INCA - Nouvel EP - Concerts

Help me to make this project a reality! It is vital to me to be close to you, this year I focus on meetings

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INCA - Nouvel EP - Concerts

I need all your support so that we can continue this adventure together!
My career as an artist and my project: 
Hi it's INCA. Last year after The Legend of King Arthur, I decided to start my album project "Je vivrai" with you here on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. Thanks to your support and generosity, it was a success and I really want to thank you again for that.  This year I really want to focus on meetings with you because this is vital to me . I have of course new creations to share with you. It seems obvious to me that showcases and concerts are necessary , and so is the release of a new EP, so do not hesitate to embark on this new adventure with me!


For those who don't know me yet and wish to discover more about me
INCA :  a federating artist, with authentic strength and sensitivity
Some of you may have discovered INCA, diminutive of his birth name Fabien Incardona,  in Pascal Sevran's program "Entrée d'artistes", others in the musical "Romeo and Juliette" by Gérard Presgurvic, in his rock band "Gravity Off", or in TV shows such as The Voice and Rising Star, and more recently in the musical by Dove Attia, "La légende du roi Arthur". As the performances of the show were progressing, both spectators and the press made INCA  the revelation of the musical.
Discover a rich and neat virtual universe inspird by rock pop and electro influences. INCA will enchant you with his unique musical sphere, conveying a message of deep humanistic hope. His crystalline and powerful voice will carry you through surprising and effective melodies

Welcome to his world...


Let's talk about this EP ! 

It will be composed of 5 new titles on which I've been working for a long time to get as close as possible to the message I wanted to convey. The continuation of "Je vivrai" ...
With a modern Pop-Rock Style on an Electro musical basis, this new EP will unveil a more sophisticated side of my personality, and will stand out by the strength, sensitivity and authenticity I have at heart to share with you.
I offer you to feel fully immersed into an original and fantastic visual universe with effective and surprising melodies .
Showcases and concerts!    

As I said above, it is essential for me to meet my audience because only you have made it possible for me to get where I am now ... Even without a producer, I know we can continue to write our common history. I need to meet you and I 'm fully aware you need it too. 
Showcases will be organized in several cities throughout France to present you my project directly and meet you face- to-face. And of course concerts will be organized in Paris and in my native region to bring you closer to my world ...

2018, a year of adventures with you ! 

Allocation of funds

What will be the the collected amount used for?
Many costs are related to a project like this.Your support will concretely be used to finance the various phases below.
- The EP will be composed of 5 new tracks. Funding will be used to pay for arranging,  renting of the studio, recording sessions , mixing and mastering , but also for to pay the  graphic designer for the cover, the photographer, the CD supplies, the boxes, the CD printing and pressing .
- Funding will also be used to cover travel and accommodation expenses involved by organizing showcases throughout France.
- The concerts then, will allow you to get fully immersed into my universe. They will be organized in Paris and in the South of France. Funding will be used to cover concert hall rentals, pay for sound / light technicians, musicians and organization staff.
If we exceed the sum of 12 000 euros  I will be able to go further in my project and organize more concerts. 
- The collected amount will also enable us to provide for the rewards you will receive as gifts.
- Planned schedule :
The first showcase will take place in Paris in Spring and more dates will follow in October in several cities throughout France
The recording of the EP will begin in April, the EP will be released in September.
The concerts will start of October
Your rewards will be sent to you in September.

Some information : The principle of crowdfunding is that everyone can take part to this project by supporting it financially with a reward  offered according to his purchase.  If I can not reach at least a collection amount of 12 000 €, each will be refunded by Kiss Kiss Bank Bank quickly.
The funds will be paid into the account of Mr Fabien Incardona and entirely intended for this project.

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