Help finance Katie Ward's Co's gallery installation project: developing interactive games around imagination and perceived realities.


The project

Now only 2 days we all know arts fundraising is close to impossible - but we have reached our minimum.... we are very happy but this is really just a minimum... if you are hesitating to donate - don't hesitate ... we still need you urgently!!! By surpassing the minumum -  you are contributing towards increasing the time working with each collaborator making the project more realistic and doable... If you can do it.. please donate now!! Every little bit counts...! Thanks to everyone who has donated and thank you in advance for whatever form of support you can offer.    Love from Compagnie Katie Ward xxx


Compagnie Katie Ward has been invited to be part of a two week Laboratory hosted by Tangente  (a Montreal theatre that presents experimental dance) from April 17 - 28th 2017. During this period we will conceive, develop and trouble shoot various interactive 'activity-games' for performers and for the general public intended for audience participation. We will host an open house to test out our ideas with visitors. The space will be set up so that people can move guided by their curiosity like in a gallery - visiting different stations or locations around the room and engaging in different relational activity-games.


I am motivated to uncover an in-performance, intuitive-sensed knowledge of reality or of real things triggered by these questions. Can we expand our knowledge and understanding of perceived realities through an exploration of the real and it’s relationship to imagination in performance?


Here are some examples of games we will develop, each game will have a text and movement I call these games Imagination Stations:


The Optimism Game:

We will work by using visitors' real life sad stories, we will rewrite them on the spot - turning them into a positive version of themselves. By exagerrating the perspective of optimism we will experiment with and explore performance scores that may reveal both the generative ad destructive aspects of optimism.


Sci-fi Imagination Project:

We will collectively tell a story in a science fiction style - How far can we go in harnessing our story telling and making this real, seen felt and experienced? Through speaking and dancing we will create vivid sensory input  exploring how 'real' - felt and seen the experience can become. 


The Elastic Dance:

Here the participants will participate in a dance by dancing all together in a large elastic creating and building a group energy.


Horoscope + Imagination:

Like during a tarot reading - the horoscope teller imagines some possible future actions of the visiting person. This imaginary future experience will be less about precise events and more based in sensation and perception - they might be imagined dances - something that the  destiny holds.


Phenomenological meditation:

At this station - we will examine and describe objects (ex: two glasses on a table, a painting, the visitors bodies moving in the room) - attempting to strip away any preconceived ideas about what their usual functions are by describing them by noticing the difference between them. We will list these new functions and dance them!

Why fund it?

Tangente is proud to kick start an innovative project in partnership with Desjardins Caisse de la Culture and KissKissBankBank aimed at supporting artists. 


Artists included in Tangente’s next season, received a training session provided by Desjardins Caisse de la Culture and Nathalie Courville, Canadian ambassador of KissKissBankBank, and who is also an expert in communications and funding in the field of culture. Each one received in-depth training in personal funding for self-employed workers and cultural organizations and how to create and manage a fundraising campaign..

The artists are entirely responsible for the planning and the management of their own fundraising campaigns and Desjardins Caisse de la Culture augments the income earned from their campaign with an additional $500 as soon as the first $1000 is raised. 


I am very excited to be experimenting with the gallery installation form which is new to me. I will be exploring how to mix dance and words, performance and a relational experience where each interaction has its own quality. Each time a gallery visitor visits an imagination station - the encounter interaction will be a mix of the viewer and the performer - no two interactions will be the same -  each intervention is specific to the people who are present: audience member(s) and performer(s).


This Kiss Kiss bank Bank project will provide the necessary fees for each collaborator and minimal costs for miscellaneous items.


Collaborator fees: 

These are my collaborators who have agreed to participate for 14 hours at a $25 per hour fee.

I will work with these collaborators in small groups to facilitate different game stations.

Each person will be present for both the workshopping and brainstorming.


Audrée Juteau 325$

Dany Desjardins 325$

Kelly Keenan  325$

Dorian Nuskind-Oder 325$

Nathan Yaffe  325$

Marie Claire Forté 325$

k.g. Guttman 325$


Total - collaborators honorarium: 2275$

Miscellaneous video materials for documentation: 25$

KissKissBankBank Commission and credit card  processing fees: 200$


Grand Total : 2500$


If I exceed my campaign limit I will be able to increase the time working with each collaborator and potentially pay myself as well.


$3000 This budget ensures a minimum of 16 collaborative working hours per participant to create the various imagination stations.


$3500 This budget ensures a minimum of 18.5 collaborative working hours per participant to create the various imagination stations.


$4000 This budget ensures a minimum of 21.5 collaborative working hours per participant to create the various imagination stations.


$4500 This budget ensures a minimum of 24 collaborative working hours per participant to create the various imagination stations


$5000 This budget ensures a minimum of 27 collaborative working hours per participant to create the various imagination stations


Katie Ward Co

Katie’s work uses devised blind and imaginative systems of navigation. It is an investigation of perceptions around being, becoming and what ‘is.’ Recently Katie has presented several new works including: Infinity Doughnut an ensemble work that plays with ideas of interconnection; Matière Grise, a relational solo piece created in collaboration and... See more

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