LE FOU, un court-métrage fanstastique queer

Support the production of the first short film of a young iranian queer filmmaker

Project visual LE FOU, un court-métrage fanstastique queer
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LE FOU, un court-métrage fanstastique queer

What is the film about? The film tells the love story between two girls who don’t know each other yet. It all begins with Eleni moving into the same building where Charlotte lives. The first time they run into each other, Charlotte has the feeling of having always known Eleni. Even though they both walk away, a recurring dream arises from this exchange. Slowly, the lines between reality and illusion blurs. Charlotte is no longer able to differentiate what is real and what is not. She sees her life ruled by tarot cards. The dream becomes a parallel universe that offers her the possibility of a freer life, where love is shared abundantly. Or maybe the dream has turned into reality? The film takes form in the genre of fantasy, where the perception of reality depends on nothing but a tarot card. Who is the director? My name is Parisa Shirvani.I am a young, iranian, queer filmmaker living in France since 2016. At the moment, I am finishing my bachelors degree in cinema at the University of Paris 8, which has become my second home in France. The scenario I wrote for this short film is inspired by my personal experiences in the Parisian queer scene, that I had to understand and decipher, as I was learning the French language. Film crew The crew consists of 10 volunteers: 1 Director: Parisa Shirvani 1 Director of photography: Shayan Rahmati 3 Actors: Claire Deguernel, Dee Pishva and Sacha Fiani 1 Script: Haniyeh Yekta 2 Lighting assistants 1 Sound engineer 1 Technical producer University of Paris 8 will provide the camera, microphone along with various other filming equipment (tripods, monitors, headsets, booms, projectors, etc.) Shooting Shooting will take place early April in Paris. Post production will follow directly. The film is ready by the end of April.

Allocation of funds

This funding pot will help us pay for: Transportation, catering, stage production, equipment rental, … here is the detail : Purchase and installation of stage material (curtains, rods, sheets, …) Costumes for 2 actors (jackets, trousers, shoes) Haircuts (x3 actors) Car rental for transportation of equipment Train tickets (2x people) A meal per person (3 days x 10 people) Post production: Color grading, editing and sound mixing Camera lens rental for the night scene Total budget: 1 910 €


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