La voie(x) du coeur ou le Chemin du Miroir

Could you help me to publish and to share this initiatory and photographic story on the way of Compostelle whom I traveled on more 1450 KM

Project visual La voie(x) du coeur ou le Chemin du Miroir
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La voie(x) du coeur ou le Chemin du Miroir

Photographic and initiatory narrative


My wish is to publish a book of 80 pages, size 21 x 29,7 cms landscape, the open size will be 21 x 59,4 cms. Resuming a part of my photos in black and white. I was able to explain to the journeymen pilgrims my approach where I stage a mirror, where the pilgrim on the Way looks himself and learns to know each other. During this long-term walking, signs appeared to me that I photographed and interpreted. It is this journey in which I invite you.



The project to walk on the ways of Santiago de Compostela was latent for years, without knowing really why. We often say " you do not take the Way, it is the Way which takes you ". The Way "inhaled" me in May 2015. Allying the production of photos of illustration on this theme for two photo agencies (Ciric and Andia). I also wanted, and of course, to make My Own Way, an internal way in adequacy with an introspective approach. The order of Socrates: " know you yourself " and that more symbolic of VITRIOL (Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando Invenies Occultam Lapidem) were a leitmotiv throughout these 43 days of this initiatory way. Like a mirror to go in the depths of me, The Way spoke to me by signs, by meetings. The beauty of the landscapes, the obvious fact of the presence of the cosmos in the nature, allied to the long-term walking, contributed to the almost alchemical transformation of the vision of the place of the Man in the universe. It is through this series of photos punctuated with " Portraits in Mirrors " that I wanted to share my quest of the self-knowledge, and maybe tempt the spectators of my works to travel with me in this spiritual way.



 I explained the final result which I wanted to obtain. I took a photo of face, by explaining to the pélerin and by insisting although it had to imagine itself looking to recognize itself. Then I took a photo of back. The editing is made on Photoshop




The meetings have were often wonderful, as this family come from Canada, I would leave at their home(with them) this winter, 2016 on the meeting of the Amerindians.


I will tell you in this book some stories as at night when I saw the devil in full mountain, revelations, réflex ( t ) ions....





Allocation of funds

Mainly in the edition(publishing) of the book by the editor of art In its entirety, The amount corresponds to the realization of 500 copies of the book in the size(format) A4 landscape.


The price is 6500 €, it includes:


1 The work of publishing: editorial, conception(design) schedules, layout, translation, review(proofreading) and control

2 The manufacturing: photo-engraving, impression(printing), brocading

3 The distribution(broadcasting): supply of a number, a ISBN, a registration of copyright, a referencing in bookshop, subscription

4 Kiss Kiss Bank Bank's percentage.


In the price, I included my copyright of 10 % of the HT.

If the participation is insufficient, I shall pay the difference by the subscription of my rights.

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