Body Positive Sustainable Brand For Curvy Women

Let's lift up a sustainable brand that focuses on body positivity and ethical production 🌿

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Body Positive Sustainable Brand For Curvy Women

What Does INAN ISIK Stand For?

My aim is to make high-quality, ethically produced garments for the curvy audience through love and respect to the planet and its inhabitants.

Fashion is a fantastic medium for expressing oneself, but the current portfolio of fashion brands are yet to offer a satisfactory selection for the bigger girls. With INAN ISIK, I would like and help create that missing universe for the curvaceous woman, as well as help break the traditional norms dictated on female beauty.

In order to be a proud in this mission, how I make these garments are just as important for me. Therefore I have committed to 100% ethical ways to the planet and to the people who make it.

I believe that in supporting local communities and protecting the environment, we’re ensuring an enduring livelihood for the locals and creating continued love and respect for their beautiful trade. The elaboration process of each INAN ISIK product is made by biodegradable materials.  All the leftover fabrics are kept to be used for the brand's future up-cycle products.

Who is Inan Isik?

I grew up with four sisters and a brother, in a small Kurdish village in the Eastern part of Turkey. I have been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years. During these adventurous years,  l lived in Turkey, Denmark, India, and China. I worked for several Danish fashion labels and contributed in making the production in better conditions with high value. Few years back, my craving for design and fabrics took me to make a decision of saving up for my future label.  Making countless numbers of products in fast fashion companies, I wanted to do something more meaningful ♄ I slow downed my life and started taking small steps.  I wanted to make something that I could give to people who have the need for it and also wanted to create more positive vibrations through my design. The decision of making plus size came very naturally; I look at women, I see the beauty in their gaze, I see their beautiful curves. I feel blessed for being able to see the beauty just like it is, free from all the traditional judgments 💚.

Support INAN ISIK - a plus size brand of ethical clothing - by helping to finance the third collectionđŸ™ŒđŸ»

Why Plus Size Fashion?

I want to show the beauty that has been blocked from people's eye. I grew up in a big family with many curvy women. Seeing their bodies during our hamam sessions and springs water trips, I have always been amazed by their beauty. I was fascinated by my sight and what I could see in those women and the curves of their bodies. I was lucky to see this beauty with a childŽs eye, without any judgement brought upon by modern life. I want to have the opportunity of making ethical and elegant silhouettes for curvy women.

Sustainable Fashion - Ethically Produced and Biodegradable Fabrics 🌎

I use digital printing for my production. Digital printing system creates zero percentage waste.

Why Silk? - Biodegradable & Natural Fibers Have the Lowest Impact on Climate ChangeđŸŒ±

I chose traditional silk as my main material because it is a sustainable fabric and because I want to focus on traditional textiles and craftsmanship. 

As opposed to low-cost synthetic materials which take centuries to diminish in nature, silk is biodegradable within a couple of years; and unlike synthetic materials, it doesn't emit toxins during the biodegradation process. 

Silk production is considered to have very low water footprint and its manufacture produces almost zero percent waste. 

Silk also has naturally healthy and hypoallergenic qualities. It has flame retardant and antibacterial properties.

If produced in an ethical way, silk has immense potential to provide many regions of the world with a source of sustainable income. 

Who Makes Our Garments?

After many months of research on ethical production, I have succeeded to meet the Mert Ipek family.

Mert Ipek is a family-owned textile production company located in the last stop of the famous silk road in Izmir, Turkey.  Working only with natural and organic fibers, they put sustainability before profit. While continuing the craft of traditional silk making, they also contribute to the empowerment of their community, especially women, by being the main job provider in the area. The community is as tightly woven as a family. 

Who Are The Women Behind Our Every Day Work?

I want to introduce some of the people who make the clothes. They put their heart and talent into their job and I am happy to share it with a conscious audience.Â Â đŸ™đŸ»

Rukiye, age 37
Lives in Ödemiş and has been an employee for 3,5 years.

Her feelings about working at Mert Ipek: "There is a good harmony between the owners and the workers in Mert Ipek. I believe that everyone here works with care and respect for each other. It makes me happy that often there is food and entertainment arrangements for the workers to improve their motivation and enhance unity."

Fatma, age 32
Lives in Ödemiş and has been an employee for 4 years.

Her feelings about working at Mert Ipek: "Mert Ipek is a traditional as well as an innovative textile company. I work in the ready-to-wear department and our products are being exported abroad. We don’t only produce 1 type of garment; we produce many different types. I think this is an opportunity for self development. I hope to be here for many years to come."

Positive Change Through Positive ActionđŸŒ±

The Past Two Collections in a Glimpse

Coll No. 1 - Bloom

Life is about blooming: the endless repetition of being reborn. With every experience, we grow and we learn to experience our emotions. This collection is a symbol of love and reconnecting with our emotions.

Coll No. 2 - Color of Emotions

I named this collection ÂŽColor of EmotionsÂŽ. Making this collection gave me a lot of understanding about myself and the world. It reflects on my hope for the future and the journey I am on; as a voice for ethical fashion and women with a curvy silhouette. I am grateful for each of the women I have met and have worked with so far. Women are incredible creatures, full of love and pure power.


Allocation of funds

Coll No. 3 - Kiss Kiss

This is where I need your helpâ˜ș With the support I will receive from you, I will finance the development of this collection 🍀 If we exceed the 6000 Eur, I will be able to produce more pieces from the collection â˜ș


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