Kilkin, une fenêtre grande ouverte sur l'Afghanistan !

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Project visual Kilkin, une fenêtre grande ouverte sur l'Afghanistan !
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Kilkin, une fenêtre grande ouverte sur l'Afghanistan !

<p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>In partnership with the NGO INTEGRITY WATCH AFGHANISTAN (IWA), we are launching a participatory art project with the children of Kabul.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>AFGHANISTAN.<strong>&nbsp;</strong>Kabul, a city bruised and undone by the various conflicts. Kabul, a young city, which asks only to explore paths to a promising future.&nbsp;<strong>Can we not encourage the spread of peaceful ideas and common values?</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>The <strong>art</strong> is not only the medium but also the objective of this project since we believe in art&rsquo;s power of transformation. We strive to change the hostile atmosphere of Kabul&rsquo;s enclosed streets and aim to transform the T-walls (anti explosion walls) into blank canvases children can use to express themselves through art.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><strong>Window-shaped mural paintings </strong>will be created to bring communities together, where walls divide them.</p><p><strong>Artists from Kabul University will teach drawing to elementary school students to illustrate together positive values. </strong></p><p><strong>The kids mural paintings will be digitalized, printed and exposed in representative places of recent conflicts.</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><strong>It means window in dari/persian...</strong></p><p><strong>Window of hope for the spirit.</strong> Today is the right moment to think around positive values, which are essential for a peaceful common future. Instead of expressing ourselves with violence, let us give free rein to expressing ideas and feelings through art!</p><p><strong>Windows of color in the streets of Kabul</strong>. Art provides the means to improve our living space, and to reinforce sociability. Street art opens a space of color and solidarity on anti-explosion walls which characterize the Afghan public space. This activity will provide the opportunity for the participating communities to unite and create art. Street art to gather where walls separate.</p><p><strong>Window of empathy beyond borders</strong>. These works created in situ (in the streets of Kabul) will be exhibited in various international places, principally France, and will aid to renovate our views of the Afghan people.</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><em>A &quot;T-wall&quot; in Kabul.</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><strong>Artists from the University of Kabul are going to provide art workshops for primary school students </strong>to and help them design murals. : since primary schools in Afghanistan leave no room for art lessons, this will be the children an exciting opportunity to discover and express their creativity.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>The children, &nbsp;from different schools and backgrounds, are going to meet and <strong>collectively create street art in a window-shaped frame</strong>. This work will be the result of a shared interpretation of several positive values (hope, solidarity, future, peace etc.). Being involved in something and then seeing the final product will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. In the end, they&#39;ll keep these ideas and memories with them longer if it was just text in a book that was read. We believe that Walls can unite people and be, in contrary to their first function, a space of life and positivity.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><strong>These children&rsquo;s &quot;in situ&quot; interventions in diverse public places will then be digitalized, printed and displayed in a symbolic site of the recent conflicts: Darul Aman Palace.</strong> Today, we can only observe the ruins of this gigantic &quot;house of peace&quot; or &quot; house of Allah &quot; (according to the translations). The palace will be the first open-air gallery in Kabul, where the works will echo the shared experiences during their creation.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>Once produced, the main objective will be its distribution. Having a digital version of the windows will allow the project to be easily exported from Kabul.<em><strong> </strong></em><strong>The designs of windows, printed on fabric, will be exhibited in several European cities, starting with Paris.&nbsp;</strong>They will share Afghan children&rsquo;s hopes and dreams for the future with a public who might have a largely negative and distant perception of the country.</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><em>Preview of the exhibition of the murals digitalized at the Darul Aman Palace.</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p>In Kabul:&nbsp;Naser Timory, Naseer Aieen and&nbsp;Wahidullah Azizi</p><p>Out of Kabul : Azilis Pierrel, Lara Haoudi, Libertad Sobrado, Lorenzo Deslesgues and&nbsp;Rolando Cruz</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>We managed to finance 70 % of the budget.&nbsp;But we still need your help to finance:</p><p>-<strong> Assorted Paints&nbsp;</strong></p><p><strong>- Brushes</strong></p><p><strong>- The fabric on which the murals will be printed</strong> and displayed in the Palace</p><p><strong>Any donation in addition to our goal of 2000 euros will allow more schools in Kabul to participate in the Kilkin project !</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The NGO Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) will receive all the money&nbsp;raised.</p><p><strong><em>&gt; Join us and give life to this project! See you in August for Kilkin&#39;s launching !</em></strong></p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; We thank every person that is currently helping us : MERCI !</p><p>&nbsp;</p>


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