"A Needle for a Couple"

Support “Lavis après l’Amour” (Life/Ink wash after Love) enjoy a creative experiment pairing an unusual book with a synesthetic film by O-P.

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"A Needle for a Couple"

When I prepare a tattoo for someone, I don’t describe the picture I’m going to create to them; instead, I tell them about the feelings I experience, about the emotion that prevails, the gestures I am going to perform. This way, the result becomes a surprise and, as they let go, it exalts every detail. That’s the way I am going to tell you about this project.



This is Naomie after asking me for her project by dancing:






The project: a film + a book

People often ask me, “where is the inspiration coming from when you are tattooing?”; to answer that question, I intend to illustrate the sensations I experience through still and moving images in order for you to understand how addictive this process can be. You’re going to dive within my gut and under my skin as I invite you to join in on the excitement of creation, to face procreation and to confront the fear of non-existence. I want to give you a collage of sounds, lights, colors, textures and actions, as well as silences. Through this experiment, I want to live and make live.


The film follows the action, and the book keeps track of it. But the pairing of the two is left to the reader’s judgment. While a film has its own rhythm, the rhythm of a book depends on its reader. What happens when you try and combine both?



That’s the concept of “Lavis après l’Amour.”


Tattooing as part of this project:

Tattooing is my field of innovation and I intend to use it because it forms the basis of my interaction with the human body. Through tattooing, I’ve developed all these thoughts and yearnings. Creation and procreation are the very core of this project, that’s why my concept “Une Aiguille pour deux” (One Needle for two) takes up so much space in this film; you can watch it here:






Who the hell am I?

Olivier Poinsignon, a creator who spends most of his time tattooing in exotic configurations. This allows me to either make real discoveries or tattoo in a playful way to leave a memory.





My companions for this adventure:

Romain Daurat creative director and right-hand man for this project; Jérémie Fulleringer photojournalist and cultural advisor; Adi Bessac filmmaker @ Riot House;

Camille-Louise Brunnodóttir photographer and plastic artist; Yoann Sarrat dancer and performer @ compagnie Freeing; Nadège Gayon-Debonnet translator; a composer TBD (maybe you?); and all the people already giving us access to filming locations, human and material resources.


It’s such a visceral production that I mainly rely on friends (all professionals in their fields) with whom I’ve already experienced unabashed creative processes, both as amateurs and as pros.


Stupid example without any resources (imagined and created in 2h):





Example nearly without any resources (imagined and created in a few days):



Of course we expect to go much further thanks to our contributors.





The project will be released online in early February 2020 and will be available only to the contributors.

The film will be available through a private link or a physical copy, depending on your contribution.

I don’t want it to be “openly available on the Internet” because it’s an intimate and laborious project that I don’t want to give freely.

The rewards will be sent in early February as well.

A preview screening is possible if we meet the third goal.


Allocation of funds

The €4200 I’m asking for is the lowest necessary amount:

It will cover the making of the film, the creation of the book, the cost of the rewards, and KissKissBankBank’s commission and fees (8%).


What if we exceed that amount?


1st goal: €4200—

We do our best!

2nd goal: €8400—

A documentary will be added to go into our statements in more depth.

3rd goal: €16,800—

I work on handmade animations to illustrate an extra feeling, because this kind of animation is a powerful way to express organic sensations.

And maybe we could consider having a surprise party?



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