La poule aux oeufs d'or

Help us breed in France the mystical Indonesian poultry called Ayam Cemani and diversify the activities of our farm !

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La poule aux oeufs d'or

The goose that lays a golden egg exists but is actually a chicken called Ayam Cemani. You don't know it yet? Trust us, you are going to be surprised ! The fabulous Ayam Cemani comes directly from Indonesia and is completly black, including its tongue, flesh and bones. The reason for such a goth look ? Natural hyper-pigmentation... Just have a look : 



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Hard to lay a hand on such a fine specimen, especially in Europe. But here is our secret : we have a plan, and it's a good one ! 


First, back to the basics...


My name is Marjorie. Last year, I had to quit my job as a lawyer and I started tasting the joys of running in the fields. So, with my brother, we set up a small saffron plantation.


Here is a glimpse of last year's flowers : 




But my head is filled with ideas and I can't sit still !! 


So on top of the saffron production, we are going to produce from next summer some delicious jam (actually, that is only if we manage to set up our jam laboratory)!




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And as dreamers, we already see ourselves expanding the project and taking care of our magnificient chicken. 



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However, there is a slight problem... Such an enterprise requires finances... but ours were exhausted last year creating the saffron plantation. 


Our project might seem trivial to you... But there is a lot more than a goose with a golden egg behind all this. 





Our ultimate goal, to my brother and I, is to move back into mainstream working society. Let me explain myself : My brother has schizophrenia and I have Crohn's disease. So let's say that nature did not really gift us on the health side. We are king of unemployable (that is the reason why we both lost our jobs) but we have a very strong will ! 


We lived through our childhood in the countryside, with chicken, cats, geese, ducks and rabbits and most of our mother's family still lives in the Limousin area. 


To live a simpler life, more quiet and closer to nature, appeared clear to us, as much as to relieve us from from the symptoms of our diseases, than for ideological reasons about what agriculture should be, without chemicals. 


In july, my brother will move to a small farm where our saffron plantation is; and a few weeks later, I will move to another farm located a few miles away. This other farm has a big field on which we will raise our chicken. 



The future location for breeding the chicken





In order for you to understand what it's about, here is a small video that explains what is Crohn's disease: 





In the long term, we hope we can give a chance to other people to get back to work, maybe people with diseases like ours.


With your helping hand, we may reach this goal, and on top of this we will make you the best jam ever and blow your eyes with rare chicken !





First, we will go to Belgium to meet a breeder of Cemani and I may bring back a few specimens with me. 


After that, in order to diversify our strains, I will go to other European countries like the Netherlands and Slovakia, and I will bring back a couple of pure chicken. 


And finally, I will get all of these beautiful chicken to reproduce in order to offer to sell some of the first french specimens


And at the same time, my brother and I will activate our magical pot to prepare some delicious jam. As for the flavours, I will let you dream for a while : Apple-pear-almond-vanilla, Peach-vanilla, White grape, rhum, golden raisins, Cramaillotte, Strawberry- Sichuan pepper, Apple-saffron, and so on... 

Allocation of funds

As explained before, we invested our last euros in our little saffron farm.


Therefore, the funds raised will be used to : 


-  import Cemani chickens from Belgium and the USA : 36%

-  build the breeding infrastructure : 54%

-  finance the fundraising campaign : 8%

-  finance the counterparts : 2 %





In case the fundraising goes over the 8.000 € goal, we will use the funds in order to build bigger henhouses, diversify our strains more, participate to chicken contests and make more jam ! 


For example, if we reach :


- 11.000 €, we will finance the creation of our jam lab, 

- 15.000 €, we will finance the creation of a organic sugar stocking area (sugar for the jam) 

- 18.000 €, we double our henhouses surface,

- 19.000 €, we double the numbre of fruit trees planted in our orchard, 

- 24.000 €, we will buy another field to extend our orchard, 

- 27.000 €, we will create anoter import line of other rare and exotic chicken, such as the laughing rooster ... You may not believe what you'll hear here : 


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Estimated delivery: June 2016

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