J'envoie du bois !

Support us by helping buy more timber for the very 1st indoor Bike Park in France ! Opening planned this summer in a novel spot in Strasbourg.

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J'envoie du bois !

The project's genesis 


It all started with a brainstorming aiming at sharing and discussing on our new career motivations. Among a number of  options, the idea of creating a new Indoor Bike Park in France really appealed to us all, for a number of reasons.


In order to validate our project and  a market study conducted in 2014, we went to the US and Canada, references in terms of indoor bike parks. Along the way, in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Syracuse and Toronto, we had discussions with our counterparts who encouraged us to go ahead with our project.


We have been working heart and soul on our project since 2013 to promote our strong passion for MBK and the sports heritage of our dear Alsace. We have so far gathered a total investment of 1.3M €, which made our project come true, when the construction work started last February.


Who are we ? 


Originally we are three college friends who studied at the same school UFR STAPS in Strasbourg andhave long shared a common passion for enduro riding. 


We have followed various courses and come from complementary backgrounds, each of us following more or less parallel paths. Laurent Wintermantel taught sports. Gilles Andres was a financial adviser connected to innovation. Géraldine Strub was a sports instructor before joining Eddy Vingataramin, our 4th associate, in promoting projects for real estate development. 


Today, we also work with Fabien Valambras, Jules Gollentz, Florian Grohens, 3 carpenters who build the tracks with us. Baptiste Schohn is currently doing a 3-month management internship with us. 


Left to right : Fabien, Jules (carpenters) Géraldine, Laurent, Gilles (project founders) et Baptiste (management intern).  Absent from the picture, Eddy Vingataramin et Florian Grohens.




What will the Bike Park offer specifically ?


Stride will host six areas for various kinds of biking activities, in view of catering to the largest possible number of participants, whatever their age or level of practice.


It will feature a  1-km long mountain bike XC (cross-country) track, entirely made out of timber with various difficulty levels.


You will find here the world's largest coated indoor pumptrack, 2300 square meters large and 500 meters long, with an easier, accessible blue track and tougher red one, build by the Bike Solutions Company. 


There will also be a park zone, built by the Hoverall company, including a street bike area, a foam pit and a resi table. 


You will find a maneuvering area where you can work on your balance and riding technique. The trails will include seesaw, bridges, rocky parts, all with various difficulty levels.


A discovery area will enable beginners to become familiar with the features the park offers. 


To develop toddlers’ skills in bike riding, a 500-square meter area will offer 3-year-olds and older a chance to develop their balance on draisines or dandy-horses in a secure environment under their parents' supervision and watchful eye.


The ancillary spaces will offer a vast hall for all sorts of events, ranging from concerts to exhibits, seminars, shows, and so on.


In order to relax and chat, participants can enjoy  a quick snack and refreshments in a friendly atmosphere  at the snack bar.


Last, rentals will be available for montain bike, BMX and mandatory safety gear to ride safely inside our park. 


You can see part of the cross country trail below, overlooking the rounded curves of the pumptrack, with the typical decorative brick wall, a reminder of the former freight train station, dating 1914.





Our challenge


Beyond promoting the parctice of mbk riding for all, our goal is to enable everyone to ride on their own freely, after work or school, in a safe environment open at all times regardless of the weather.


Riding is increasingly developping as a means of transport benefitting both one’s health and our environment. We aim at  teaching bikers to ride safely on city streets and other risky places.


Where will our Bike Pak be located ?


Our bikepark will be located in the gigantic hall of the former freight train station in Cronenbourg/Strasbourg abandoned in 2010 despite its closeness to the city-center.


With ever more cycling lanes, a new tram line, an excellent bus service, nearby motorway exits and lots of free parking, our Bikepark is ideally located in a very convenient accessible spot.

Allocation of funds

The surface is 12OOO square meters large, a huge part of which remains available.





We have invested 1.3M € so far but need more timber to expand and improve the planned trails.


This is why we are appealing to you for financial support. This campaign could help us buy more timber and build the very first indoor park in France on a yet larger scale !

With the help of our carpenters and much more timber we could work wonders !


Below you see Jules preparing wooden sections for Fabien to incorporate them into the X-country circuit.







Here you will find a series of pictures showing the present extent of the construction, which started in February 2016, as mentioned before.


You see here parts of the cross-country circuit crossing and twining to create an original and intricate trail. 500 meters of the circuit have been built so far.




Description of the expenses


In concrete terms, we have 3 types of expenses for the timber we need :


-approximately 50 m3 of solid structural timber in 2 sizes :

1.45x 0.45m and 1.20 x 0.30 m (retail price approx.420€/m3


-around 2000 m2 of OSB(large lamellae bonded by organic glueing) 12 mm thick (retail price approx 7€/ m2


-around 1000 m2 plywood 9 mm thick (retail price around 8€/ m2)


The picture shows you the impressive length of the beams used to build our circuits. We need many more and are counting on you ! 




We will also need screws, electric saws, cordless screw drivers, and so forth)


If we obtain over 50 000€


We could :


-build yet more modules and bring greater density and variety to the structures


-build a dirt trail with 2 or even 3  large double  tracks ??, all made out of timber, to cater to expert riders     

-enhance the visual aspect of our structures


We want to express our deep gratitude to all of you who believed in us from the start and support us in various ways. Hearty thanks for having helped us carry out our project and made our dream come true ! And last, our thanks go out to all those who will take part in this crowd-funding campaign !

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