L'Autre Terre des Dieux (The Other land of Gods)

Are we alone in the Universe ? What if the answer was not above our heads but under our feet ?

Project visual L'Autre Terre des Dieux (The Other land of Gods)
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L'Autre Terre des Dieux (The Other land of Gods)

Sunday 12th July : The Other land of Gods has reached its objective and more ! 

Thousand thanks to our producer Antoine Chapuis et to the other contributors who support this great adventure !


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" And if Romania, land of legends and mystery brings us on the trail of universal myths  to question our origins, neither by watching beyond the stars but under our feet?"


What do we know about Romania? This country is well- known for its Bram Stoker books and other vampires stories. But if all these fictions take place in Romania, this is not on purpose. This land is a place of  telluric energetic similarities and geology earthquake, where its people live with on unexplained phenomena. In this country, fantastic legends and big stories are closely linked for a long time. Unfortunately, the vision of this country, and past history with imaginary and beliefs fades away day after day. The economic and cultural evolution of Romania makes people see the world differently, under another aspect, more rational. Mysteries begins to be distorted, and then toned down, before being completely forgotten.


However, these myths and legends have to last. Modern science, old from two decades do not let us forget that it is not only the keys of understanding the world. 

During thousand years,  « Epistémé » and magic were inseparable. «  The other land of God » wants to set up this way of thinking our world and our life without any possible or impossible a priori.  They suggest us to travel with passionate curiosity towards ROMANIA to explore founder places, odd phenomena and astonishing discoveries, which are the origin of these legends. And the Dacians country is full of them! Natural spirits, tunnels that bring us towards underground world, giants skeletons,  treasures and buried cities, unexplained artefacts, pyramids apparitions, Sphinx and secret anteroom, living stones, odd phenomena, spatial apparitions… Many unexplained subjects that do not let anyone indifferent.


These legends are fascinating and are a rich and unique way to discover Romania and its inhabitants.  But not only they are so interesting, but also they are an open window to walkways through universal and famous myths that concern us. Then, the mysterious Romanian edifications which are similar to others around the world, bring us back on the existence trail of one or several human beings. Some stories deal with an hollow earth, where the existence of another world inside ours, where  « exo-terrestrian » civilisations, very intelligent, could have come in ancient times.

Others which are referring to famous giants , are linked to the Annunakis ‘myth, during the Sumerian civilization,  extraterrestrial God of ancient times,  where the human race comes from

So, these related legends to universal myths offer us some answers concerning an essential question: Where do we come from ?


Thanks to this documentary film, we wish to present this wonderful country, called Romania towards a sensitive view and a listening ear. We would like to communicate our amazement for the beauty of its landscapes, our pleasure to go into in a particular atmosphere, our attraction for its inhabitants and its culture of Mystery

Every discovery of this wild and preserved region, every meeting with its people and its way of thinking will include its authentic magical part.  


The connecting thread that will guide the discovery of this country, is our research of local legends and places, proofs and testimonies that are linked together

The exploration of places and enigmatic constructions, the analysis of specific items, the study of historical facts, the questioning of experts and the listening of testimonies will be used to understand what will be the factual and real part and the origin of all these stories.


In the background, the perspective of Romania legends with universal myths will be shaded our research of a wider and more profound reflexion on the human origin. 

The explanations, suggestions and theories which result from such as the e »exo -terrestrian » existence linked to our apparition on Earth, will bring to our public answers to broaden their own perception and interpretation of the world and its history.










Allocation of funds


This documentary film will be produced at a very low cost through professional video equipment we already have. Our skills also enable us to support the entire visual communication of the documentary but also in post-production. Digital artists and composers have also offered to assist us in this great adventure. Still, we lack even € 6,000 (minimum budget to achieve the technical performance we are aiming for this movie T__T)


Regarding the € 6000 required :


1/ Will be used to rent the equipment we lack for the 28 days of shooting :


Rental Video equipment :

- PACK CANON CAMERA C100 Mark II / € 2,049.6 TTC - Objective Canon - 24-70mm f2.8 IIUSM / € 504 TTC - SteadyShot Glide Cam Pro 4000 / € 268.8 TTC


Rental sound equipment : - Microphones Lavalier Sennheiser EW100 / € 268.8 HT   Rental equipment for the light : - Charger & Battery for V -mount LED Panel / € 336 TTC - " GREAT MINETTE 256 LEDs LED Light Flo " / € 268.8 TTC



2/ € 2,304 will be invested for the rental of a vehicle ( Europcar rates to 5 June 2015 for a period of 28 days) large enough to carry our team of 3 people and all the filming equipment .   If the funds collected exceeded the budget requested , they would allow us to ensure the cost of gas , tolls , but would also be an important support on stipends for food and accommodation .






DEÎMIAN - Author Director

He defines himself as a finder truths : he travels the world in the footsteps of ancient civilizations to look for other possible versions that current versions of the story . Enthusiast mysteries it presents and shares his findings on his Youtube channel followed by thousands of fans who like him, trying to bring their own theories on all these places.


------ Background: Professional art director and artist of the image , it exerts as a graphic and web designer in the world of fashion for over ten years. In 2000 he launched his clothing brand " Dstrikt - Dsign " which he promotes through a Tshirt collection worn by celebrities of reality called Loft Story (Big Brother french show) . In 2001 , he joined the salons of the Who's Next & Premiere Classe fashion to work on the visual and digital communication of both entities until 2009 when he joined the team of e-commerce platform. 


------ In 2011, he left France and went traveling around the world to browse the high places of the planet. He discovers evidences that grow to question history as we were taught . He decides at the end of his journey of writing a science fiction trilogy entitled "Origin" . He discusses his feelings and his own beliefs about the origins of humanity. His theories are based on numerous texts depicting once there , the arrival of the gods on Earth that would interact with the human species.


------ Références : livres : Origine - Tome 1, 2 & 3 / Lulu.com et Amazon.com www.origine-le-livre.com  





NICOLAS COELHO - Director / cameraman / editor

In 2008, he graduated from CLCF (Free Conservatory of French Cinema), in which he explored all the positions that constitute a film crew. Fascinated by the various job of the image team, that is the realization that he is dedicated. Assistant manager on a feature Iliana Lolic "I do not say no" with Sylvie Testud and director Making of "Beauty and the Beast" with Alysson Paradis. He continues to make his own short films including "By mutual disagree" in 2008. This is cinema fair in Paris in 2009, they create with a friend "BUL", a production and audiovisual services company. They realize several institutional and commercials and manage multiple recordings of concerts and shows. The same year, he joined the association "SEINEMA" in which he will set up introductory courses in filmmaking for teenagers and adults. He will also participate in the Short Film Festival in Triel-sur-Seine as a member of the jury. ------ In 2015, he met Deïmian, with whom he shares the same enthusiasm for the subjects related to the forbidden archeology and alternative sciences. They decide to mount the Other Land of Gods in order to picture Romania and its mysteries.  






EMILIE BASTIEN - Geobiology & Bioenergy

Love of Nature and the Earth, the sensitivity to the energies that surround it, but also great curiosity led her to lift the veil of appearances and go in search of answers , initiations , knowledge and incredible encounters . Thus the techniques she offers practical and the results are solid learning they constantly revisit in order to be in right action and give the best .   Geobiology taught her to feel concretely all the earth energies and her expertise will help the team better understand the phenomena present in certain places that will thus be crushed .


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