L'Enfant du Silence - Livre et Disque

Matthieu Miegeville presents "The Child from Silence (EP)" with his rock-folk band TERRE NEUVE and a collection of texts of his own.

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L'Enfant du Silence - Livre et Disque

Hi, my name is Matthieu Miegeville. 




I'm setting up a double-sided project, both collective and personal.  On one hand I'm writing a book, "L'enfant du Silence"; on the other hand I'm making a record, "The Child from Silence" with my folk-rock collective TERRE NEUVE.    On the music side, maybe you've heard of me through my other bands, My Own Private Alaska -MOPA, or through Agora Fidelio, or even through Psykup. Or you've never heard of me, and it's okay.   You can listen to our music right below (1st EP "This is How You'll GEt Undressed" : Soundcloud).




The Press says I've digested Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave well, which is nice, because these were big pieces.  This set aside, I like Dominique A., Simon & Garfunkel and the napolitan pizza.   




About the book, I've been writing for 18 years. This book "L'Enfant du Silence" is a collection of these years of writing until the TERRE NEUVE era.  Lyrics, many unreleased texts, even some poems I wrote about girls that broke my heart back in the time. Yeah, rockers are romantic people. 




The book is about the connection inbetween childhood, adult age ; the silence that you keep and that you turn into screams, into music ; the child, the man, and his relationship with others.  The book is for everyone that has this part of silence in them and that have not always been able to break up with it.    You can help us make this project a success, because everything has a cost.  Paper, book printing, publishing, making a record - pressing the CD itself, the rights to publish it ; studio fees, mixing fees, mastering fees, promotion expenses, shipping expenses... In short, Art isn't as free as it seems.




But you can help me here as I have no label nor publisher.  I'm calling on you all to back up this project.  Here on the side and at the bottom you have many ways to support it.  You can buy the CD, or the book. Or the CD-book.  You can even sing with us on the record, or send me a drawing or a picture to get published in the book. I can write a text for you. We can even come at your place for a private show.    To sum up, thank you for your support. We need you, now. See you down the front or at the bar to chat about it when you have contributed. See you very soon.

Allocation of funds

Studio + mastering : 1300 €

The making of the CD itself : 700€

The rights to distribue it : 150€

Promotion : 1300€

Editing + publishing the book : 2500€ 

KKBB : 8% of the projet


We need YOU ! The more the better ;-)


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A thank you on twitter (@terreneuveband) ! Because even the smallest contribution matters :-)
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The digital version of the new EP by Terre Neuve Collective, "The Child From Silence"
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The physical copy of the EP "A Child from Silence"
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PACKAGE A : the physical copy of "The Child from Silence" + the digital version a week prior to its release
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PACKAGE B : The physical copy of the EP "The Child From Silence" signed + the digital album a week prior to its release
  • 4 backers
  • Availability: 146/150


The book (collection of texts by Matthieu Miegeville until the Terre Neuve era)
  • 11 backers
  • Availability: 89/100


PACKAGE C : PACKAGE B + the physical copy of the EP "This Is How You'll Get Undressed"
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  • Availability: 143/150


The CD-book : the EP "The Child from Silence" will be with the book in this special edition.
  • 42 backers
  • Availability: 58/100


PACKAGE D : PACKAGE C + a poster
  • 7 backers
  • Availability: 93/100


PACKAGE E : PACKAGE D + the chance to be on the record singing the "hurry up" part of the song "an oracle"
  • 5 backers
  • Availability: 15/20


PACKAGE F : PACKAGE D + the book signed
  • 9 backers
  • Availability: 41/50


PACKAGE G : PACKAGE F + one of your drawings or one of your pictures to be printed in the book
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  • Availability: 13/15


A private show at your place in Midi-Pyrénées, France (31)
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  • Availability: 4/5


A private show at your place in Paris
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  • Availability: 2/3

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PACKAGE H : PACKAGE F + a text written for you or for the person of your choice
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