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Lagrange Points Project

Lagrange Points Bookstore Café will be a space of creativity for everyone. We will collect a wide selection of Arabic literature in both classic and contemporary books, from philosophy to history, novels to poetry - in Arabic, English, French and Flemish.


This will also be a venue where people will come together to listen to live music, celebrate art, exchange cultures and meet new people.

We are a group of people who are passionate about Arab culture and literature. We were always looking for a place where we can feel home, share our culture, and open it up to other cultures. This is why we decided to create this association and launch our  project with the support of numerous local and regional organizations, intellectuals, artists and activists.

During the past few months, we have built a wide network of partnerships with many organizations and institutions such as the public Dutch libraries of St. Joost, St. Gilles and Molenbeek. We are also working together with other local, Belgian and European NGOs that focus on feminism and LGBTI rights in the Arab world, immigration, labor inclusiveness and entrepreneurship.

The name of our project is inspired from an astrophysical concept that was discovered by Jean-Luis Lagrange. A Lagrangian point is a location in space where the combined gravitational forces between two large bodies such as the Sun and Earth creates a point of balance and harmony. Satellites and spaceships are placed on these locations in order for them to rotate around the Sun with the Earth's same orbital speed, not faster or slower. 
We chose this concept as our association wants to locate Arabic culture and literature in harmony within the cosmopolitan atmosphere that marks the city of Brussels with a mix of cultures, languages and nationalities, and its representation of openness, diversity, and unity.

We are:

Feras Abo Dabboseh:  A Political scientist and researcher - Lagrange Points Founder.


Lore Baeten: Arabic language professor and a cultural activist
Lagrange Points Board member.


Hannibal Saad: Artistic director of Oriental Landscapes, artistic Director, General Manager at Music and Beyond Foundation, and board member at Lagrange Points.


Katharina Bamberg Working on migration policies for a think tank in Brussels, and a Lagrange Points co-founder. 


Hashim Ibrahem: Cameraman and a filmmaker 
Co-founder at Lagrange Points.


Dima Issa: Social scientist at ULB, a cultural activist, and a Lagrange Points board member

We are ready to start the action, we hope that we can start during summer, at this stage it is a bit difficult to set an actual date...with your support we can do this according to our plan,  

Sounds good? please support our project!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Lagrange Points!

Allocation of funds


With the funds raised through this campaign, we will be able to give this project a home. We need to rent a place and buy furniture to create a space in which everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

- A venue: we are working on getting a place in collaboration with the communes, and by assosiations that help new NGO's to get a place, if not, we will rent a venue for about 3-4 months € 4000
- Books stock: € 2000 
- Equipments and decoration: € 3000
- Preproduction: € 1000 

We will also invest these funds in a way that allows us to host small concerts, cultural evenings and artistic events. The core of our project will be a bookstore and a first stock of books, that will - supported by this funding campaign - lay the groundwork for making our vision become a reality. In case we bypassed our KisskissBankBank goal, our work will be made easier and we could invest even more in social media and video production.

Thank you very much! :)

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Many thanks with an official invitation to our grand opening + a drink for you and a friend on the house.
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Come for a coffee, and a € 5 thank you voucher for your first book.
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An official invitation to our grand opening + a €10 voucher for your first book purchase :)
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A private Arabic lesson for you and a friend, with extra fun!
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With many thanks, our venue will be yours for your event!
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a one year honorary membership with full access to our cultural events and concerts.
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