Lambwool and Nicolas Dick present Post (Experimental/Ambient music)

Help us to release the new recordings from Lambwool : "Vanish" (4 tracks album) and "Post" composed in collaboration with Nicolas Dick

Project visual Lambwool and Nicolas Dick present Post (Experimental/Ambient music)
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Lambwool and Nicolas Dick present Post (Experimental/Ambient music)

It will help us to release  Lambwool "Vanish" - 4 tracks album - and Lambwool and Nicolas Dick "Post" - full length album.


All pictures for Post and Vanish are provided by the french photographer Jérôme Sevrette.





Lambwool is a one man project conducted by Cyril Laurent, with Dead Can Dance, Tangerine Dream, Labradford, and “Heaven Deconstruction” by The Young Gods as main influences.


In 2005, his first album “Fading Landscapes” (featuring a photo book by Peter BENGTSEN) is released on Divine Comedy Records. In 2008 the second album has been released on DC Records, called “...and the angel is gone”.


Lambwool released three recordings in collaboration with OPN: “Shi” in 2008 (in collaboration with Babylone Chaos & Le Diktat), “Mono” in 2009 and the double CD “A sky through the wall” in 2012.


Official LAMBWOOL page


Nicolas Dick is a former member of Kill the Thrill; since 1989 he officiates on guitar, vocals and programming. The group recorded four albums and toured all over Europe. Alongside his work in Kill the Thrill, Nicolas began an improvisation and writing on sound texture work since 1995.


 After many collaborations (with Jim'O Rourke or Thierry from Fragment.) and an album released in 2009 (A beautiful day), Nicolas Dick participates in Rosemary K's diaries.


Nicolas worked together with Thierry A. on Fragment.’s album “Home” (OPN 2011) and released an album with Shoï Extrasystole called CROP CIRCLES


Official Nicolas Dick page 


Now they join their forces to release on OPN - - a brandnew recording called Post.


Artwork picture by Jérôme Sevrette




LAMBWOOL & NICOLAS DICK "Post" - full length album -


Lambwool and Nicolas Dick "Sea of Wheels"




Picture by : Jérôme Sevrette




LAMBWOOL "Vanish" - 4 tracks EP -


Lambwool "Vanish (demo)"




Picture by : Jérôme Sevrette

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It will help us to releas in CD these two new recordings.











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