Le Jardin Mandala Médicinal et Tinctorial d'Arura: du rêve à la réalité !! / The Medicinal Mandala Garden Project : from dream to reality !!

Support the creation of the MEDICINAL MANDALA GARDEN PROJECT, a biggest and the first of its kind in Brittany, France !!

Project visual Le Jardin Mandala Médicinal et Tinctorial d'Arura: du rêve à la réalité !!  / The Medicinal Mandala Garden Project : from dream to reality !!
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Le Jardin Mandala Médicinal et Tinctorial d'Arura: du rêve à la réalité !! / The Medicinal Mandala Garden Project : from dream to reality !!

Welcome to the "Mandala Gardens of Arura".


The Mandala, a sacred practice and craft to cultivate nature and remedies!


How can we benefit from such a garden? To cultivate nature while embracing well-being and health? To be in harmony with nature and ourselves? To these questions, gardeners often find the Mandala garden most suited.


The Mandala or Circle captivates the guest to the feel and serenity of the garden! To awaken the viewer to the inner structure of nature. The alliance of the mandala garden and medicinal plants is to leads us on the path of "wellness" for better and "well-being".


This cosmic ecology helps connect us with the inherent properties of nature. Its circular shape induces energy and different emotions than other traditional gardens...


The mandala garden brings the combination of all the earth's natural elements and reflects the universe. From the atom to the organization of the universe, this pattern is always repeated. To adapt it to the traditional techniques gives us tools to organize the garden to show the balance and the sense of our participation in this great organization of life.


The aim of this project is to enlighten the public and to better understand the plant world.


The Arura Mandala Gardens, Retiers/ France, allows visitors to learn about plants and their benefits by organizing public visits (schools, associations, etc), fun workshops about medicinal and dye plants (how to recognize them, use them, in what goals), workshops on the distillation of aromatic plants, how to make their own Hydrolat, essential oils and many other activities.


Arura in Tibetan means " the longevity fruit" and in Ayurveda, it is also known as Haritaki, "the sacred fruit of Shiva". The tree that gives this fruit is the Myrobalan (Terminalia) chebula and grows on dry slopes in various parts of Asia. The myrobalan is of central importance in Tibetan medicine. Thus, Shakyamuni Buddha, master of medical science, is always depicted holding fruit and branches of myrobalan in His  hands ...



Having completed five years of studies in Herbalism, Aromatherapie and Pancabhautik Chikitsa Ayurveda, i now feel the need to create this mandala garden which will be the perfect link between knowledge and practice.


That is why today, with thanks I NEED YOUR SUPPORT to help me create this garden that will link the plant world and well-being of the person.


It will be a human adventure, a collective project, a mandala with the center of inspiration for unity.

Unity in this project means to:  


- Promote the benefits of plants for a sustainable health

- Valuing assets of the region of the " Pays de la Roche aux Fees"       

- Help create a project with human and environmental values               

- Bring the garden within the school yard through fun activities and educational partnership.          

- Create new jobs  ...


This project is simple and above all enhancing. It’s a story of family, friends, of people passing by, sincerity, luck, cosmic connections, elbow grease and dreams ...  


So, without asking for help to the banks, I hang all my strength in this project which I hope will succeed thanks TO YOU.


So if this project is calling you, support the creation of the "Mandala Gardens of Arura" and contribute to this healthy project.  


Are you ready for the next step?




Allocation of funds

Thanks to your contributions, the construction of Arura gardens can take place in two main steps ...  


But first, what is crowdfunding?




                          TOTAL COST ESTIMATED OF THE PROJECT: 7700 €


                                                 The two steps:

       For all your contributions, you get rewards developed by myself,


          or by my trusted friends ( Organic certified) ...




1- Objective 1: The creation of the MANDALAS GARDENS, A GREENHOUSE, A DRYER AND A  WATER GARDEN with an estimated cost of 5200


2- Objective 2: If through your contributions we exceed Objective 1, then we can build a NATURAL MEDICINE CABINET IN THE TREES for 2500 more !!!    

TOP !!! This is the case to say ...                                            


                              WHEN A DREAM BECOMES REALITY ! ! !






The plant varieties contain nourishing, preventive, tonic, immunomodulating, healing, etc ... Such as plants like nettle, chamomile, evening primrose, burdock, marshmallow, echinacea, borage, etc ...!  


It will also serve to reintroduce a seed repository of rare or endangered medicinal plants like arnica, violet of Rouen, dwarf birch ...  


This will be the largest of the mandalas of the garden with the pool as the centerpiece ...


Dimensions: 400 M2

Plants and seeds: 400 €

Stones, sand, soil, etc.: 200

TOTAL: 600

                  Www.kizoa.com_collage_2015-03-19_16-37-58-1426779566                                                                                                   Capture_spirale-1424089777

Aroma mandala. A simple and convenient way to have a good variety of useful aromatic plants. This arrangement will be located preferably near the house or near busy passages.


Widely used in permaculture, aromatic spiral allows minimal space to express maximum potential through the vicinity of different micro climates, soils, moisture and exhibitions. Thus can settle with greater biodiversity and have greater synergies between species and land.


