La passion du beau.

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La passion du beau.



Cautious by nature, I've been testing the artistic life for almost ten years, thanks to my friends and family's backing.

By this I mean drawing and painting, finding galleries, preparing exhibitions, meeting the public at the openings, selling my works, keeping my finger on the pulse of the art community, etc, whilst also being waiter and bartender at the same time.






Today, I feel that the time has come for me to get into it for real : bye bye catering, I become a full time Artist !






Since deciding to become a full time artist, I've set the wheels in motion :

- I'm working on my network : Facebook, Instagram, etc and soon, thanks to you, a brand new website !

- I'll be able to pay taxes as my official status is on its way.

- I'll soon have storefront in a collective workshop with an exhibition space (work in progress) in St Paul areacenter of Bordeaux.





To acknowledge my entrance, I have some artistic projects under development :

- full rewriting of mwebsite , cause having a beautiful store will attract people into the shop.

- The art contests, Révélation Émérige and Art Luxembourg, cause baby I know you like it shinny.

- Convince a gallery to represent my interests with a well established portfolio, cause I'm better with brushes than with a shop till.

- Last, but not least, a personal exhibition near Paris in May, because you know, seems normal for artist to show his work, a little bit, sometime...


Ambitious ? But I love challenge !





When I was 22, I thought I had found the perfect job at la Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres : I would become Public Service employee, practice some prestigious crafts, and benefits from employment security.






It seems that security was too much for me. Because as soon as the training was done, I left to travel the world and spend my life painting it.






However, I do not regret the time spent there. Lessons in drawing, painting and modeling gave me the confidence I needed to start the artistic adventure.






Although it took me time to understand, I always wanted to draw. When I tried it for the first time, I noticed a problem : my line was not up to my ambitions. I would have to be patient and learn.






So I started copying the pictures I liked. In school, whoever could best duplicate our favorite manga characters would win.






Then taking classes, I improved my technique, and accuracy and pertinence quickly became my priorities.








At the same time, I discovered photography. And little by little, I arranged a picture library from which I could precisely study my subjects and keep on refining my paintings.






And when I started to travel, nature was first to catch my gaze.






As a humble witness, I wanted to share all the treasures seen on the way. I sought fluidity and softness to make sure the eye wouldn't be hurt by anything.






Every detail had to be a pretext to take a walk and contemplate, be amazed, to meditate and take time to breathe.






Yet I admired artist's works like Oswaldo GuayasaminPierre Soulages or aboriginal painting. I often felt frustrated, locked in my methodical description of reality.






I then had to dig into the matter, seeking further in the details, further into memory, into pain itself to force a sense of abandon, and free myself from immaculate result diktat.






As a teenager, I used to kill time filling sheets of paper with patterns. It recently came back to me, and I use now repetition to cause an automatic writing.






This way, freed the technique in my hand, allowing it to express itself. Things happen, implementation become a whole experience and not only a distance between the idea and the result.






Every detail is then my introspective trip footprint that we can follow on a map.

Allocation of funds

Your contribution will be used to fund :

• the making of my professional website

• the contest application files

• some art supplies for my next artworks

• the compensations charges

• Kisskissbankbank commission


Rewriting of the website : 2500 €


With a freelance web and graphic designer we will :

• Review a bit the website looks, staying in the sober and clean style.

• Look for more browsing simplicity and efficiency

• make a shopping page

• optimize the website SEO

• make it accessible on any device

• ad a thanks page for my benefactors


Révélation Emérige and Art Luxembourg contests : 95 €

• Printing and sending of the application file Révélation Emérige : 50€

• Art Luxembourg inscription fee : 45 €


Arches paper 1,13x9,15 m roll : 100 €


The compensations charges : 1003 €

 L'imprimerie Castet (certified eco-craftsmans) will print depending on the fund-raising result. To reach 4000€, I must, for example, raise 67 times 60 € donations. What would mean :

• print 871 postcards 67 posters : 301+340 €

• 67 sendings at 5,40 € : 362 €


Kisskissbankbank commission (8%) : 320 €


If the fund-raising exceed the goal, the funds will be used to pay :

- the works sending to Paris, for framing and exhibition.

- the framing

- the trip to Paris for the May exhibition

- and a serene spirit will be totally focused on success


Thanks for reading.

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Estimated delivery: May 2016

My eternal gratefulness, your name on my thank-you new website page and my contact adress book, all compensations described above and the original artwork " Vitis Vinifera " . This diptych (quill, brush and ink, 2x(16x22), 2013) describe an autumn grapevine leaf. It's displayed like an herbarium or a botanical study to emphasize the trompe-l'oeil. Framed and delivered with the bill. Thanks a billion times.
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