La Souplesse Allemande

An Animation movie in wich Bud is the hero...unless it's the Renault 21 who give him birth.

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Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains supports the project La Souplesse Allemande

La Souplesse Allemande

Born from a car, as others like him. Clothes and accessories in solid plastic but naked, Bud is an adult specimen printed by a car in the heart of forest, in the north of France at Tourcoing.




There is no Forest in Tourcoing but it's not a problem for bud because he is a fictionous character, as the car, a character too. It gives birth to characters as a 3D printer does.




This is a Le Fresnoy production, hopefully, it will be 7mn long.



Left to Right : Maley, Bud, Canar, Freddy.


Bud Will not stop film the Renault 21, the process that gave him life and the plastic creatures that are popping out of the trunk. You will quickly notice the accessories worn by the characters despite themselves.If the ears, the beak, and other accessories seem familiar to you it's normal. The Renault 21 probably pick it up in our visual collective memory.



Pictures from the storyboard.


Fragile but made immortal by the "trunk process"; Maybe their interest for the key, their musical choices or their primitive relationship are surprising for such creatures.




Character study : Canar



Plastic pieces of Characters for fighting scenes.








Plastic pieces of Characters for fighting scenes.


Allocation of funds


Le Fresnoy provides means of production however, success in this campaign would allow me to improve promotion, prospection and diffusion for the film.   What I plan for 1000 euros.   -Festival inscriptions cost money. The amount of money will merely be used to send DVD and web link via dedicated platforms (SHORT FILM DEPOT / WITHOUTABOX / etc...)     -Production of DVD and Blue-ray that are a support of promotion and diffusion   -Badge printing with visual in color. Simple, discreet but sparkling, such a badge will inflate with proud your collar Jacket or the strap of you "Budbag"   -Production of "Budbag" from a draw ( it will be a mean of communication for the film ).    


Budbag's visual


3D print of the effigy figurine character, Bud, Canar, Freddy, Maley. Exclusively for the KissBankers.   I tried to offer you virtual and kind counterparties that attest the importance I bring to the promotion and diffusion and that testify my gratitude with beautiful objects in a limited édition.   KissBankers will receve by e-mail an invitation for the private view of Panorama 15 that takes place on june 5 in Tourcoing   Panorama is the annual exposition of student's works at Le Fresnoy.

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