La Chinerie Festival

La Chinerie Festival is the very first collaborative festival organized via internet. A new form of cultural event. Help us make it real !

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La Chinerie Festival



La Chinerie Festival is the very first collaborative festival organized by vinyl junkies (“chineurs” in French).  


But wait a sec… What’s a vinyl junky?


Vinyl Fetishist (see


1. Someone who gains sexual excitement/fascination over vinyl clothing (bondage gear).

2. Someone who prefers to buy their albums on vinyl with no real explanation.  


Well, we don’t have any weird sexual fetishism (or maybe you do?!), but we love to dig new vinyls, to buy and trade 'em… Our community is made of bargain hunters who spend their time at the record store. We can look for rad stuff such as Pepe Bradock, Moodymann or even Rick Astley (we're not gonna judge your taste!).  



  A record dealer… Ouuuh I'm having goosebumps when I see this!  


“So, your plan is to organize a festival, isn't it?”


Yeah that’s right! At this moment, the whole community is organized around 7 Facebook groups which gather more than 100.000 members. These groups are managed by a magnificent team who is truly passionate about electronic musics and motivated by the same objective: gather all amateurs of House Music and Hip Hop around this musical and artistic event.  


It is in this context that La Chinerie Festival was born. It will last 2 days, the idea is to give a scene for young talented artists and to create a place where each one can express itself.  


During the festival you will find many DJs sets, animations related to electronic music, a flea market, workshops (open desks, initiation to mixing on vinyl, conferences…), games (kicker, ping-pong, volleyball…).   Music is central, of course. The line-up will mix known-artists, new-comers and unknown artists as well. Priority to discovery. Sharing is the reason for our community's existence.  






Our biggest dream is to see Nicolas Hulot (french ecologist activist) behind the turntables!  


This is why we want to make an eco-friendly festival. More than 20 “chineurs” deal with this aspect in order to respect the site where the festival is going to take place. We want to increase the awareness of the public to the protection of our planet. Energy savings, recycling of waste, solicitation of eco-responsible actors at the festival… All means are being employed to promote the eco-friendly aspect.


We are planning a 0 waste objective, the organization of carsharing and bike racks. We won't forget about the food ! Each food truck selected by our team will have to match our conditions: local products and short distribution.


Our team is working on new ideas that will be up to the location and the result of this crowdfunding: for example a lighting entirely ecological or a floor that generates energy through the moves of the dancers.


To promote a festival means a lot of marketing because you have to preach the good news. To avoid cutting our beautiful french forests, we favour numerical format. And if we still have to print (for the poster for example) we'll do it ecologicaly.




So that we can all be together, the Paris area seemed to be the best spot. The site can welcome between 3000 and 5000 people, without being packed in like sardines.  

There’s no secret ingredient! You have to get your hand dirty to set up a festival. The community put aside its free time digging old vinyls to organize this unique festival.  


And here you come into play!  


If you share the same envy to create and share music, then we are giving you the opportunity to help this project, thanks to the crowdfunding system. And to make this even cooler, as soon as you contribute to the fund raising, you receive compensations: analog, digital or physical.






And here are OUR LINE UP INTENTIONS (this is just only intentions we got no money yet to book them and we precise that none of those artists are commited with us). Only people who participate to this crowdfunding campaign will be able to vote for their prefered artists on the flyers bellow









Allocation of funds



La Chinerie Festival is an event that wishes to highlight the participation of everyone. The money you deposit in the fund-raising will be transfered entirely to a bank account reserved for the expenses of the festival. A Federation of Chineurs is being created. It allows us to manage the creation of the festival.


The aim of the festival is not to make profits but to share two days filled with sound and good memories. The profits, if any, will be used for a next edition.





We evaluated our first level to be €50 000. This will allow us to have the means necessary to move on without any problems to the next steps. But since we are just a bunch of crazies, we can stop there.




50 000 € : Two days of festival and deux stages: a big House one, Disco/funk, Micro House & Hip-Hop, one small stage with open turn-tables, rad. We will also have a chill corner.   80 000€ : We add a small Techno, Electro & break stage. This level will allow us to contact more international artists (big up to England & German dudes!).   110 000€ : The small Techno stage becomes a BIG one and the small chill corner becomes a BIG corner, we'll also be able to reach more international artists (big up to Canadians & Australian mates!)     150 000€ : We add another day of partying! Way more means to improve the festival and we will open an anti-festival circus-tent with shitty music, da boi memes and weird outfits. Can't say no.

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