La plateforme digitale au service de l'apprentissage des enfants

Help us finance the take off of Creakidz, the new digital platform to help children learn while having fun!

Project visual La plateforme digitale au service de l'apprentissage des enfants
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La plateforme digitale au service de l'apprentissage des enfants

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The world is moving toward personalization and away from mass production. At CreaKidz, we want to lead this trend and expand upon it, providing people a means to invest in interesting projects and in return to get products, discounts, and signed items. Products such as books, games, scrapbooks, newsletters, and newspapers will thrive on this platform, as we are creating an interface that makes it customization easy: simple click, drag, and publish. By encouraging our children to be creative and to use their imaginations, we will facilitate better education.



The key to better education is not higher test scores: it is higher engagement. Kids, for the most part, want to learn. It is only when we fail to make learning fun that this stops being true. CreaKids is a fun way for kids to exercise their creative abilities, interact with the world in a productive way, and learn more about themselves and others.

Right now, we are turning to you for help raising 6000 euros. This additional capital will help us with the launch of our new digital platform CreaKids, bringing our unique take on education worldwide. We appreciate every contribution, monetary and otherwise, and we thank you for your time.




To encourage children to learn while having fun, I created in 2012 Mon Monde à Moi / My World and I, a concept of presonalised storybooks for children with a range of books, music Cd albums and Cartoons, all personalised in which children become the heroes of their own stories.


Following the success of this concept, Mon Monde à Moi / My World and I launched in 2015 a new collection of school books to help teachers, parents and children reinvente school year memories.   This collection was a great success but very quickly, we started tu struggled to face the high demand !


And that is how CreaKidz was born with the extension with this initial idea to a much wider choice and very simple and intuitive technology that allows parents, children, teachers to create themselves in few clics only their amazing production !




"If the initial vocation of those school books was to be an alternative to the traditionnal school picture by compiling all the great highlights of the school year, they quickly were noticed for their participative, empowering and fun aspect.  We then started thinking about extending the initial idea and after many workshops with children, teachers and other children experts, we developed CreaKidz with a new digital Platform to simply Clic, Create & Learn allowing children to learn while having fun at home and at school".



Learning as a team, share ...

Thanks to its intuitive technology, CreaKidz will be a fantastic tool to create fun and educative projects as the service of children learning & development.










A big THANK YOU for your support !!


Allocation of funds

The initial cost of the project was 60 000€: 50 000€ for the platform development that is now on its final development stage. I personaly financed 45 000€, PACA initiative 6000€  and now need your help to finance the final stage for its launch planned on the 1st May 2017:

- Objective 1 = 6 000€

Once this objective is achieved, works commences! :)


- Objective 2 = 20 000€

To accelerate our launch and development, any additional donation will allow us to finance the following activities:

* Industry expert to help with partnership negociations and new deals: 5 000

* Short term technological improvements and fixes: 1 500

* New templates creation : 500€

* National workshops: 1 000

* Competition with schools from April to end of May 2017: 1 000

* SEO and web marketing  : 5 000 euros

* Participation to professional exhibitions (Ludovia, BETT, etc)  : 6 000


A big THANK YOU for your support!! 


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