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J'irai shooter avec > La saison 2




Editorial or creative, photos are everywhere. Both illustrative materials and sources of inspiration, they are printed, copied, but we rarely know the authors behind these pictures we love so much.. Yet the secret of a successful photography lies for many in the artist who captured it. The sensitivity of the photographer, his choices, his glance at things, his techniques give a picture its strength and identity.


A photograph is primarily the result of a personality. With this in mind, I thought: "what if I were to shoot with other photographers to poke a little the mystery of their photos?


There are a lot of internet content related to photo equipment and digital processing. But the essence of a picture, that very instant when a photographer captures it, we see it only rarely. So I decided I should put on my director cap to go shoot with other photographers to discuss this passion we share and make a series of portraits as beautiful as it is instructive.


"J'irai shooter avec" was born




" I will shoot with" is a web series that follows me Stephane,, autodidact photographer, who travel the world to explore the working methods of various photographers and learn with them some of their secrets.


In each episode , I first observe the photographer whom I spend time with in order to immerse myself in his environment. Once trust is established it is time for a photo shoot as a duo, I then take on the role of a student to try and capture on camera his artistic choices and technics .


The series will delight photographers, curious , fans of documentaries from all backgrounds . We talk about gear , technics, editing and we reveal some interesting tricks in diversified environments (mountain, sea, city, by day and by night) . "


I will shoot with " is a sum of beautiful one to one moments, emotions guaranteed ! 




The episodes from Season 1 can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the series.


This is a pilot season I managed alone from start to finish , so it is not perfect but I put a lot of energy and soul into it. The season focuses on talented French photographers, here listed :  Ambre de l'AlPeSébastien RoignantEtienne KoppSarah MartinetPatrice MestariFlorent CriquetPhilippe ManguinThomas MarieVincent GaudillatFabien DubessyMaxime Guegan.


Without much promotion efforts, videos reached thousands of viewers, and I received many encouraging messages , many thanking me for putting into light photographers they did not know (it is also the goal of the series) . I also received dozens of requests for a season 2 , enough for me to consider jumping back in the adventure for a second time !







If the season 1 shot in 2014/2015 consisted of 11 episodes that took place all over France. This season 2 will see me travelling much further with 3 episodes shot in Canada , 3 in the United States as well as 2 in New Zealand. The map below shows my journey as well as the course of the episodes :






You will discover 9 beautiful artists, each specialized in a particular field : food Photo, wildlife photography , astro photography, wedding photo, waves and lava photography, architectural photo, photo safaris and sport photography.


Zim, Philippe, Clare, Nick & CJ , Roland, Mark, Jenny, Ashley, they all played the game of the photo shoot in front of my camera. And if some of them are award-winning photographers , published, or recognized for the quality of their images, they are above all very sweet and surprising . I can not tell you more , I keep their bio for later so you get to discover them week after week :)















>  3 countries, 8 destinations, 8 episodes of about 8 minutes

>  9 photographers, 5 guys, 4 girls -  each of them adorable :)

>  8 days of writing, 18 days of shooting, 24 days of post production at the very least

>  25 hours of rushes

>  3 surprise bonuses

>  2 mooses at 1.5 metres from my camera (chills garanteed)

>  1 broken tooth (clearly visible from episode 6, I gave it all ^ ^)




We anticipate the release of Episode 1 in the course of April. Other episodes will air every Wednesday  and so for 7 weeks. Every Wednesday , you'll discover a new photographer !







If I was able to fully manage season 1 and complete all the shooting side of season 2 , however I am not alone handling management and post production this year. A lot will now be taken over by a small team of creatives and technicians (including me). With their skills and strong engagement they gave a real boost to prepare for the shootings and are now helping to bring new elements to the series. I present them to you here briefly:





Abigaïl Cherrier

Communications Officer , manager of her own agency . I had the pleasure to work with her on other photo and video projects before the creation of the web series . When I talked to her about “I Will Shoot With” she believed in it immediately and did not hesitate to help on season 2. She drives every aspects of the project.


Claire Drapier

Graphic designer for over 10 years, Claire is also a talented photographer ( she won several awards, including Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire ) , Claire jumped right into the adventure to help us redesign the logo as well as the elements of the web series.


Julien Santos

Web designer and freelance web developer, technology enthusiast , Julien likes the to play whenever he can with his camera. He joined the team to build a custom website for the series.


Kevin Masson

Kevin has been following the series from the very first episode and responded to my call immediately. Young photographer Kevin is also a student in computer engineering . He brings valuable help with motion design.


Olivier Klepatzky

Olivier is a professional videographer & photographer based in Paris. He has been working for television for over 10 years ( documentary, news , TV shows ... ) . He works hand in hand with Abigail since the beginning of season 2 to select photographers, to help me manage the pre-production and post production now . It took over the writing of some episodes and really helped me improve interviews. Olivier produced the teaser above and will also manage the creation of episode 1. He will direct the other episodes of the series.


Maximilien Mathevon

As a composer Max gives us a great hand with the soundtrack of season 2. Note that he won a jerry goldsmith award in 2015 for the music for the documentary " The other Bonaparte " .


Stéphane Kurdyban

Stéphane is a professional editor and a longtime friend . When I asked for help on the post production he immediately responded yes . He will handle the editing of 2 episodes


Thomas Courtois

Originally from Paris region , Thomas now lives in Montreal, Canada.

He is a professional developer and works in the special effects industry. He was among the first to encourage me to shoot a season 2, he will now handle the editing of one episode.

Allocation of funds

The lack of resources is very tough for the post production phase , especially as I experienced some issues and mishaps during my travels (breakage and loss of equipment )


What will we do with this money ?


The lack of resources is very disabling for the post production phase , especially as I experienced some issues and mishaps during my travels (breakage and loss of equipment )


This collect will help us with equipment costs (hardware and software). It will also finance the post production all included (editing, graphics, motion design, subtitling , musics ... ) . It will finally help us to cover the cost of the website and other fees, postal fees for instance. I am currently in New Zealand for the last shoot of the season therefore I have to send all rushes by mail.







In return for your kind donation we will send you a limited series of goodies and gifts : postcards, posters , DVDs, Mugs , framed pictures and even photography workshops.

For the framed pictures, we will try to offer you plenty of choice among pictures from Season 2 ! We also plan to dedicate a page on the website of the webseries for our donors. You will be able to appear with a bio and a photo if you wish.






To be developped soon




What if, thanks to your generosity, we exceed the amount set in the small counter at the top right of this page ?


We won’t be able to thank you enough ... luckily If this happens, then we can finance: -


- Communication costs > € 1000 (same in $)

- Part of the shooting costs (transport, meal costs , rental of accessories) > a lot of money ^ ^


If we originally thought a season 3 in Asia could be a plan, however as we received many requets for a season 3 in France, if we can raison €5600 and above, next season will be shot in France and will include at least 8 episodes.












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Estimated delivery: May 2016

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