Help Kaaos Kaamos light and sound creation!

Help us make this last step of our show happen so we can give you acrobatic like never seen before and introduce syncretic Fika to the world!

Project visual Help Kaaos Kaamos light and sound creation!
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Help Kaaos Kaamos light and sound creation!

Kaaos Kaamos circus collective


(The chaos of the polar night)





                                                                The company                                                                              Kaaos Kaamos




            First it's about meetings. Every artist in the company has their own background : different circus school, different cultures, different languages, different lifestyles.


The chaos consists of six individuals that uses acrobatics, high-fives, an air-zooka and Fika to function in life. If you are not familiar with Fika then this company and show might be the perfect introduction to this charming tradition of having coffee and cake to make life easier. 


We decided to make it simple, to gather on values like honesty, sharing and tolerance. We try to take decisions through dialogue and respect, without any masks, and if possible around a good and "gesund" meal. Or a Fika.


Our style enables us to express and explore how we can push the limits, what seems like a crash might not be a crash. Who knows? I KNOW!


Our acrobatics has a uniqueness which has even changed how we call and name tricks. A Super Mario, the throw ups, six dogs high, Perry fucks it up, the Perrynami or the Tsunanouck we still don't know.  These are all part of our training, our show and inspired by who we are as a group. That together with enhanced personal qualities that now have created a group of characters on stage that only exists by performing our show. 


And then came that syncretic circus.



                                           The project - a 60 min circus show 

                                                       "Babel, Glöm*"

                            Syncretic circus with coffee, cake and magnesium







Syncretism - Dealing with differences

The show is about exactly this: observe, accept and enjoy whatever makes us unique and special, and combine it with tolerance. So we embrace the concept of syncretism, it tends to facilitate co-existence and unity between otherwise different cultures and world views.



Circus as a language





This project is based on the circus technique partner acrobatics : hand to hand and banquine. That is already creating differences depending on ones role in each trick (basing, flying, spotting, doing nothing). We are also interested in the links between a performative discipline and the unspoken language (contact, trust, concentration). Therefore, we want to combine circus with theatre and movement to go beyond the acrobatics, creating our own language, larger than words, bigger than bodies, stronger than performances.



Surrealism is life





Doing circus is beyond reality. Being on stage is weird. Fight to stay together despite our major differences, questioning violence and to keep trusting each other is not so common. What is real for someone is not necessarily so for someone else. We mostly want to adapt ourselves and defend a small world where all of this is possible, where fantasy and reality are having Fika together. Create the feeling of a society on a smaller scale with different laws and perceptions from our "normal" world, and not so far after all. That begins directly when the audience enters into the room. We are already there, in the same time in the audience's world and ours. Frontiers are opened, worlds are gathering.









A journey filled with laughter and humor, twists and backflips high up in the air, beatbox, poetry, handstands on everything and everyone, acrobatics in all directions, at least one hard slap, crisis, crashes, coffee, cake, tears, love and a very effective way to apply magnesium. We believe art to be a highway into peoples feelings and a catalyst for change!

The goal has, since we started working together in February of 2016, been to create an indoor show of 60 min. The project has until now been self financed from our own pockets. Before the premiere this fall we still need to finish the sound and light creation for the show. Since our own money is not enough we are now asking the world for help!


When and where you can see us!

29th-30th of July: Sarnico Festival, Italy

2nd-3rd of August: Sommarscen Malmö, Sweden

25th of August: Cirkus i Soldalen Festival, Bornholm, Denmark

28th-30th of September: Kanneltalo Theater, Helsinki, Finland

5th-7th of October: Festival de Circo do Brasil, Recife, Brazil

15th of October: L'Europeenne de Cirque, Toulouse, France

16th of November: Subcase, Stockholm, Sweden 





                                                               Special thanks to 

                                                     -Subtopia, Stockholm, Sweden

                                                    -La Grainerie, Toulouse, France

                                             -Espace Catastrophe, Brussels, Belgium

                                             -Château de Monthelon, Montreal, France  

Allocation of funds

A: Hello? Is anyone there? Guys?

E: I hear you! Where are you?

A: I don't know, I can't see anything!

E: Me niether, have you found the switch?

A: .......yes, I found the switch, but I didn't press it cus' wandering around like a blind idiot is waaaaaay more fun!!!

E: ......point taken. Why is there noone else here?

A: I know just as much as you do. *clonk* Aaah fuck! I hit my goddamn toe on something! 

E: Oh, are you okey?!

M: Could you guys shut the fuck up! I'm trying to take a nap!

A: Mika? Is that you?

M: No, it's your mother, yes of course it's me. 

E: Why are you taking a nap?! And where are the others?

M: Because there are no lights! That whole plan failed, remember?! And the others went mad trying to create the music themselves cus' we didn't manage to get Peter here. They are now forever lost in the darkness...

A: So it's just us 3 left?...

M: Unless you're pregnant or something, yes. 

E: Oohooh! Can we raise it to be a flyer in that case?!






                                   Budget for light and music creation

Light creation: Marianne Cerdelli

Music creation: Peter Reynolds


 - Music costs

Travel of Kaaos Kaamos

Kaaos Kaamos - Berlin: 908,66 €

Travel of musician 

Bristol - Berlin: 250 €

Bristol - Helsinki: 350 €

Accommodation of musician

Berlin: 3x60 € = 180 €

Helsinki: 4x70 € = 280 €


Payment/salary: 7x227,92 € = 1595,44 €

Per diem: 7x40 € = 280 €

Rent of work space Katapult in Berlin: 3x50 € = 150 €

TOTAL: 4044 €


 - Light costs

Travel of light technician 

Toulouse - Berlin: 120 €


Payment/salary: 216 €

Per diem: 3x40 € = 120 €

Rent of the theatre Y-NOT ART LOFT in Berlin: 3x150 € = 450 €

TOTAL: 956 €



4044 €

956 €

= 5000 €


If the goal is exceeded the extra money will be used to:

-Develop the scenography with a better and customized sound device

-Get new costumes and shoes for the show

-Get more and more magnesium for the show (we sweat a lot!), cakes and coffee (used for every show)

-Get you your gifts for your contribution!

So, don't be afraid, limits are meant to be broken!

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