"Ajowan" Spiral Mandala Aromatics: 30 M2....

"Nala" Mandala Aromatics: 25 M2....


Good soil: 100€

Wooden poles::100€

One trailer of big stones: 100€

Plants and seeds: 200€

TOTAL: 500€




This mandala, unique in Brittany will be devoted entirely to dye plants which we extract pigments to dye, ink, food, cosmetics ... It will be both a place of conservation and production of species. Training and courses on the use of plant colour can be set up as well as point of sale where you can find dyes, pigments, seeds, books, souvenirs, gift items, dyed textiles ...


Dimensions: 40 M2

Soil: 100€

Plants and seeds: 200€   

TOTAL: 300



This greenhouse will start early planting and produce our own seeds.

We will use the heat produced by composting for warmth in the winter,  by passing a pipe through the compost pile and causing the heated air in the greenhouse ...

The structure will be entirely made of wood with sliding panels on the front and in the greenhouse to allow to modulate the area according to the needs (space heating, ...). Polycarbonate panels ensure good insulation and strength.  


  Example of a modular greenhouse in England


Dimensions: 40M2 ground and 3M high maxi

Rafters: 440

300 Chipboard screws: 50

Hardware: 250

Concrete: 50 €

Wheels for gates(2X): 40 €

Polycarbonate roof and side panels: 75m2= 1400

Stopping sheet aluminium for polycarbonate 10mm (x5)= 10

Polycarbonate cover shutter profile( x 2 pieces) = 198 €

Profile and cover junction hood= 105 €

Full alumina tape= 10 €

Adhesive micro-perforated tape= 10 €

TOTAL = 2500€


The principle of dehumidification: Extraction of the water contained in the plant (the air is charged with the same amount of water). This technique allows a better conservation of the plant, its active ingredients and its colon. The visual quality, organoleptic and bacteriological remains in line with the requirements .... A dehumidifier will be placed in a 4 m3 cabinet with 2 doors on the front opening on the side. The cabinet will include 2 shelves racks, each with 8 screens 1m x 1m, 16 screens, 16 m2 drying surface.                 


Parquet tree dried to 11% (cabinet): 400 €,

24x24 cleats for slides and screens : 60 €

Cotton sheets: 0 €

Chipboard screws for assembly: 40 €

Dehumidifier: EUREKA /DH 400 or else: 150-200 €

TOTAL: 700 €


The pond will be built in liner Epdm 1mm thick. It will receive rainwater collected from the roofs of the three buildings and will house fish and wild aquatic flora.


A small friendly space hosting a vegetarian-vegan organic restaurant, workshops, talks ...


Dimensions: 35M2


EPDM tarp + geotextile : 250

Aquatic plants: Ceratophyllum demersum, Blue Lotus, Elodea Canadensis...: 100€

Plants banks: Lysimachia punctata, Primula vialii,...: 100€

Pool pump: 150€

TOTAL : 600


         TOTAL FOR THE OBJECTIVE 1 :  5200 €





If the expected amount is exceeded, the additional funds will be used for the construction of a cabinet of consultations (advice herbalism, aromatherapy, nutrition, ayurveda, yoga, meditation ...).   The investment will be recouped by renting to other therapists looking for an original location, in this case: OFFICE WILL BE CONSTRUCTED IN THE TREES! ! !   The achievement will be entirely of wood and glass for the side walls to make the most of the overview of the garden ... It will overlook the water and mandalas !!!!

The photo below is a perfect example of a platform for this type of project ...


Size : 10-15 m2


Planks 5M:210 €

Planks 4M: 70 €

Joists: 200 €

Galvanized stakes for beams: 120 €

8 Beams: 400 €

Green bamboo flooring: 400 €

Glass / Tile: 300

Wooden walls: 400 €

Roofing bio Ecotoit: Enkadrain + Plants: 400 €


TOTAL: 2500 €



                                        Some practical information

About shipping rewards:

In France: FREE

Abroad: SUPPLEMENT 20 . Thank you for your understanding.

The shipment is scheduled for late May early June.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the project or herbal medicine in general. prahlad@free.fr


I especially want to thank my trusted partners and sincere friends who have supported me in creating this project.


Floraluna: Distillation and sales of Essential Oils, Hydrosols, massage oils ...


Baumôfleur: Creation of Cosmetic balms


Lily.Nature: mandalas workshops vegetable creations, land art, paintings and photos of plant mandalas


Corinne Joubert, Naturopatic


Oyunaa Joy: in the realization of plants and tips for the greenhouse and garden furniture.


Gerard Fontaine for his advice in building the tree house



I can inform you of the project's progress by visiting my event page on FB



Waiting for the start of the project, i return to my plans, drawings, sketches, spades and secateurs...


Hoping one day to meet you and walk in the enchanted


"Medicinal Mandala Gardens of Arura"?   Feux-1426783041

With all the gratitude and the warmth of my heart, thank you for your support !!!!  


                        Humble greetings,                                     









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