Pur'Agua - Eau potable pour des communautés pauvres du Pérou.

Pur'Agua - Safe water for the Peruvians in need.

Project visual Pur'Agua - Eau potable pour des communautés pauvres du Pérou.
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Pur'Agua - Eau potable pour des communautés pauvres du Pérou.

PUR’AGUA Project by JINA.

“Improving the access to safe drinking water for the Peruvians”.

More than 7 million Peruvians do not have access to safe drinking water. Poor quality water can lead to illness and even death. Clean drinking water is essential for the development of the population and to achieve the goal of no more poverty. Let’s help them!

Our project in a nutshell

The project Pur'Agua aims to improve access to safe drinking water for Peruvian families in several poor communities in Cieneguilla, Lima, Peru. Clean water is one of the most essential needs of this poor and always forgotten population. 

Our goal will be achieved through a solar water disinfection system combined with the recycling of PET bottles. It will help locals not only to improve the quality of their water but also to preserve their environment with the use of recycled plastic bottles. 

Our goal for 2021 is to make the project Pur'Agua in 5 villages of Peru to help more than 300 families and more than 1200 residents.

Safe water for the Peruvians in need.

Our very first project Pur’Agua will consist of providing safe clean water to 5 poor communities of Cieneguilla, Lima. These communities have one characteristic in common: they don’t have access to the basic services such as water, sewage or electricity. 

“No water” is unfortunately the hard reality of the residents of these communities, their quotidian challenge. The only way for them to have water is to wait for the arrival of an informal cistern truck that comes to their homes from time to time. Paying more than twice the price of regular tap water, for a very bad quality, they are constantly facing the high risk of ‘contaminated water’ and sickness for their entire family.

Now we have the solution to their problem. We will help them to cover one of their most essential needs : access to SAFE CLEAN WATER. 

Getting clean water : a project adapted to the population

Pur'Agua project is designed to promote the practice of a solar energy-based disinfection system to obtain clean and safe water. This method is free, effective and easy to do by the locals. It combines PET bottle recycling with a simple technique that uses sunlight. The gain is twofold. In addition to purifying the water, it also helps limit pollution caused by plastic bottles.

We will set a campaign to transmit this valuable system through workshops and the diffusion of pedagogical material adapted to the population of each community. Our campaign will have the following elements:

Workshops on water disinfection

Our workshops are conceived specifically for the local communities that we will visit. Our volunteers will go to the communities to demonstrate every step of this disinfection system.

The calendar

To ensure that the population follows the disinfection system correctly and to provide a daily reminder of the method, we will give each family a perpetual calendar. We have designed it especially for the local community, with images and language that are very easy to understand, to retain all the important aspects of the system.

Bottle recycling 

The dual action of our project is what makes it even more impactful, as it involves the reuse of PET bottles for the water disinfection process. 

Monitoring Committee

To promote and ensure the maintenance of this method over time we will establish a Committee with community leaders to involve the population in monitoring the development of the project.

Allocation of funds

COVID - 19 has impacted the world like never before. Countries like Peru are currently heavily impacted. The healthcare system and economy of Peru are devastated. More than ever vulnerables peruvians communities need our help, especially for essential needs such as water.

Goals: What are we going to achieve?

  • Improve the health of the population through better and cleaner water. 
  • Improve water sanitation conditions for the poor population in rural areas in Peru.
  • Create awareness among residents about the health risks of drinking poor quality water and the importance of improving its condition.
  • Contribute with the environment recycling and reusing PET  plastic bottles.
  • Commit the population to use the clean and safe water disinfection method.
  • Involve community leaders in monitoring the development of the project.

We need your help!

Despite our large amount of volunteer work, we still need to cover the costs of developing our actions in the field, producing creative and pedagogical communication tools, printables, graphic design works, and others. That is why we need your contribution.

You will help more than 5 communities of Cieneguilla, their 300 families and more than 1200 residents to get access to clean water!

Thanks to your contribution to our crowdfunding, we will cover part of the cost to teach each of the 300 families the method to get clean water and give them our "Pur'Agua Kit", which includes: educational material such as the calendar, bottle recycling cleaning kit with bottle brush and dish soap.

In 2021 we will develop the project Pur'Agua in 5 vulnerable communities of Peru! Thanks to your help, they will improve not only the quality of their water but their future!

Get to know the communities:

Thanks to your contribution, we will be able to reach at least 5 communities and their more than 1200 inhabitants throughout 2021! These communities are often forgotten by the government and the bigger humanitarian organizations. They need our help. Let's show them that we care! 

Here we will keep you informed about the impact of your donations on our crowdfunding campaign. As soon as we achieve one of our intermediary goals we will tell you a little more about the next community we are going to help thanks to you!


JINA’ means ‘let’s go’ in Aymara, one of the native and official languages of Peru. It exactly represents who we are: a determined and motivated group of people, united by the same goal of implementing “Justified, Innovative & Nurturing Actions”, for the vulnerable population of Peru. 

As a non-profit organization, 100% based on our volunteer work, we focus mainly on innovative, low-cost but effective solutions to achieve our vision “Building a better life for all Peruvians”.

Who’s behind Jina?

Coming from different paths in life and from different parts of the world (Switzerland, Peru and France), we combine our strengths to act for the Peruvian population in a sustainable and ecological way.

Claudia Capurro: loving mother of two incredible children, with studies in education, Montessori pedagogy, graphic designer and a big heart that always looks for how to help others. Naturally, she made the decision to put her heart and work at JINA to improve the living conditions of the people of her country.

Leslie Bal: Traveler of the world, she has always needed to help others on her journey and over time realized the extent of inequality across the world. This is why she decided to take action with greater means by joining the JINA team and fulfilling one of her biggest dreams: make our world a better place for all!

To know more about JINA: our association, our awesome projects, and our latest news, please visit our website: www.jina-org.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @jinaorganisation.

Our crowdfunding goals step by step…

Crowdfunding scale: How many steps to reach our final crowdfunding goal

#1: GOAL: 900€

In order to continue implementing our PUR’AGUA project to the first community, we need to reach 900€ to help the entire 60 families present within the community.

#2: GOAL: 1800€

Thanks to the 1800€ we will set up the PUR’AGUA project in another community and help an additional 60 families!

#3: GOAL: 3000€

Thanks to you we will be able to implement our PUR’AGUA action in the different communities if we reach this new goal and change the daily routine of 200 families, it’s great if we reach this new goal!


With this ultimate goal we will be able to help 300 families, it will be amazing to achieve that goal together!

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