La Griffe Noire Store, le Tote Bag engagé pour l'environnement

The eco-friendly french Tote Bag

Project visual La Griffe Noire Store, le Tote Bag engagé pour l'environnement
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La Griffe Noire Store, le Tote Bag engagé pour l'environnement



Because Earth is our legacy, La Griffe Noire Store is committed to protecting the environment and endangered species throughout the world by offering a line of tote bags made of organic cotton and water-based inks. 

According Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich and Rodolfo Dirzo intheir 2017 scientific study ‘Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines’: 

In the last few decades, habitat loss, overexploitation, invasive organisms, pollution, toxification, and more recently climate disruption, as well as the interactions among these factors, have led to the catastrophic declines in both the numbers and sizes of populations of both common and rare vertebrate species. (…) In 2016, there were only 7,000 cheetahs in existence and less than 5,000 Borneo and Sumatran orangutans. Populations of African lion dropped 43% since 1993, pangolin populations have been decimated, and populations of giraffes dropped from around 115,000 individuals thought to be conspecific in 1985, to around 97,000 representing what is now recognized to be four species in 2015.






30% of the profits will go to associations that help to protect endangered species throughout the world, such as the CCF (Cheetah Conservation Fund), a conservation organization dedicated to saving the cheetah, or the WCN (Wildlife Conservation Network), which supports independent wildlife conservationists and their work, for greater diversity.






Since the respect of the environment is our priority, offering a line of clean bags was an obvious choice.

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic or paper bags, the tote bag is the best ally of your daily life. You can wear it as a fashion bag, a real statement piece, as a school tote or even use it for grocery shopping. It’s the perfect match for a casual look and its functionality and versatility makes it an essential accessory.

Our tote bags are made of 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton. Our organic cotton is pesticide and GMO-free and bleached with hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine, which prevent risks of intoxication for farmers, allow better working conditions and help preserving healthy soils. Organic cotton farming uses cost-effective techniques to use water more efficiently (up to 50% less water used) than intensive irrigation methods (which need between 7.000 and 29.000 liters of water for one kilogram of regular cotton!).

For the consumer, the main benefit is to avoid all potentially toxic products present in regular cotton that can get in direct contact with the skin, such as heavy metals (chlorine, lead, etc.), chemical brighteners or pesticides. Fabrics made of organic cotton are also softer, smoother and hypoallergenic.

Our bags are printed in France with hypoallergenic water-based inks, pollutant and chemical-free, to protect your skin and the environment.

Thick and resistant (310 gr/m²), this cotton allows the color to be bonded with the fibre, which results in a durable bag that will retain its look and shape throughout the years.






Our designs are made from pictures of endangered species taken during trips and volunteering missions which allowed us to witness the fragility of our biodiversity and the urgent need to help those who work constantly for its conservation. 

More collections will follow, and we are hoping to expand our brand in the future. 






La Griffe Noire Store is a project carried by Aurore Giroud, graphic designer and designer but especially in love with the animal world since childhood, passionate about Africa and its biodiversity. After a volunteer mission to wildlife in Namibia, she decided to engage in the patronage of environmental protection foundations through the creation of an ethical, ecological and sustainable product.


We need you to help us bring this project to life! 

Allocation of funds

The donations will help us purchase supplies, fund the creation of our website and communication tools.

Production launch: 2000€

Website and online store: 800€

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fee: 200€

​If the donations exceed the set limit, all the remaining donations will go to the associations we are working with.

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