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The Guides that combine travel and photography by providing thematic and educational routes on your favorite travel destinations.

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Photo Itineraries  guides are travel guides of a new kind which take the challenge to combine travel and photography, two of the most fashionable leisure of the moment.

These guides are both destined to traveling photographers as well to photographing travelers. Whether they are beginners, experts or intermediate photographers.

    Photo Itineraries  guides are not traditional travel guides.   They are the perfect complement to the major market players such as Lonely Planet, Eyewitness Travel or Rough Guides.   They are addressing travel with a photographic point of view by offering routes to travelers. Making them to not miss any "must be seen" spot on a given destination and also some off-the-beaten-track spots to discover atypical but highly photogenic places.   The objectives of these guides are:

to make anyone coming back from travel with great pictures thanks to our routes organized by themes and our teaching assistance on shooting techniques and composition rules.

to discover or rediscover destinations with pictures through the eyes of 2 photographers

To make any traveler satisfied to come back with technically and aesthetically successful photos.

With  Photo Itineraries the traveler will surprise himself of his abilities to succeed in making great travel photos that he will be proud to share .

Beyond the traditional travel guides, Photo Itineraries will be: the only guide that will organize your trip according to your photographic preferences, the only travel guide that will show you the best spots to shoot in the world and the only guide that will accompany you on the ground indicating you which spot to photograph and how to photograph it with simple and effective technical advice.


  DESTINATIONS Europe is by far the most photographed and shared continent on the internet. Worldwide and among the 20 towns the most appreciated by amateur photographs, New York stands first followed by Rome and Barcelona. Paris is ranking 4th.


In a first approach, we are proposing to cover 5 destinations of this top 20:

New York, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona or Lisbon.



from bright yellow to brown, places the most often photographed on the planet according to Sightsmap. data.


Afterwards, our offer will be enriched with other destinations. Either urban (Prague, Venice, Amsterdam, Budapest, Montreal, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Havana, Moscow, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges...) or more land and nature destinations (Ireland, Western US National Parks, California, Island, Scandinavian countries, Uzbekistan, India, Australia ...)



Each guide will cover a destination with several themes

For example : urban details in London, architecture in Barcelona, ambience in Lisbon, Night shots in Paris, street photography in New York, Going candid in Rome, Points of view and panoramas in Scandinavia or in Western US National Parks , Irish landscapes, portraits in Havana, etc…


Photo Itineraries guides will be composed of :

recurring sections you will find back in all editions: concept presentation, authors presentation,  technical reminders, basic rules of photography, best practices, camera settings, composition rules , gear preparation before traveling, what to do with your pictures when back, FAQ. And other sections specific to each destination: destination presentation, preparing your trip (weather, specific gear needed, entry & exit formalities, etc...). Itineraries: between 10 and 15 depending on destination) with gps coordinates of shooting spots, technical reminders and tricks.

Each itineraries will be presented with its photographic interest and organized by theme (urban details, street photography, architecture, ambience, night shots, etc...) and/or by places and districts


On the routes, point of interest will be illustrated with our examples of photo with a complete technical analysis, advice (to do/not to do), "what if" tips (what to do if it is raining for example), Our best places to stay, rest, drink, eat, etc... we have experienced and discovered during the guide preparation.




Photo Itineraries guides will be published in an electronic version. Later, a paper version will be rolled out in a 20x27cm magazine format . This is not an anodyne choice. It's an intermediary format between a travel guide (pocket format) and a magazine (usually A4 format). It is also more ergonomic and easier to take it away with you (it slips easily into a backpack). Finally and above all, it is photo format.

In the paper version (magazine), the maps of the itineraries will be detachable to allow the traveler to slip them into a pocket and thus getting access to it very easily during his stroll. On the back of the map one can find a brief reminder on major camera settings and some basic rules of photo composition. Also, there will be some of our preferred addresses on the route (Photo shops, peckish, etc....) and also practical formation such as "how to get there' (closest bus lines and metro stations), opening hours, etc...



Finally, a mosaic of additional images we have made on the course and a QR code to access a gallery on our web site to see them full screen on a your smartphone or tablet. With the electronic version, our guides will be available on tablet or smartphone and will bring even more interactivity and content.




Photo Itineraries will also be a blog talking of travel and photography where we will share our last discoveries and advice to better prepare your routes.


You will be able to follow our adventures and anecdotes on Twitter and Facebook during  the conception of a guide. To give you the opportunity to take part of the adventure, a online will community be created to discuss travel and photography, publish your stories and present your photos.

Allocation of funds

To be able to launch the project and publish the first guides, we need to get on location to do the spotting , identify the points of interest and find the best spots to build the itineraries in order to provide you with the richest guides as possible so that you travel photos be flawless 


In the list of the 20 cities the most appreciated by photographers: New York hits first followed by Rome, Barcelona, Paris, London and Lisbon. Your personal contribution to the project will help us to finance these 5 first trips.


The next guides will be auto-financed by the first issues.


15 000 € : WHY IS THAT TARGET ?

To build these 5 first guides (4 Europe destinations + New York) We have estimated a 15 000€ budget for 2 photographers.

This  amount will be used essentially to cover travel expenses : Transportation, accommodation et operating costs on site. (Mean cost of a trip: between 1 000 and 1500 € for Europe and around 3500 € for New York)


But also, this amount will help to issue the first prints if the paper format, the development of the electronic versions, the promotion and communication at roll out(web site, advertising)


WHAT IF WE GO BEYOND THE TARGET? We will add new destinations like Prague, Venice, Budapest, Amsterdam, Montreal, Cuba ...

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