Ingrid Ivorra // PREMIER EP " Lost To Be Found"

Help Finance Ingrid IVORRA First EP/6 tracks ! There's Pop, Folk and most of all, there's love.

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Ingrid Ivorra // PREMIER EP " Lost To Be Found"

Dear Friends and newsies ! For those who do not know me, let me introduce myself:




Born in a musical family, I was surrounded by Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Ella Fitzgerald, Christina Branco… and so I quickly started music.


I studied violin, piano, ballet, was part of a choir, the orchestra and also I have been part of the Maitrise de Paris ( dir. Patrick Marco), and also studied acting ( in French & in English ).


But It’s really when I left for Australia when I was 14 years-old and 2/3 that it really clicked: I wanted to write songs, sing them, record them, be on stage in front of an amazing crowd, and act. 


My Host Father, Gavin,  offered me my first Guitar for my 15th birthday, and the adventure began.


It’s now been 4 years that I’ve been songwriting. And that I’ve been playing the Guitar.




My songs talk about everything and nothing. But mostly everything. Sometimes, I am unable to speak (I think this disease is called, the Ingridophobia), so… I sing.




I’ve been playing my songs live for 2 years now on the Parisian scene :  Le Réservoir, L'Étage  Le Très Honoré, Le Pacific Rock (Cergy), La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye), Le Cosy Montparnasse, Le Théâtre Marsoulan, Le Cirque D'Hiver


I have also had the privilege to be able to perform two times during my trip to New-York last winter, in particular at Silvana


Here is a Live video of « Obsessing » ,  at the Etage, the last 19th of June. (Which by the way had an amazingly loud crowd) 



This Project is a 6-tracks EP (Mini-album), called « Lost to be found » :




Those songs talk about life, my experiences, my lessons ,not so learned, my point of views on things.

Songs, that I hope, will speak to most of you.


I have written, arranged (except for the drums/bass), produced every song by myself. This is the reason why I am very excited for you to hear it and have your feedback.




Thanks to Lorentz Ivorra's (my 17-year-old younger brother)  generous donation, I have been able to record the songs at the NSO Studio in Cogent-Sur-Oise (The studio is located in a castle, it looks like a princess castle ♛), with Doc P/ Arnaud Mathé behind the glass, and six awesome musicians. I have spent 4 amazing days with them…


Let me introduce them to you :


Guitar : Anaelle Le Goff with whom I shared my Biology table in High School.



© Marie-Louise Le-Goff


Piano : Patrick Ivorra ( PAPA IVORRA for the close friends):



[ Concert @ Pacific Rock ] © Marie-Louise Le-Goff


Bass : Mikaël Costa and his love for mayo / crisps sandwiches 




Drums :  Tony Langelotti  and his lucky soft toy




Violin : Rachel Sintzel and her goddess playing




Then came the Mixing stage. And I can tell you that, it was  I-N-T-E-N-S-E, and lots of fun ! 

I have worked with the amazing  Arnaud Mathé, (who, by the way, is an awesome supporter), at the Studio La Seine (where by the way came by numerous artists, and led by an amazing crew)




His left ear suffered, the days were very long crossed by very short nights. 


But it’s done now.



Allocation of funds



Yes, because it is not done yet : 




The Mastering, which is of the most important stages. It’s when you « polish » the songs, you « homogenize » them. 

I plan on doing that at the end of september.




Then, I’ll have to replicate the Cds, to make them. You want the Cds physically right ? With the lyrics / Pictures ? Well, this stage is a very important one then ! :)




And Finally, I have to invest a bit in promotion and communication.


And all of that, has a cost.








Helping Finance this EP, is actually, buying it, while helping its creation.

But on top of that you have a bunch of cool perks, depending on the money invested.

Take a look on the top-right! 



This project can not be done Without YOU

So Don’t hesitate to share, and talk about it ! 


Questions? You can leave me a comment or send me a message and I will gladly answer it !


In the meantime, you can subscribe to my newsletter, HERE

Have a look at my website :

And also, you can find me on Social Media : 



Instagram : ingridivorra


Lots of love, Kisses, hugs, sun and most of all…




Ingrid, xx


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