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KULTURA - café solidaire, associatif et multiculturel à Strasbourg

Let’s create a warm and friendly venue, promoting cultural exchanges and professional integration at the heart of the European district!

Project visual KULTURA - café solidaire, associatif et multiculturel à Strasbourg
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La Banque Postale supports the project KULTURA - café solidaire, associatif et multiculturel à Strasbourg

KULTURA - café solidaire, associatif et multiculturel à Strasbourg

THANKS to all bankers for your support !

Although our crowdfunding campaign is finished you can continue to support us via our Paypal account ! Our famous counterparts are always available... ! Thanks to all of you ! 


Café KULTURA will be an ideal place to drink coffee, taste good food from here and elsewhere and to discover the wealth of all the cultures present in Strasbourg, through festive events and workshops for both children and adults. It will also be a workplace for professional integration of migrants.


…And all of this in a magnificent and tranquil garden in the Robertsau, close to the European institutions!





Café Kultura will be organized around three axes:


1. As a café


Probably the best way to bring all of our cultures together is around the table! What better way to get together than by sharing little specialties from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy or Turkey, made using local and seasonal produce?


Our cosy venue will be perfect for reading the paper while drinking your morning coffee before heading to work or for a lunch break with colleagues. And why not enjoy a brunch with family or friends in our beautiful garden?



2. Events and entertainment focused around cultural diversity


Haven’t you ever wanted to learn how to make tiramisu with un italiano vero, to practice yoga with a genuine yogi , or to introduce yourself to Mongolian singing? Café Kultura will be a place where you will be able to do all of these things and more! We will offer creative, sportive and musical workshops, concerts, small exhibitions for adults and children or cine-debates on current issues.



 3. A solidarity action:


We live in the European capital and every year we have the chance to welcome newcomers to Strasbourg from many different countries. As a venue for a professional integration, with a focus on employability of migrants, our café will enable women and men looking for employment to integrate quickly into the local labour market.



Who is behind this project?


Hana is Czech. When she moved to Strasbourg for family reasons, she took French lessons, where she met other foreigners and realized their difficulties in integrating into the life and community of the city. Her project has matured rapidly, because Hana is a woman of action and she has decided to put her skills, experiences and boundless energy to use, for the benefit of the social and cultural life of Strasbourg. When Hana’s idealism was coupled with the energies of several friends which she met from different countries, the concept of Café Kultura was born!


Together they founded an NGO with a specific goal: to create a solidarity café, an open meeting place for all which, at the same time, will serve as a workplace facilitating integration and employment opportunity for migrants. A venue that enable people coming from all countries to meet, share, exchange, learn and move forward together.



Allocation of funds

The café KULTURA team has already been working on this project for over a year and has managed to get to the point where almost everything is ready... We have everything. Except for you!


This goal of 15 000 is the minimum we need in order to launch this project and buy:

-  Professional electrical equipment: 7650 EUR

   (i.e. 3 fridges - 2360 EUR, freezer - 670 EUR, dishwasher -

   1250 EUR, oven - 1550 EUR, coffee machine - 1250 EUR,

   a cash register - EUR 450, a siphon for whipped cream - 65 EUR,

   a toaster - 55 EUR)

-  Outdoor furniture: 4360 EUR

   (i.e. 40 chairs and 10 tables for the garden terrace)

-  Dishes: 1160 EUR

   (i.e. plates, glasses, bowls, cutlery, cups, teapots)

-  Start-up basic supplies for cooking: 1830 EUR


In case that donors will be proving even more generous and that donations exceed the anticipated amount, we will use it to buy other items on our list that enable the use of the terrace in any season:

-  Additional chairs and tables for the garden terrace: 2850 EUR

   (i.e. 24 chairs, 7 tables)

-  Refrigerated display: 1690 EUR

-  Decorative items: 620 EUR

   (i.e. textile, plants, flower pots etc.)

-  An outdoor bar for the summer: 2170 EUR

-  Outdoor heaters for the winter on the terrace: 3020 EUR


This will allow us to welcome more of you and to offer more employment opportunities which is a core part of our project.


