version 4.0

It's and big makeover, for a new design, a news CMS, a new server and new translations of new webcomics.

Project visual version 4.0
End date
Out of €5,000
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GLAMOUR version 4.0 was created a long time ago, in 2001. It's the french version of a lot of webcomics, made in french or translated from english, like Elftor, WhiteNinja, Red Meat, BTC, SMBC, Formal Sweatpants, xkcd, Dr Fun, etc.


Rabbit comics was created a short while after that.


This is in 2001.



Thoses sites run on a variety of platforms : dotclear, SPIP, phpBB, Arfoo, and a lot of hand-made code. Some are obsolete, some outdated, and they're very complicated to manage.



Above : in 2003.


We wrote lots of the pages ourselves. Below, now.




We need some code We need a brand new modern CMS, after a lot of thoughts we decided to go with Wordpress. That means we need to migrate a lot of websites and thousands of pages. the  "stripeuse" It's a rabbit specific developpment, the one we're going to keep and modernise. But it's a lot of work.


A brand new design

We'll bne working with Jane Secret, a great graphic designer we work with sometimes. She did some of the design of our publications, like this collection.


Une plate-forme multilingue

We'll be translating some of our best french webcomics : Michael Guérin, La dissonance des corps, La vie des Gens and many more.




We already work with some professionnal translators.


Un projet secret

We'll tell you when this is signed ! It's great project for the webcomics community.


To sum this up

We need :

1 - a Wordpress CMS, and moving everything on it.

2 - a great brand new design design

3 - boost up the "stripeuse", and a multiplateforms site ( for smartphones, tablets, etc.)

4 - A multi-langages platform

5 - a brand new server

6 - a secret project (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !)


Lots of volontiers will still be working on Lapin, so all this will cost only 5000 euros (it's not that much for such a big makeover).

Allocation of funds

The 5000 euros are for :

- 2000 euros for the graphic designer  ;

- 2000 euros for the computer guys

- 1000 euros for a brand new server and the secret project.


And we get more ?

To sum this up, the more money we get, the more comics we translate. Period.

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We'll be gratefull for eternity (or at least a week of two).
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You get three badges (big ones : 0,56 mm) and our gratitude of course
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One comics 24 pages of lapin (french version).
  • 32 backers
  • Availability: 268/300


You get five badges (big ones : 0,56 mm) and we're still so grateful
  • 1 backer


One big comics lapin ( french version) or a pocket edition (french version)
  • 17 backers
  • Availability: 483/500


Three comics or pocket books (french version)
  • 16 backers
  • Availability: 284/300


You get one tee-shirt. We have many models, but the cats one or the make love not war are just perfect for you our english readers
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You get three tee-shirts and five badges
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Five Lapin books (french version) and a you can choose a tee-shirt and 3 badges.
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  • Availability: 493/500


Five tee-shirts et ten badges
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Five Lapin books (french version) and a you can choose 3 tee-shirts and 5 badges.
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  • Availability: 99/100


15 Lapin books (french version) , 5 tee-shirts, 10 badges and an illustration by the author!
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  • Availability: 19/20


you get a diner with Phiip (no funny stuff, dude !) and an exclusive book just for you
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  • Availability: 4/5

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