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Saturday, January 09, 2016
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Discover women's life working as filmmakers in Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China and India through the webseries The Great Journey.

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La Grande Traversée / The Great Journey



Such a blessed to see our first goal of 4500€ reached ! Because of 45 very generous contributors, Coco & Jackie will be able to buy a car who'll bring them to the women filmmakers from The Great Journey in six countries in the world. Also, they are now able to buy solar panels and a car insurance ! 


But such a trip need more funds. Now that the minimum is reached, let's try to have 150% of the goal, who mean 6750€. With 2250€ added, this will cover these fees : 


- Diesel consumption                                                               1000€

- Go Pro Hero 4 silver to shoot the scene in the car                 430€

- Second hand Manfrotto tripod                                               300€

- Two Hard drives of 2T                                                           230€

- Omnifuel Primus camping Stove                                           210€

- Solar charger for mobile devices                                           80€


If we got more, it will cover Coco & Jackie food fees !

And if we got more (happiness, happiness …) this will cover the airfare for the camerawoman Nastasja Saerens to join us and be able to shot the documentary film. 






“The Great Journey” is a web series about female filmmakers in Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China and India, and more specifically about the behind the scenes of a documentary where each women is a part of the story. This web series shows all the side stories, the way that these women do their jobs, sometimes in very difficult contexts. It also shows how Coco and her dog Jackie travel to meet with them, in a crazy road trip adventure that connects Brussels to India.






Cinema is a fascinating world. Yet, the audience often doesn’t know what is behind the curtains. Many of us do not fully understand what it takes to make a film? For a director, experiences may vary but the struggle remains identical, successfully make your film come to life.


At the starting point of a film is often an idea, a desire to tell a story. A director will then try to make their dream become a reality. Surrounded by a team, it is a long process of creation that can sometimes take years, or even a lifetime.


Strangely enough, the directors who bring stories to life are often men. Even though there are many internationally famous women directors, they do not account for the majority. It is the case in Europe, but also in other continents. With this project, we wish to go with you on a different path, which is following the work of women filmmakers in a different part of the world.


The Great Journey follows the route that leads to remote lands where Europe ends, then walking on the Silk Road to finally arrive to Asia. On this territory alone, crossing Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China and India, the way of making films is different and so are the stakes. On top of the difficulties inherent to film making, there is the difficulty of being a woman. Those two aspects combined make this whole adventure a real challenge.


That road is the Great Journey, the one which will allow me to build day after day the objet of my documentary, where each woman represents a part of the story. This journey is a promise of adventure, human interaction, difficulties and challenges, surprises and joy. The whole process of filmmaking constitutes the behind the scenes that I wish to show through my web series. This is where the project I present to you begins.




The project in itself is peculiar. I will travel to meet six female filmmakers, driving from Brussels with my dog Jackie. On our own on the road, we will stop successively in Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China and India.




Each step will be presented in a WEB SERIES, which will show us the behind the scenes of the documentary making process, the aim of this trip. The web series is made especially for you! As an invitation to go on the road across six countries alongside Jackie and me and to discover from a woman perspective what is behind their cinema. This web series will show the environment in which these six female filmmakers live and work in their respective countries but also their daily struggles. It makes no doubt the Great Journey will be rich in diversity and surprises! The identity of these women, most of them internationally known, will be revealed one by one as we go on the road, in order to keep a little bit of mystery.


Through the portrait of each woman, we will see the situation of the country they live in as well as what may often be an obstacle to the realization of their creative work and freedom of speech. In doing so, the Great Journey aims to take off the veil on the situation of these women in these parts of the world, where self-fulfillment too often than not requires a constant fight for freedom on a national scale. The Great Journey women are living examples of success, persistence, stubbornness and immense artistic talent.


Moreover, as the journey will be done by car only, it might not be easy to cross borders, especially difficult borders like the ones planned during the Great Journey. I often heard that crossing some borders with a vehicle was virtually impossible. I do believe it can be done, but it certainly won’t be easy. This will be part of the adventure, with each border control bringing me closer to the next woman filmmaker to meet.


In brief, the Great Journey wishes to celebrate the work of these women who can be real leaders and meet great successes despite their daily battles to get there. All of it, you will be able to see before the documentary is released thanks to the web series.




The web series will be built in seven chapters 


Each chapter will have photos, articles, similar to a travel journal as well as a 8-minute video capsule. The protagonists of these video capsules will always be the same, the women filmmakers from all six countries, main characters of the documentary filmed on the Great Journey’s road trip. Next to them will be me, aka Coco, and my faithful dog Jackie whom we will see grow with time but also the car, the last but not least member of our team, as it will drive us from one country to another.


In addition to the main chapters, extras will be available and will cover the other stops necessary to the different steps of the Great Journey. These stops, always short, will be a great opportunity to meet other talented filmmakers met on the road, in Paris, Rome and other cities here and there. These additional moments will be immortalized in two-minute interviews.


Finally, the web series will be accessible on line on the following website and on all the social media, such as:




Allocation of funds

The Great Journey is an AMBITIOUS project, this is why today I need YOU to help me make this dream a reality. I truly cannot wait to share with you the universe of these women filmmakers!


The most pressing elements for me are the purchase of a car and its inside arrangement, insurance and solar panels. With your support, this make possible for me to start the project and go on the road of the Great Journey to meet these women filmmakers.


These first expenses cover the bare minimum to make the Great Journey project viable. I couldn’t thank you more if we could already gather that sum.




By supporting the project, you also are taking an action on evironment. Indeed, concerned about the environment, travelling by car aims to substitute the fast and easy trip by plane and the heavy pollution caused by such a means of transportation. Of course, using a car means pollution as well, but I decided to go for a low carbon footprint model, and it emits less pollution than taking the plane to every destination of the Great Journey.


...I trade my Brussels flat for 3 m2...


During the whole journey, my only home will be my car. A real “tiny house” – very much in line with an increasingly popular and inspiring movement – which has a very low consumption ratio compared to a more traditional house or even my Brussels flat that I will leave soon. In my car, I want to use solar panels in order to fuel my electric devices, such as my computer, my batteries and my camera.




What if we were to miraculously go beyond the 4500€? Wonderful! It would allow me to fund some other very practical needs such as : 


Depending on what we have left, as we did not include any salary, you would allow Jackie and me to eat, which would basically help us make ends meet!


And what if… what if we were to collect even more money (hurray!), I will be able to work more professionally and pay all the people who work for the Great Journey, Nastasja, chief of operations and Charline, in charge of graphic design, who have been working for free since the beginning. Other more creative aspects will become possible, such as original music for a web series and the creation of a website. Having a website up and running costs around 5000€. 
















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