, and then get it printed again.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>My exhibition opens on June 17:</p><p><strong>Illustrating Unexisting Stories</strong></p><p>Gallery &ldquo;In Den Bouw&rdquo;, Zomerstraat 85, 9270 Kalken (Laarne), Belgium</p><p><a href=""></a>. Email:&nbsp;<a></a>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>photo:&nbsp;Marianne Matthys</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>My drawings need to be framed. Framing it, finishes the work. It is only when a drawing is framed, that it fits in the concept of The Cabinet of Prints.Unfortunately, the framing of art works is often badly done. I see it all too frequently in exhibitions I visit: the works behind the glass are hardly visible; you can almost comb your hair in the reflection of the mirror glass. Lack of financial resources got in the way of the right choice: framing with&nbsp;<strong>non-reflective glass.</strong></p><p>For this exhibition, I aim for the right framing for my drawings, including <strong>the non-reflective glass (museum glass.)</strong></p><p>I start this crowdfunding to be able to pay for the right framing of 10 drawings.</p><p><strong>My goal is to collect&nbsp;1750 &euro;:</strong></p><p>the framing of the 10 drawings: <strong>10 x 160 &euro; = 1600 &euro; (all taxes in)</strong>&nbsp;plus the costs for the use of this platform.&nbsp;</p><p>The costs for printing have already been paid for by me.</p><p>I am launching this crowdfunding as a private person. Donations will be put on my personal bankaccount and will&nbsp;exclusively&nbsp;be used for the project &quot;Illustrating Unexisting Stories.&quot;&nbsp;<em> &nbsp;</em></p><p>If the campaign succeeds and donations come on top of the asked sum, the extra money will be exclusively used as support for my drawing activities.&nbsp;</p>



lifelong gratitude!


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You will receive a postcard of the drawing “The Acceptance of a Gift”. You can also be assured of my lifelong gratitude.

Estimated delivery: June 2018


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Lifelong gratitude and the postcard of the drawing “The Acceptance of a Gift”, plus a voucher for a coffee, tea, soft drink, glass of wine or a beer of your choice, in the estaminet In Den Bouw, right next to the gallery. You will be able to enjoy the summer in the pleasant garden.

Estimated delivery: June 2018


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The preceding rewards (moment of delivery: june 2018:) Plus a signed print of approximately 16 by 20 cm on German Etching paper from Hahnemühle (moment of delivery: august 2018)


    The precedent rewards, plus a meeting with the artist; he will tour you through the exhibition.


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    A signed print of approximately 26 by 20,5 cm on Etch Hahnemühle paper. You are given the opportunity to walk through the exhibition in company of the artist. And obviously the postcard is sent to you with the voucher for a drink and our lifelong gratitude.


    • 1 contribution
    A signed print of approximately 31 by 36 cm on Etch Hahnemühle paper.You are given the opportunity to walk through the exhibition in company of the artist. And obviously the postcard is sent to you with the voucher for a drink and our lifelong gratitude.

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    The same reward as with a contribution of 200 euro, but, as icing on the cake: the artist (who is also an actor) will come to your house to tell you an existing story! ‘Storytelling-theater’, right on your couch. He will contact you to set up a date.