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First urban bike "Fer de Lance" by Manivelle

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The Fer de Lance



Conceived by two young engineers Silvin and Thomas, who work at the interface of engineering and artisanal craft, Manivelle is a a design an production workshop specialized in the development of ecological urban modes of transport. In our workshop based in Strasbourg, we aim to promote local skills and to reinvest this into the town.



The concept


Manivelle is a bicycle production workshop, blending artisanal skills and engineering. The projet was born from a joint passion for cycling, and the desire to participate in the re-discovery of cycling that is currently taking place in France . Left out of the spotlight for a long time following the rapid rise of the car, the bike is making a come back today as the ideal alternative to the car for daily journeys, particularly in large towns where cycle lanes are becoming more and more accessible.



More generally, Manivelle is a design agency, which focuses on urban mobility, in order to create products which accompany the new ways of travelling on a town-level. We develop innovative concepts, which are then brought to life in our workshop. Our products are sustainable, both in their conception and fabrication.


Our project aims to pariticpate in the local economy. Society is learning once again to live with its surroundings, and Manivelle too. We prioritise local partnership and work exclusively with French partners for the development and industrialisation of our products.


Manivelle launches its first urban bicycle, the « Fer de lance »



It is with this model that the Manivelle adventure begins. An minimalist model, optimised for the daily journeys of city-dwellers , it is characterized by its design, durability and riding comfort.

The Fer de lance is a French product. Manivelle has chosen to work exclusively with highly-skilled French partners for the fabrication of technical pieces of the bicycle frame.



The Fer de lance is welded by hand in our workshop in Strasbourg. This allows us not only to guarantee the quality of our product, but also to keep a large amount of flexibility regarding its evolution.



We use recyclable materials for the fabrication of our frames. We have decided to use technical steel in order to create bicycles which are light, robust and guarantee an excellent level of comfort to ride. In addition to this, the mechanical properties of steel ensure that this material is particularly durable over time.


The frame will be available in both a unisex and female model, in three different sizes, S, M and L.



A bike without need for upkeep. The selection of the bike components has been carefully considered in order to limit the need for upkeep, and to produce a high-performance bike. We have equipped our bikes with a light system as well as a rear hub with 3 integrated gears.



A bike which is adapted to your needs. We include a baggage system behind and in front, which will be accompanied by a range of accessories (rack, box, bag holder and more!). Depending on the client’s needs, they will be able to load their Fer de lance with broccoli, choucroute or a few beers during the journey.



A bike which is ready for anything. In order to brave the rain, snow or fog for the adventurous among us, we have designed mudguards which are both understated and efficient. The Fer de lance is equipped with a drum brake, guaranteeing an optimal breakage whatever the weather, as well as tyres which are adapted to all types of terrain and conditions.





The team


Graduate of INSA Strasbourg  in mechanical engineering, I decided at the end of my studies to throw myself into the Manivelle adventure. Passionate about cycling, I quickly got to grips with the mechanical aspect by reparing a number of bikes in my garage. Going from reparation to fabrication is only a small step. With Manivelle, I can mix my hobbies and the skills I’ve picked up during my studies.



Graduate of INSA Strasbourg in plastics engineering, I quickly orientated myself towards product design, particularly during my time working in a design agency before getting into the Manivelle project. Passionate about cycling, and about bikes in general, I thrive in designing and fabricating Manivelle bikes.




To thank you for participating in our project, we have prepared a selection of gifts made with as much care as our bikes : Illustration by the illustrator Marion Kieber, tote/shirr with hand-pressed design, artisanal items made in our workshop, which are exclusively on offer during this campagne!


For 5€ or more: A big thank you ! And your name mentioned in our thank you post of the campagne on Facebook (also included in the gifts below)


For 10€ or more: A big thank you ! And a hand-printed lino print by the illustrator Marion Kieber



For 70€ or more: The " International Textile pack" (t-shirt and bag) – illustration, tshirt and bag sended in every part of the world.




Allocation of funds

We used the prototype to validate all of the design choices and to discuss with users.

Now the conception of our first bicycle is done and we are ready to start the small series production. This is our next challenge and to succeed we will need your help. This campaign is a way to purchase specific bicycle tools and a drilling machine to build the next frames.  


Target 1: 5000 €

Founding to start the first « Fer de lance » small series production.


Target 2: 7500 €  :

More promotion for the Fer de Lance: Production of exhibition model + sharing our experience in different shows.


Target 3: 10000 €

Would be amazing !!! We would have a small stock of Fer de Lance and so reduce the delivery delay of our bikes


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