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Character Recognition

About the project A short film written and directed by Fabien Commoy, with Agnès Hurstel, with the help of OCS and Eurométropole de Strasbourg Estimated duration : 13 minutes Shooting : the week of October 4, 2021 in Strasbourg Goal of the crowdfunding campaign : finalizing post-production Completion of the movie : late 2021 / early 2022 Synopsis Marion's job involves writing summaries of techical meetings on the fly. She can deal with professional jargon, but not so much with feelings and everyday life. What's this movie project? A short film can't be short of ambition. We've secured several locations, outside and inside, and a crew of about twenty people. Who took this picture? The team Fabien Commoy (writer-director) Fabien spent his time at EDHEC business school in Lille shooting videos of student parties (with a genuine comitment), learning editing and the basics of film-making. After an internship in the Parisian production company Agat Films/Ex Nihilo, he was an intern assistant director on the feature film Les Fautes d’orthographe by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann, with Carole Bouquet. He was then first assistant director on the short film Léoléa, directed by Nicolas Brossette. He then became a script reader (for Why Not Productions, TF1 or France 2) and participated in screenwriting contests (he was a finalist in the Oxford / Lutins du court-métrage contest – Patrice Leconte, a famous French director, said some of the finalists' scripts were garbage, no one remembers which ones). Fabien went on to become French screenwriter Gilles Taurand's apprentice and signed a few development deals. Becoming frustrating by endless writing meetings in cafés in the middle of the day and having no finished scripts shot - despite promising endeavours, including one with Noé Debré we'll have to talk about someday - he decided to take matters into his own hands and put his directing cap on, influenced by the Coen brothers, Jacques Audiard or Yórgos Lánthimos. He chose the setting of his dayjob, writing summaries of technical meetings, and voilà! Most importantly, this project is the perfect occasion for Fabien to write about himself in the third person. Agnès Hurstel (playing Marion) Once a standup comedy rising star, she received a wider audience with her radio show on France Inter. She wrote and was the showrunner of the OCS TV series Jeune et Golri in 2021, for which she receveid two awards at the Lille Série Mania Festival. She hasn't touched ground since, but we know she'll be in Strasbourg early October, and that's pretty exciting. Yes, she's the main actress in what can be considered the director's biopic, who's male. We feel the transition suits him/her well. And also, it's instantly more interesting if her boyfriend is just window dressing, and not the other way around (Charlie Kaufman did the same on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind : Jim Carrey's character was written as a woman and Kate Winslet's as a man, but I'm digressing). Victor Meutelet – Producer (Loin Derrière l’Oural) This very busy actor (for French TV and cinema who was also seen in Netflix's Emily in Paris) decided to give up on sleep and become a producer with Character Recognition. The crew Producer Victor Meutelet Production manager Camille Amet Location manager Jean-Emmanuel Pruvost First assistant director Jordan Witz Second assistant director Emilie Roumegous Script girl Maë Varela Casting master Marion Pauluzzo Director of photography Hervé Roesch First camera assistant Xing Wei Second camera assistant Aurélien Losser Gaffer Benoit Bretagne Sound engineer Vivien Roche Set designer Damien Le Mercier Props Maurine Koplewsky Costume master Julie Ancel Dresser Kenza Chekal Make-up/hair Elise Feuillade-Mordret Don't wait, we're shooting tomorrow! Our shoot is scheduled for the week of Octobre 4, 2021. We're ready. The team is complete. Blocking is set. We'll start post-producing almost right after shooting so don't hold up. As they say in the French region of Haute-Marne, where the director comes from, "the way to secure a successful post-production is often to pay for it", so your contribution will be much appreciated! Thank you everyone! For 50€, the editor can buy a two-button mouse For 100€, the editor can buy a one-button mouse (it's designed by Apple, so it's more expensive) For 500€, we can edit on an Hi8 deck For 1000€, we can edit on computers made of cardboard For 2000€, we can edit on computers made of recycled cardboard. It's not really better but it's a bit better For 3000€, we don't edit the film on iMovie Pour 3500€, subtitles are not made of pieces of paper glued to the lens

Allocation of funds

We're very proud to have secured financing from the French broadcasting company OCS and l’Eurométropole de Strasbourg. These partnerships allow us to shoot our ten sequences in nine locations in three days, but we need to think about the following step, post-production, and that's when you step in. Post-production come right after shooting. It's all about finalizing the film and putting the pieces together. Apart from the editing, there's also sound editing, mixing, music composition, special effects (as mundane as removing a boom from a shot), color-correction and subtitling. There's a special trick regarding subtitles in the movie. You'll find out when you read the script. There has to be French subtitles, but also French for the deaf or hard of hearing (it's a contractual obligation) as well as English and every language of the festivals we'll send the film to.

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