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Our mutilated MIMI needs you to recover good health, in particular through financial contributions. Whether you're MIMI CROBE or MIMI BETTER, everyone will do as they can! FC MIMI welcomes everyone to its team, from ULTRAS to TOO POWERFUL to those who have MIMI in the 100. Thanks to that, you will left our festival your arms laden with gifts. A SMALL MIMI that makes the maximum effort with MIMICROBE prizes.

Allocation of funds

Between 2016 and 2018, AMI lost more than one third of the financial support it received from local authorities, i.e. more than €170,000. MIMI felt the full brunt of these cuts and has seen its budget divided by 4 since 2016, which marks the last edition of the festival on the Frioul Island.

Today, the festival is trying to maintain its budget above 50.000€, threshold below which we could hardly offer you more than a fair with high consumption lanterns, ball-trap and drunk pond game, livened up by Susan Boyle. Tantalising, but not quite in the specifications of a former National Centre.

In spite of the importance of the debt the association has to face, AMI has not been able to abandon its historical activity and bet on an edition rallying all the driving forces of its network: artists, operators, service providers, employees, volunteers, public.

The permanent team of AMI has been put in partial operation for 6 months to ensure the survival of the organisation and MIMI festival, bolstered by the support and encouragement we have received from the public and our beneficiaries.

If we could rely on the commitment of our partners to offer us alternative venues and host the festival, we need you today to balance the festival budget and thus allow AMI association to continue its activities.

6.000€ is the sum we will try to raise together.

These 6.000€ it is the small boost that we ask for to limit the risk, to balance the artistic and technical budgets, to have leverage effect on the festival attendance by allowing us to offer you an artistic stage and a setting in line with MIMI values: a daring festival, militant, enchanting, disheartening, unforgettable.

Let’s stand together and shout out loud and clear our determination to promote cultural diversity, crossing aesthetics, and to preserve these endangered species. MIMI is not an immutable object, it is a protean, nomadic animal, capable of adapting to the transformations of its environment. Its genetic heritage is enriched over the years by the mutations of the sector to reinvent itself.

6.000€, a flick that will allow MIMI festival to continue to hit the road far off the beaten track and to explore unknown regions.

Explorers and intrepid friends, we invite you to come aboard, go off on a tangent and count on you to help us negotiate this turn that will propel us towards the next thirty-three years!


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