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La Valise - let's go for the new album !

Here we go again ! La Valise is back in studio to record the second album. A REAL BIG one, with plenty of fresh compositions, lovely traditional songs and a beautiful illustrated booklet. Our dream: recording with special guests who would come to add their pinch of salt and poetry. A new album would be also the perfect key to open the doors to the next coming season : prospecting for concerts and preparing new tours around the WORLD. In short, this winter  we are cooking up a tasty melting pot of exciting musical trips and emotional waves for you !


La Valise : what’s that ?

Here is a brief historic of our duo. (Well, you are authorised to read even if you know us already. You are welcome.)

Marie plays the violin since she’s a child (some would say she’s still so – then, let’s say « younger »). Little Marie was eating concentrated notes in tubes for breakfast. One day, she fell in love with Eastern music. Long after, her dream comes true: she was thought by a gypsy maestro in Romania. It’s a spark on a dry herb field in the summer time. Explosive. Marie is now wandering all around the world with her violin, meeting musicians (see also: “Ethno workshop” or “Connecting people through music”).

Fanny was quite predestined too, making speech, singing and telling stories since a young age. One day, her lover offered her an accordion. Then she met Marie in the street (Cathedrale square, Liège, Belgium, 14th of June 2008, 2.42pm, 21°C and no facial mask). Fanny asked her: “Would you like to play?”. Marie said YES.

It’s a new adventure ! Marie takes Fanny with her on several musical gatherings. They go to party in Scottish ceilidhs (write us if you don’t know how to pronounce that word), to sing with Croatian Mermaids under a waterfall... Let’s resume with a Belgian expression “Oufti, on a eu bon”.

The two birds decide to go on singing and playing a lot together. They will pack all those tunes learned on the way in a suitcase, call it  « La Valise » and carry it in their heart (<3 aoooow).

In this « Valise », you can find : a violin, an accordion, two voices, some (body)percussions, songs in many languages, tunes with many notes – somes composed by them. Marie and Fanny play their first gig in 2017 and record a cute little EP in 2019.

La Valise travelled a lot, performed on stages, gardens and streets, visited Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, prepared a tour to La Reunion (French Island near Madagascar – editor’s note – check your atlas, kids)… until a certain pandemic occurred. Bygones.

The menu for the next months : less journeys, more music ! We now want to engrave our music and let it flow through the world wide web waves (“let it flow… let if flow…” OK, quiet.)

A second opus !

La Valise is like a little kitten : feed it to keep it alive !

We love to share live music, recording is a totally different job – though it is as much essential to spread it around, communicate with organizers and programmers. It’s time to perfect the repertoire, tweak it, polish it (did not mean to be rude - sorry) to eventually share it with YOU.

With that second album, we decided to think BIG. (Then as usual we decided to be more reasonable.)

First let’s do more tracks ! We want to record all the new compositions we worked so hard during the lockdown, all the latest goosebumpy songs we learned and some tunes that our public begged loudly for. At the end, we are aiming for a 26 – no let’s say 12 tracks album. And a half.

Second, we would like to have special guests musicians on this record. As the Philarmonic Orchestra is a little bit expensive, we will finally ask to some belgian artists we love (Stephan Pougin on percussions, Claire Goldfarb on cello and Alexandre Tripodi on double bass). They said YES. We screamed a lot and shaked our hands like hysteric children (then we cryed for the 18 others we wanted to invite)

Alexandre will also be recording, mixing and masterising the album - and obviously entertaining everybody with tons of cat's joke and thundering contagious laugh.

We chose a smart and and gifted illustrator for the sleeve. (We begged her for 5 months, negociate for hours, got her drunk, kidnapped her family then she said YES).

And lastly, we found a wonderful place for recording (more info to come… surpriiiiiiise)

So… A good start, isn’t it ?

The financial question is remaining (watch out, it’s now that you become a part of the History). La Valise, this is self-production, no label, no safety net, no insurance policy, no special effect, no deodorant. We could finance everything by ourwelves with gigs fees and personal funds… Until now.

Be part of the history !

With that crowdfunding campaign, you can choose to help us according to your possibilities and wishes. Every donation is welcome – from tiny inputs to big generous gestures, let your heart speak – and by the way thank you for reading so far.

According to your contribution, you will receive several rewards : be the exclusive first owners of the new CD (material or online), signed if you want, beautiful goodies, pretty surprises, collector’s item… or even get a private gig in your livingroom with a singing workshop ! You can of course contribute as a group, for a gift, etc.

You also have to know that the KKBB platform is really easy to use, online purchase is safe and simple.

It’s an all-or-nothing campaign : if we don’t reach our goal, you take your money back.

Allocation of funds


What do we need to finance ?

Here is a complete list of what remains to be paid :

  • CD pressing and booklet printing 1000p 1088€
  • Author's rights 948€
  • Mix and mastering 2000€
  • Studio renting 250€
  • Guests musicians fees 1000€
  • Promotion costs and rewards 393€
  • Kisskissbankbank platform's comission 454€

For a total amount of 6133  €

We have already financed by ourselves some of the charges (illustration, rehearsals, travel costs, some promotion costs…). We now hope you will help us to achieve our dream !

What if we collect more ?

If that crowdfunding allow us to do more… we have plenty of ideas !!! The problem will be to choose between : a videoclip to help for promotion, creating new costume and/or stage design, organise a huge release party with more surprises (if it’s possible…) or … OK let’s stop there. And cross fingers.

Choose your reward

Make a donation

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The FAMOUS Valise Surpriiiiiise


Estimated delivery: July 2021

A big thank, a lovely illustrated postcard, a download code for Bandcamp + a wonderful collector's poster illustrated by Louise-Marie Colon + Two CD's of our new album + A MYSTERIOUS Suprise Suitcase, that we will custom OURSELVES just FOR YOU with the crazy creativity of the moment ! (music, good things to eat and/or drink, cheeky gadgets, very rare and authentics souvenirs of the band !) - WATCH OUT ! FEW ITEMS AVAILABLE - SPECIAL OFFER FOR REAL FANS ONLY !
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My Real Apero


Estimated delivery: July 2021

A big thank, a lovely illustrated postcard, a download code for Bandcamp + a wonderful collector's poster illustrated by Louise-Marie Colon + Two CD's of our new album + you will receive at home a socalled APÉRO ROYAL with its delicious homemade snacks & zakouskis (valise-style recipes !) for 4 pers. max. SPECIAL OFFER ONLY FOR BELGIUM (in a 60km zone around Liège) (date to be set by appointment) AMAAAAAZING !
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