Now we need your support to make this vision a reality!



So how does our crowd-funding work?


On top of that, that will cost you almost nothing! By participating, you pre-purchase drinks and food or to pre-book activities, which you can enjoy when we are open.


We are counting on your help and impatiently waiting to welcome you to your Café KULTURA!


Thanks to all of you !


A special thank-you goes to :

Agata Latour, co-founder of the association, for her valuable presence and her unique skills in communication

Carlos A. Acevedo (www.nievequemada.com) and Yani Semerdzhieva (http://www.pictureperfect67.com) for video

Jean Lazier for logo

Erika Knoppova for graphic design

Ian MsCrea for the English translation

Stephanie Pissis for her such valuable ideas

Dan Krupansky for his generous help with our business plan

Maxime Quintin for his professional marketing advice


Eliska and Katka for their continued support, wonderful ideas and immense help

Marc for his patience and his corrections

Sébastien for his computer help

Justyna for its graphics and decoration advice

Ronit, Valerie, Carolin, Lise, Bartek, Claire, Beatriz for their help and trust


Petr, Simon, Jan and Helenka for their support and patience without which the project Café KULTURA could never come into existence!



Choose your reward

For €5

A big thank you on our Facebook page + 1 hot or cold drink of your choice
  • Backers: 5
  • Delivery April 2016

For €10

A big thank you on our Facebook page + 1 hot or cold drink of your choice + 1 pastry choice (what a tasty idea!)
  • Backers: 13
  • Delivery April 2016

For €20

A grand thank you on our Facebook page and on the Wall of Fame! + 1 hot or cold drink of your choice+ 1 patisserie choice + 1 lunch menu
  • Backers: 40
  • Delivery April 2016

For €50

A huge thank you on our Facebook page and on the Wall of Fame! +1 invitation to the inauguration (you'll meet nice people!) +1 hot or cold drink of your choice +1 pastry choice +2 lunch menus (#havinglunchwithmypreferedcolleague) +1 workshop of your choice (pottery, Jim Jarmusch retrospective or upcycling?)
  • Backers: 24
  • Delivery April 2016

For €75

An enormous thank you on our Facebook page and on the Wall of Fame! +1 invitation to the inauguration + 2 hot or cold drinks to choose + 2 lunch menus + 2 pastries to choose from (to take away to kill a little hunger in the middle of the afternoon!) + 2 workshops to choose (decorating Easter eggs with your child?)
  • Backers: 2
  • Delivery April 2016

For €100

A gigantic thank you on our Facebook page and on the Wall of Fame! (and there, we’re really not kidding!) + 2 invitations to the inauguration + 5 pastries of your choice (but you can come and eat them several times :-)) + 5 lunch menus (invite your friends – they’ll love it!) + 2 workshops (excitement guaranteed!) + A personalized Café Kultura mug just for you!
  • Backers: 9
  • Delivery April 2016

For €200

A monumental thank you on our Facebook page and on the Wall of Fame! +3 invitations to the inauguration + 5 pastries of your choice (that takes care of the dessert for dinner!) + 5 lunch menus (you will become a regular!) + 2 workshops of your choice + A personalized Café Kultura mug (very convenient to take it with your book to the garden) + VIP Pass: a coffee a day for a year! (well, if you don’t like coffee, we´ll make you tea)
  • Backers: 6
  • Delivery April 2016

For €200

An immense thank you on our Facebook page and on the Wall of Fame! + 3 invitations to the inauguration + A private brunch for 10 people!
  • Backers: 2

For €300

….and if you’d like to give even more ... please contact us!
  • Backer: 1

For €7,500

Vous devenez un partenaire officiel de Café Kultura pendant un an + un géant merci sur notre page Facebook + votre nom et logo sera publié sur le Wall of fame ! + 10 invitations à l’ inauguration + 3 évènements parrainés par vous selon la définition conjointe de thématiques qui conviennent à vous et à Café KULTURA avec 10 d'invitations à votre main
  • Backer: 1

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