J'ai brûlé dans tes yeux. Je brûle.

A multidiscilinary performance freely inspired by the Wim Wenders movie Paris, Texas . Could you help us ?

Project visual J'ai brûlé dans tes yeux. Je brûle.
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J'ai brûlé dans tes yeux. Je brûle.


After a journey in California I felt that the desert was for me a place of dream and burn, I remember that I was reading read the Truman Capote's book Cold Blood, a masterpiece I adored, and I suffered from an inclement desire and I wondered if the mystery of this desert and its unlimitedness would have led me far. Today, by watching Paris, Texas, I said to myself: this burn is now within me, in my desert and in our desert, every day, and I would like to talk about it with body strength and theater, and through this film.


We have decided to dig into a multidisciplinary work and to create collectively a text, as well as different physical partitions. A dialog is also settled with plastic art.

The writing of I HAVE BURNT IN YOUR EYES. I BURN. is therefore essentially based on gestural and testual improvisations. A tiny part of the text is taken from the movie.


A multidisciplinary creation with famous and original musics, singing, dancing, painting, audiovisual supports and text. A deep reflection about art . Dramaturgy is constructed around physical language, visual language and spoken languages: Italian and French.



 The  Italian - French live art collective  Kulturscio'k has long time been engaged in research collaborations and new languages leading to dialogue between the arts but also to the development of new forms of artistic achievement, goal of the group is 'produce, curate , host art . the collaboration with La Casaforte S.B. with in  this new experiment, unique , means a great reflection on multidisciplinary art today


Inspired by the film Paris, Texas, a circular performance in the secret spaces of  Madre Museum in Naples .  


"A story of loss, about the ability to feel love but inability' to live it   As of Wenders' masterpiece, in this site-specific rewrite, four couples find themselves in a non-place, inhabited between sculptures and memory that constantly comes back through the obsession of memory and finally we ask: what about our future uncertain and our childhood?   In 2017,third   Neapolitan experimental residency of the project "J'aibrûlé dans tes yeux. Je brûle ".( I have burnt in your eyes . I burn ) A multidisciplinary collaboration established between Naples and Paris between kulturscio'k and the project abitare l'arte / La Casaforte SB .performance / installation, directed and written by Alessia Siniscalchi, installations Valeria Borrelli, Antonio Sacco,Giovanni  Ambrosio photographies  ac physical work l on which actors and dancers  began to improvise during a creative residency started in a rehearsal room in Montreuil, and continued at the Goethe Institut in Paris in 2015, in la Casaforte SB in 2015/2016 helped by  Institut français Naples  and Matronato Fondazione Donnnaregina per le arti contemporanee .   A constant dialogue with  plastic art, evolving in different residences / research steps. In Naples, in May / June, a third moment of this collaboration that becomes wider, and for the first time in the Madre Museum spaces, an exploration of areas not seen, in part never opened to the public     A new installation that will give a different atmosphere to this infinite constant artistic dialogue and always renewed, choir, physical, made of dance, music,photography, sculpture and cinema involving 12 performers including dancers, actors, directors, musicians, artists, environmental photographs, ready to pool their skills in the direction of a shared dramaturgy and a great work open, circular, infinite.       No resting bodies , in motion, they turn back in  the moment of confrontation They move between the elements of time carved sculptures and reinhabited and burnt looking people who like to never find them again The goal of the research is to tell the dramatic relationship between two people, starting from the pair of the film "Paris, Texas" and rework it in four different pairs, dispersed in space "to go from the people you love and never find them again (cit.film)»     The central theme is the relationship that is created between living space and work, between inside and outside, between private and public, between actor and spectator.     Interacting with installations the artists explore the various moments of the relationship between the protagonists of the story, doubled,  four experiences of several couples living in a place where  earth, fire, metal become interactive elements for people  trying to find themselves.   Created to investigate the relationship between performative body , spectators / actors and art work, sculptures become dramaturgical elements and all the theater / museum space, nteracts with the work of all performers  becoming a fundamental part of the experiment and drawing a modus operandum for the subsequent stages of the project.  


The films in super 8 (and photos), filmed during the residency of October/july  and reprojected in the performative body, have an explicit reference to the film language wendersiano and represent a track on the memory and inability 'to forget, which go back to work in the new expressive moment of May / June


teaser if you want to see part of the atmosphere please have a look here


technical informations


three sculptures



one in metal with a mulimedia installation

one in tyek which represents the time of youth

and one made by of soil

created by valeria borrelli


one film in super 8 filmed by valeriaborrelli


photography by giovanni ambrosio



nomi Credits Creazione collettiva kulturscio’k / La Casaforte S.B.


Performance, Regia, testo : Alessia Siniscalchi


Istallazioni : Valeria borrelli Antonio Sacco/La casaforte SB


fotografie Giovanni bsg/Black spring graphics studio  



Performers : Evita Ciri Philippe Giai-Miniet Francesco Calabrese Elena Costa Emmanuel Siret Félicie Baille Alexandra Saifi Andrea Lanciotti Alessia Siniscalchi Valeria Borrelli Antonio Sacco Francesca Risoli Aiuto/ regia : Evita Ciri Movimenti di scena/Partizioni site-specific /Coreografie : Alessia Siniscalchi Evita Ciri Sguardo esterno : Ivana Messina Testi / Drammaturgia : Alessia Siniscalchi



videoinstallazioni : La Casaforte S.B.   Film super8 : La Casaforte S.B./ Valeria Borrelli  con Antonio Sacco Voci : Ivana Messina Julien Ribot & the cyclops Francesco Forni Ilaria Graziano Francesca  Risoli Foto e comunicazione grafica : Giovanni Ambrosio/ Black Spring Graphics Studio Ufficio Stampa : Raffaella Tramontano e Alfredo d’Agnese Supporto nella diffusione : Federica Maria Bianchi  










Allocation of funds

The company with the collection of 4000 will pay the presence of a skilled engineer - cost 2000 euro-and printing flyer 1000 euro.

the website of the artist Giovanni bsg and 'beautiful but requires updates3000 Euros the video must 'be filmed and paid € 2000 the lights can not be made without financial support the press office in Paris and Naples to give the right resonance to the work: cost 3500 euro, and also the flyer posters and installation of the works - cost 4000 euro. catering accommodation traveling artists: 3000 € With the money of the collection kiss kiss bank bank we will fund part of these expenses. the project if it is to be done well, and 'quite expensive

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