l'Atelier, Concept Store Bar, Annemasse

Help us to create L'Atelier, Vintage Store & Bar, a place with an unique and strong concept in Annemasse, France, next Geneva, Switzerland.

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l'Atelier, Concept Store Bar, Annemasse



The concept 'L'Atelier' = 'The Workshop', came from the idea that we, Antho & Arno, should reproduce the spirit of our workshop, in a original concept store & bar, with cosy atmosphere, in industrial, design & vintage environment.  


As our project is pretty local, we didn't translate all the information for our international friends and other co-financers, sorry about that...,

however, your support is highly appreciated, and you will be rewarded as well for your support:

For Kisskissbanker who are not living around Geneva, we will convert your donations by sending you T-shirt(s) from our own collection (Designed and Print in Geneva, 1 different model every month):

for every 40€ donated, we will send you 1 T-shirt (international shipping cost included) for 80€: 2 T-shirts etc...  

For less than 40€: your picture and name will be forever in the Bar on the Donator's Wall and we can send you stickers if you want to.



our actual workshop:  



The project:





The global concept:



Selling Designer's (and our own) Creations : concrete furniture, vintage furniture and goods, custom bikes (motorcycles and E-bicycles), Textiles and Accessories...



huge offer of good beers : international and local microbreweries

soft, wines, cocktails and shots

Concerts, Jam Session, Thematic Event...



Showroom for our bikes


Allocation of funds

A quoi servira la collecte ?


we need your help to finance some costs of the Stage, to welcome Artists in good condition and create an optimal show/experience.


- 1st target: 3000€= acoustic insulation for the stage room

- 2nd target: 6000€= professional sound system and lights

- 3rd target: more than 9000€= will be used to finance decoration and furnitures...


Our total budget is around 400 000€, 280 000€ in real estate and 120 000€ for material, equipment and development.


if you have any questions, ideas or else, feel free to contact us at:



Thanks for your support and sharing to your friends and networks

See you soon at l’Atelier!


Arnaud et Anthony, 






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