La Transatlantique

Join Mehdi in this documentary and discover your limits in a quest for ultimate freedom across the Atlantic.

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La Transatlantique

About me:

I'm a 27 year old film-maker with a passion for travels, always after new projects.  I'm also passionate about the human being and his capacity to adapt to any situation. In my work I try to expose our limits and fears but also understand what makes us such risk-takers. Through my project I wish to do the same by putting myself out of my comfort zone : I've always been afraid of open water.  Follow me and support me through  this epic journey and discover your own limits! 14925449_10157729284195652_9134650660510764610_n-1482925268


Some context:

Floating from Cabo Verde to Barbados, the Lucky IV (36 feet) adds a new member to the 2 people sailing team. With no experience whatsoever on the ocean, little/no knowledge about navigation and a natural fear of open water, Mehdi will take you through the joy and suffering and the human challenge of spending 20 days on a boat with strangers!Capture_d__cran__155_-1482924488


We will be leaving Sao Vicente on the 2nd of january, departing for a 20 day adventure all the way to Barbados. I will have to learn how to sail in 1 or 2 days in order to be able to manage the boat so everyone can get their rest.



Provisionnal timetable:




30/12: Take-off from Paris

31/12: Arrive at Sao Vicente, Mindelo, Cabo Verde

22/01: Provisional arrival atBarbades

26/01: Take-off from Bridgetown to Paris 





30/01 - 03/02: Rough assembly 

08/02: Teaser sent to KissBankers

25/02 : Posters sent

Février -Mars : Editing

15/03: Custoomized photo album sent

Avril: Final product sent to KissBankers


Allocation of funds

Each and every one of us has their fears and anxieties and many of us dream of being finally able to face those limits in order to change, evolve, be better, stronger.  The goal of this project is to take one of those fears, shared or at least understood by many, and break down the different steps a human being goes through when taking on such a challenge. I'm a 27 year old film-maker who has always been afraid of open water and i'm going to sail across the Atlantic with 2 people I have never met.

One of the goals of the film is for everyone to be able to identify themselves with the character and the situation. The other is to have a clearer picture of what life is like during a 2800 mile Atlantic crossing: how does one evolve? how do human relations adapt to the environment? how do we face physical and moral extremes?


How is this project different? 

There are many stories and documentaries about sailing but none which take real interest in the profound human reaction. There will be no stage play, no dramatization and no censoring, everything I will go through you will with me.



Global Budget:


With 3000€ we will be able to cover the travel and equipment expenses allowing us to focus our energy on post production and distribution once the shooting is done.


An extra 1500€ will enable us to translate the project and publish an English version of the film, making it available to all of you!


Detailed Budget:


Shooting Equipment

DJI OSMO: 585€

DJI Harnais: 70 €

2 x DD Externe 1T Storeva: 218€


Micro RODE: 115€

GO PRO Accessories: 85€

Equipment Insurance: 250€


Sailing Equipment

Jacket Tribord: 95€

 Tribord waterproof pants: 25€

Acessories: 45€

On board expenses: 200€


Travel Expenses:

Lille-Paris: 22€

Paris-Sao Vicente + Baggage: 355€

Bridgetown-Paris: 480€

Visa 50€


Securitymargin 10 % = 273€


TOTAL: 3012€



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