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La divine empreinte


The project


Adam's Peak (or Sri Pada) is the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka. On top of it is nestled a temple in which we find the first footprint that Adam would have left down the Garden of Eden.


According to the confessions the footprint is attributed to various deities, some see the foot of Shiva or Vishnu, others see Buddha's, and others guess traces of Saint Thomas.


Once a year, between december and april, the mountain is lit and a great pilgrimage gathering all religions in Sri Lanka starts and people reach the sunrise at 2300m above sea level.


One night in October 2011, I have made this climb. I had the chance to feel the strange beauty of the place, to meet pilgrims through this thick jungle up to this calm and mystical peak. I now want to capture, transcribe and share this experience. This webdoc will also serve to provide testimony through various portraits that reflect the possibilities of peace, and its fragility, in a country marked by 15 years of civil war.





What, who and when ?


We will achieve this project during the first 10 days of March 2015 to catch the full moon processions on  March 5th. The team will consist of 4 persons:

Harold, photographer

Zelda, assistant

Adrien, videographer

- A local guide/translator (recruitment is ongoing)


The project "the divine footprint" aims to produce a web documentary that looks like: - A photo reportage about the pilgrimage - Posed portraits of pilgrims - A video reportage about the climb - Interviews pilgrims - A video teaser


The webdoc will be produced in french and english and will be achieve for the end of march 2015.






You can find more images here :



Allocation of funds

The overall project budget is 5100 € and we ask your help for 3000 €. This amount will be used for : 

- Guide salary

- Day to day cost

- Visa fee

- Web platform installation


If we succeed to get and exceed 3000€, this is what we will do with the money : 

- with 4000€, we could stay 3 more days and hire a journalist to come with us, 

- with 5000€, we could stay 5 more days, with our journalist and do the Adam's trail through the 3 possible ways.


Contributions ?


For every contribution above 10€ I'm offering a print.


For more than 25€ the image will have to be chosen among a selection of the best images produced during our 10 days in Sri Lanka.


All the the print from 20x30 are proper fin art print on Hahnemühle Fine Art 310g using pigment ink.



Of course, all the print are made, framed and sent by me.





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For the 5 first 35€, we offer a 15x20cms fine art print numered and signed.
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For the 5 first 70€, we offer a 20x30cms fine art print signed and numbered !
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