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Recording my first solo album. Finance and contribute to my first album and Make this musical adventure possible with me

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Kaat Arnaert

Who the f* is ...?



My name is Kaat Arnaert. I am a singer and an actress. I am currently an Artist in Residence at the Ancienne Belgique and the time is now absolutely right to record my first album. 





Singing, playing and writing. These are all fabulous things which keep dreaming and fantasy alive. I used to hope that one day I'd be able to fly or do magic. My 'switch' is set  to infinity. I guess you can call me a dreamer in the clouds, a box of xx, or a pair of binoculars. I am like a sponge which absorbs every passing thing, making one oblivious to time and space. A traveler who slips into character, feelings and moments and pours them into words, images or sounds. This is what I want to share with you. 




The path


I started singing  at the age of 14 with Sutrastore, a band combining triphop and pop. 



After this, I toured Belgium and The Netherlands with Tomigun, supporting Balthazar and Amatorksi. Our record was released in Germany and Switzerland. We also toured as support act for Daniel Johnston. 





Two years ago I had the chance to sing with my sister, Geike Arnaert (formerly of Hooverphonic) and I learned a great deal ! 











At the moment I'm working in my live performances and my first solo album. AB supports artists with financial advice, recording time and rehearsal space. These are all keys to a more professional way of working. I already performed as a support act for Sebastien Tellier and will be playing in a Brussels based club, The Botanique. Let's meet overthere.





It'$ all about the $


AB gives a professional structure and form to my work. However, I still need some money to record a 12-song album. With your support I would be able to pay musicians and a producer. I'm also looking for funds to master the album, for artwork and for 'pressing' the album. 








Allocation of funds


Studio Rent: normal cost is 10 days x 500 Euros = 5000 Euros. That is a lot of money. As i am Artist in residence at the ancienne Belgique, I can record in their studio for free.

BUT I need more than a studio to be able to Record my first Album and it all costs money.


3 musicians: 3 x 10 days x 100 = 3000 euro Producer(mixing and recording): 10 days x 300 euros = 3000 euros Mastering: 500 Graphic design: 500 Printing of CD: 450 euros Subtotal: 7450 euro Kiss kiss banking banking (8%): 596 euros   = 8046 euro




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