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Why fund it?





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Smartphones are extremely convenient, yet... With multiple alarms, multiple wake-up sounds and always on time. But we all know what happens once they enter the bedroom! It's not only about waves and screens disrupting your sleep. It's also about how checking mails -and social networks and so on- affects our global wellbeing. When the last thing you touch before saying good night, or after opening your eyes, is a smartphone, you know you've gone a bit too far in the 'digitalisation' of your life :)


Regular alarm clocks are fine, though...

Truth is, after getting used to our smartphone's alarms, it's really hard to go back to the old-school alarm clock and do not benefit from all the features a smartphone offers. Indeed, our personal experience shows that, even when buying an alarm clock, after a few weeks we ended up using our smartphones again.


So this is the reason why we decided to create JustTheBell: 

We wanted to keep benefitting from the convenience of our smartphones’ alarm clocks, but getting rid of all its counter-effects in our sleep. Voila!





Of course you do! And we’ve thought of that, too .-)  

Using our App you can configure your JustTheBell so that, whenever you shake it in the middle of the night:


       • It visually shows you how many hours 

       you have left to sleep in.


       • Or it visually shows you what time it is 

       (with hours and quarters)


       • Or a quiet voice directly tells you what time it is 

       (probably the same voice of our film)









Yes, we need your help, advice and feedback in order to finalise this concept-product. We just love it, and want to be sure you love it as much as we do!


• Which kind of sounds would you like us to include?

• Want to suggest any voices for the night clock feature?

• Does the shake-me-kindly technology appeal to you?

• Beech wood should be natural, colored...?


We have launched this campaign to listen to all your doubts, questions and ideas. This is why we are here. And we are looking forward to take them into account when finalising our JustTheBell. Just leave a comment –or write to us to hello [at] JustTheBell [dot] com – and our team will answer back with a thanks and a smile.








Go! We call our production partners in Europe and say 'Hey guys, let's produce the very first units of JustTheBell!' - minimum amount: 1.000 units.




• Design and prototyping of the electric boards for industrialisation

• Finalising product design of the wood: crafting and inner structure

• Finalising digital design of the app: features, connectivity, look & feel

• Sound design for first set of wake up sounds.   



DECEMBER / 2015 - FEBRUARY / 2016

• Testing of the 1st prototypes with all hardware & software integrated

• Testing of the interaction app & JustTheBell on iOS

• Improvements in the final designs according to testings

• Final development of electric boards, software and hardware

• Launch the 1st production with our partners



MARCH - APRIL / 2016

• Delivering the first units of JustTheBell to all our awesome backers around the world. Yeah!








It all started in Paris, in the agency. One of us was searching for a nice alarm clock, in order to convince his girlfriend to leave her smartphone out of the bedroom. Because, well, that was the ultimate excuse to keep bringing it inside the bed: 'But darling, I wake up with the alarm!'. 


After some research, none of us was able to find something as simple, portable and convenient as the smartphone's alarm clock App itself. So we kept on using it. End of the story.


Then someone said: 'What if we kept inside the bedroom the only thing we really need to be there? The bell. Just the bell'. That sounded like a powerful idea: We would still be using our smartphones alarm clock system, but securing our bedrooms from waves, emails, SMS-es, and so on. And at that particular moment, JustTheBell was born. No need to say we decided to make it happen.


Then the smily guys from KissKissBankBank came in, we explained to them our idea, they smiled a lot, and then invited us to showcase it in the awesome Future En Seine event, in Paris. That was a wonderful opportunity to test our concept product. So we bot some Arduinos, called some wood artisans, and started prototyping JustTheBells. A lot of JustTheBells. A lot of cubes. A lot of Arduinos.


After some months of heavy work –and some long nights, too– the 1st prototypes were ready. And we presented them in Future En Seine. Reactions were extremely positive. We were quite impressed to see how many people shared with us the same concerns about smartphones, screens and bedrooms. And everyone fell in love with this tiny wooden cube with no buttons at all.


Too cute to be left there. And that's why we are here. We have decided to take the hard road and beta-test our idea with the world. When we say the world, we mean... You! If you wish to have one JustTheBell in your bedroom as soon as possible, and free your bed from mobile phones, it's time to move forward, say 'Yes!', and be part of our story. 


Lovely dreams free of waves are waiting!

And we can't wait to make it happen, indeed.









JustTheBell is a little product created by DAN Paris to free the bedrooms from mobile phones. It's small, cute and friendly. It's made in solid beech wood. It has not buttons. And it's the kind of product you will truly like to touch before saying 'good night!'.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Why build this product?

Because we love the digital, but realise how addictive it can be, even spoiling some bedroom-related moments. We all agreed bedrooms would be nicer if they were free of mobile phones. Some we decided to build a simple product capable of doing just that: free bedrooms from mobile phones.

+ Can't you just get an alarm clock?

Yes, we could. But we found nothing as simple, portable and convenient as our smartphones' alarm clocks. So we kept using them. Sad story. Until we had the idea: let's keep using them, but bring inside the bedroom the only thing we really need to be there: the bell. JustTheBell is simple and smart enough to be a real alternative to your smartphone super-convenient alarm clock. Probably the only one you might find right now in the market.

+ It's Bluetooth. So it's connected. Right?

In fact JustTheBell only uses the Bluetooth port a few seconds, to sync with your smartphone and know at what times you want the alarms to ring. Once the sync is done, it closes all ports, ensuring your bedroom is free of waves and bits and so on.

+ Hey, why don't you use the airplane mode?

In fact the airplane mode might kill the networking capabilities of your smartphone, but still would not solve three big issues about mixing digital devices & bedrooms. First, you end up bringing your phone to bed, which means you will stare at a digital screen seconds before trying to fall asleep: studies show how disruptive this is to sleep. Second, as soon as your mobile phone is inside the bedroom, we all know what happens: you check mails and messages from the bed, or wake up in the morning and before saying hello to your partner read a mail from your boss. That's not cool, and we all know it, right? Oh, and third: even in airplane mode, your phone is still on. And a smartphone is an electromagnetic device with quite powerful fields involved, even when its connectivity is turned off.

+ Why launching a crowd-funding campaign?

Because, even loving our concept-product and being convinced about how useful it is, we wanted to prove to ourselves that we are not alone in the battle of freeing bedrooms from mobile phones. This is our ultimate test to verify that you, potential final user –and enjoyer!– of the JustTheBell feel the same we do, and love this tiny wooden cube as we do, and want to have it very very soon in your bedrooms table as we do. So you just have to say 'Yes I do!' and we will make it happen.

+ Why the timings you are proposing? Can't you make it faster?

We have some experience producing things, and we are indeed assessed by some very serious –yet super kind– production partners. It just takes a while to make things well. So we decided to set always the worst case scenario timing, just to be sure if there is any change it is always for the better.

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Gregoire, thank you very much, indeed!
Gregoire, thank you very much, indeed!
Merci Christophe! JustTheBell is happy that you are happy :)