InterFaith Tour - Changing the world with convictions!

Travelling the world to meet women and men of different beliefs who build peace together.

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InterFaith Tour - Changing the world with convictions!

“A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest.”

Our generation, Generation Y, grew up surrounded by media fueling a pessimistic, negative and fatalistic environment. Terrorist attacks or the Rohingya massacre both question us every day: is peace just a utopia? Are differences of religions and beliefs necessarily sources of conflict? How can one deal with the growing fear of the Other, of terrorism, or of cultural isolationism?

We did not want to stay passive in front of these major contemporary issues anymore, so we decided to go in search of concrete, simple and efficient solutions already implemented around the world.

We are aware that women and men from all walks of lives and beliefs around the world work every day to fight the fear of the Other and to come up with new methods to make living together easier and peaceful. Our goal is to meet them and spread their ideas to act on a simple observation: peace is being built too quietly today, it is time to make it heard!

On August 1, 2019, we will embark on a world tour that will aim at: 

  • Promoting solutions already founded and implemented by dozens of peacemakers by sharing them with you every week to inspire you to take action;
  • Speeding up peacebuilding by connecting these different actors to create a mutual support network.

After coming back to France, we will then engage in a series of conferences and talks at schools, universities and in the public sphere to raise awareness about peace and to enable the replication of the best solutions we will have found around the world.

InterFaith Tour aims at providing tools to everyone to become agents of change, solid arguments to fight stereotypes leading to racism, and knowledge to tackle violent extremism. In short, we want to strengthen social cohesion by spreading positive content and encouraging mutual understanding.

The World Tour will begin on August 1, 2019, and will end on April 1, 2020. During these 8 months, we will visit 25 different countries

...and meet, interview and film more than 300 inspiring peace actors, such as:

Since this trip is motivated by sharing (meetings, good ideas, beautiful landscapes), we will publish contents all along the road:

Our ambition is to make each episode an opportunity to discuss passionately about how to re-use or improve the solutions that are put forward. They will be food for thought for everyone, and a means to keep you updated on our adventure. The initiatives we will meet will also have the possibility to use them to highlight their actions.

Will we speak english? Yes of course.

In front of the camera, we will speak French most of the time, but we will also often use English and Spanish to be understood during our meetings. Every episode will have French and English subtitles, to give access to as many as possible. They will be published on our social media and Youtube accounts so you can easily access them, and for free!

We will also have a blog, live from our tour. You’ll find feature stories about the countries visited, portraits about memorable people, but also a travel journal co-written by the four of us.

As soon as we return, we’ll hit the road again to lead school workshops and public conferences. We will travel through France and a few European cities during two months to meet about 10,000 people.

During our school workshops, we will talk with students about our itinerary (Geography), about the diverse environments of the countries we visited (History), and about the most significant individuals from our adventure (Civic education) to echo their program.

The objectives of the workshops are to:

  • Inspire young students and encourage them to become agents of change by sharing youth-led peace initiatives;
  • Foster dialogue to fight communitarianism by highlighting diversity’s potential for good and by deconstructing prejudices;
  • Demonstrate that the youth can imagine, elaborate, develop and carry out a project with a strong social impact, by sharing with them our experiences as students or young workers.

During our French and European tour, we will also organize open evening conferences. Support us to receive a special invitation to the nearest conference.

We are Abderrahim, Adèle, Floraine and Vincent. We come from Argenteuil, Paris, Marseille and Nantes. We are Muslim, Agnostic, Jewish and Catholic, and we form the fourth season of InterFaith Tour.

The InterFaith Tour project was co-created in 2012 by the youth movement Coexister and the company Sparknews. Before us, 3 teams have already been on a world tour and participated to a successful conference tour.

During the 3 months leading to our departure, and even during the trip, we will continue imagining innovative ways of impacting as many people as possible. For example, we have already thought of:

  • Developing partnerships with French and foreign media to regularly publish our articles in the press. We already have some good leads thanks to Sparknews’ help!
  • Making a documentary about our adventure (or rather about the peace actors we meet), thanks to the assistance of an excellent filmmaker and an awesome production company! We’re also well on our way with this one!

We’ll tell you more very soon! You can follow us on social media.

Allocation of funds

To organize a world tour such as ours, you need to plan transportation costs, expenses concerning visas, computer and audiovisual equipment, health costs… If you add the transportation costs for the restitution tour and the small equipment for the conferences, the total budget is 155,000 €.

Almost one third of our budget is dedicated to the restitution tour. We want to meet as many as young students as possible to broaden the way they see diversity, and to show them that our generation has the ability to change the world. To help schools finance these educational workshops, we need your help!

To offer you quality content throughout our trip, we also need reliable equipment, without choosing the most expensive. And let’s not forget the music for the videos, which we must purchase because we don’t believe that defending diversity can be done without respecting artists.

We are also aware that we cannot fight for social cohesion while forgetting the environment. That’s why we have included in our budget the compensation of our project’s carbon footprint.

But in the end, it “only” costs so much because...

The four of us are students or young professionals, but we made the choice to pause our studies or our work to be 200% committed to this adventure, and we have already been passionately working for 18 months to prepare it. Throughout the whole project, our volunteer work is estimated at 200,000 € (when calculated with the French minimum wage).

We have also managed to maintain our budget by deciding to stay at locals’ houses during our trip. It will also give us a better insight into the countries visited and allow us to have even deeper encounters.

In the end, thanks to this project, we will meet hundreds of people who change the world, that’s why we would like hundreds of people to finance it.

During the 18 months of preparation, we have often talked about crowdfunding, and we ended up asking ourselves: why is this important for us?

Because we want you to be involved with us from A to Z. Even if we had all the money in the world, we couldn’t create a more welcoming society without you. To allow us all to live better together, we are counting on you, your family and your friends.

Because we want to make all our contents available for free. Our generation’s evolution is linked to the generosity that helped create the open-source model, Wikipedia… It’s our turn to contribute!

Because peace is priceless, but it has a cost. It’s that simple.

Because by supporting us, you are funding much more than a tote bag (even though it’s beautiful thanks to the young artist Samuel Béguin), you are also funding social impact! You are investing to improve society! In short, your compensation is like the gift in a cereal box: you are happy to get it, but you know you have bought way more than just that.

Because by supporting us, you are funding much more than a T-shirt (although it’s organic, well cut, and beautiful thanks to the young artist Samuel Béguin), you are also directly funding part of our world tour, which is the cornerstone of our project. During this tour, we are going to cover around 65,000 kilometers. For each 2 euro-contribution to the crowdfunding, you add 1 kilometer to our journey. And if you speak to three people, who speak to three people, who speak to three people...

The funds collected thanks to your generosity go directly to the bank account of the InterFaith Tour association, which has already accompanied the 3 previous editions and guarantees transparency concerning their use.

The association of public interest allows you to benefit from a 66% tax deduction if you are an individual, or a 60% deduction if you are a company (depends on where you pay taxes, see for special conditions). We will automatically send you a tax receipt.

The funding described above is of course not destined to our personal income.


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