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Do you want to help Neri Contemporary Art to organize the exhibition of the portrait painter Manuel Pablo Pace in Paris?

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Le Allegorie dell'Amore

Neri Contemporary Art

I'm Silvia Neri, native of Vicenza and Parisian by “adoption”. Last March I opened an itinerant contemporary art gallery, Neri Contemporary Art, which is housed in the spaces of Volumes Coworking, a collaborative workspace of 500 sq.m. in the 19th district of Paris.

I met Manuel Pablo Pace many years ago during a collaboration between theatre and video art, and since then I have followed his artistic career as a portrait painter at the edge of Surrealism. 


Biography of the artist Manuel Pablo Pace

Manuel Pablo Pace (Montecchio, Vicenza, 1977) is a portrait painter. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, he moved to Spain where he met Marisol Ebner (a Chilean graphic designer), his current travel, work and life partner. He returned to Italy in 2004 and he began to exhibit his artworks in Italy and America. He collaborated with Infart, Ortobotanix, DelirioHouse and he is the creative director of Atikom studio. He lives in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza).


Biography of Silvia Neri

Silvia Neri (Vicenza, 1985) has a degree in Modern Philology at the University of Padua with a thesis in Contemporary Art History. In 2014 she concluded a Master2 in Contemporary Art and New Media at the University of Paris 8 where now she is a PhD student in joint supervision with the University of Padua with a research project in Contemporary Art and Photography. She collaborated with the National Center of Photography in Padua and with Bernard Bouche Gallery in Paris. She deals with art exhibitions in Europe with the project NERI Contemporary Art. She writes for the magazines AreaArte, Artribune and Lettera43. She lives between Paris and Berlin.




Pablo Manuel Pace and Marisol Cecilia Ebner in their studio in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza, Italy)




Pablo Manuel Pace at work



The project

I would like to organize a solo exhibition to Manuel Pablo in October in Paris.

Why in October? Because at that time (22nd-25th October) there will be the FIAC, one of the most famous International Fair of Contemporary Art in Europe. Beyond the fair that will be staged at the Grand Palais, there will be many off-events and exhibitions in all the districts of Paris.

Pablo will have the opportunity to show his artistic works in this dynamic framework of contemporary art internationally!


The place

The location of this exposition will be Volumes Coworking, participatory workspace of 500 square meters and headquarters of my itinerant gallery, Neri Contemporary Art, where I have already organized two exhibitions in March and April.

The photos of the previous openings will follow...




Opening Lu Yanpeng's exhibition, april 2015




Opening Lu Yanpeng's exhibition, april 2015




Opening Christian Gosselin's exhibition, mars 2015




Opening Christian Gosselin's exhibition, mars 2015



Paris & Pablo

For Manuel Pablo it would be a great opportunity to exhibit in Paris: the visibility of a solo exhibition during the days of the FIAC and the setting in Volumes Coworking would be for him a great chance to meet an international audience and raise awareness about his work at a European level.



Paris, city of love par excellence, goes well with the theme of the new great work of Pablo, which will be presented in this exhibition: it is a never prevoiusly shown work, very demanding in content and technique, that is the contemporary creation of the artwork The Allegories of Love by Veronese.


Pablo & Veronese

Pablo Manuel Pace feels very close to the Renaissance painter first of all because of his italian birth, but especially for technical matters relating to the representation of nature and the study of light.




Paolo Caliari, Veronese, La delusione o Le pene d’amore (1570-1575)



The exhibition and the catalogue: a way to introduce oneself to the European public

The project of this exhibition involves a quantum leap compared with the previous exhibitions, namely the creation of a catalogue of the artist with critical texts and photographs in order to leave a written and durable record in time.





The exhibition is a project whose overall implementation involves the transportation of the artworks, their insurance, the opening and the catalogue.


The costs of logistics are an important part of the budget because it's a matter of professional transports which require an insurance and competent people to guarantee the best attention and care of the artworks.



The catalogue will be a book in a square format that will contain reproductions of the artworks, critical essays and an interview with the artist. It will be a fundamental part of this show, being it a solo exhibition totally dedicated to this artist from Vicenza.

The catalogue will be realised in three languages: Italian, French, English.




We wanted to create a system of differentiated rewards:


Skypecall for Artists

How many artists do not have the opportunity to showcase their portfolio and talk about their work?

Artist needs to have feedback and not to be alone in his artistic practice!

The system Skypecall for Artists is a way to spend some time with me. As gallerist and art critic, I can give an opinion or advice about the best way to present its own work.


Postcards and Posters

Postcards and posters with  The Allegories of Love by Manuel Pablo will be realised.


Works of art

Manuel Pablo agreed with enthusiasm on the idea to make some of his artworks available as reward: screen prints, artworks on paper and canvases. Artworks of a delicate beauty and an incredible feeling.

These works of art are already framed, you just have to add the cost of the transportation.


Promotion in the territory: AreaArte

AreaArte, important paper magazine of contemporary art, has already confirmed its collaboration for the realisation of a full article on its number of Autumn 2015.

The visibility in the local area is very important and strengthens the bond of our project about Veronese.







Allocation of funds

The collection will help to achieve the exhibition of Manuel Pablo Pace in Paris.


The costs of logistics will be made by Arlac (Verona) that will handle the costs of transportation and insurance.


An Italian publisher will print a catalogue.





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