Support the free online guided tour of the current and historic French presence in San Francisco. Website is in both French and English.


The project



The history of many of San Francisco's other immigrant communities are much better known, but the story of the city is incomplete without the contribution of the French.




On the tour you will discover that the story is not just limited to influences directly from France but from other French speaking groups as well.  

This site is currently under construction and more information will be available soon. In the future the site will also feature this information in audio. I hope that my site will make the French quarter of San Francisco more inviting and accessible for visitors.




Why fund it?

I am asking for funds to improve the site, especially some professional web design. Also adding a mobile and audio version of the site's information would allow users to easily walk the route and have a true guided audio tour experience. I would also like to apply funds towards additional marketing and search engine optimization for the site.


Je suis un américain francophone qui habite à San Francisco avec ma famille. J'habitais trois ans en France et l'histoire me passione. Je travaille près du quartier français. Mes loisirs préfèré sont le tennis, la voile, et voyager. Je travaille en assurances commerciales et je suis un officier de la reserve de l'armée de terre américaine.