Iron Bastards (Fast Rock'n'roll): 3ème album

Iron Bastards (Fast Rock'n'roll): 3rd album

Project visual Iron Bastards (Fast Rock'n'roll): 3ème album
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Iron Bastards (Fast Rock'n'roll): 3ème album

IRON BASTARDS - Fast Rock'n'roll - Strasbourg (FR)


The Bastards are an infernal trio made of 3 young rockers: David BOUR (Bass&Vocals - 27), David SEMLER (Guitars - 26) and Anthony MEYER (Drums - 25). Since May, 2013, they dedicate their life to Rock'n'roll et and to the music played fast and loud.


Two albums and more than 200 gigs, including the Hellfest Open Air 2017, a 40-gigs Tour in the UK and many other ones in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Italy... Often compared to Motörhead but with the only will of making Fast & Hard Rock'n'roll, the unstoppable rockers from Iron Bastards are growing up as one of the French band to follow. In 5 years, the Bastards opened for bands like Phil Campbell from Motörhead, Sodom, Overkill, Soulfly, Udo Dirkschneider d'Accept, or Peter Pan Speedrock.



Since December, after 3 months in the UK, the trio is working on its 3rd album with two main aims: to make their best songs ever and to to grow up in terms of sound and promotion. On its Facebook page, the Bastards launched a webserie called "Inside the Nest" on which they give every two weeks informations about the band and the new album.


Allocation of funds

Recording, mixing, mastering in a famous British studio, promotion, video clip... We calculated a cost of 6000€/£5300. Half of the money will come from our own and we offer you to help us to make this album with a pre-order of its. The album will be release at the end of the year. Half of the budget will be use to record this album, for mixing and mastering. We wanna do the master of the album on a famous English studio. A quarter of the budget will be allow to the promotion and the last quarter to video clips. The recording will begin in August and the album will be release at the end of the year.

We'll give you informations about the making of the album, the beginning of the recording, the 1st extracts, with special attentions to contributors.

Iron Bastards will get all the money of this crowdfunding.

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