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Le Local

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Le Local is a restaurant which will display a chef kitchen and a dining room to let young talent make a name for themselves in restaurant industry and design. This will be done by training them to circular economy / 0 waste.


You are curious about that but you are wondering if it’s not –again- a organic-boho-false place ?

Not at all, follow us!




“Us” started with me, Aubane.

After 10 years working on excels sheets in multinational corporations around the world, I woke up one day feeling that it wasn’t me.

Thus, I thought about what really matters to me? Eating & organizing, I got it! And I need something more: make people smile!


Yes, indeed, building lower and lower budgets wasn’t a good way to make anyone smile.


I launched a local food market : La Ruche qui dit Oui St Gilles ! I met producers and I learnt about terroir & farming. La Ruche opened – customers and farmers were smiling for real- but it made me feel like I could do even more.


Next step is Le Local and that’s how I met Laura.




« Us » is also me, Laura !


After studying arts courses at university, I decided to switch to culinary school and get trained in chef’s kitchens I admire such as Chez les Filles in Bruxelles or Ottolenghi in London. Since then, cooking which has always been my passion also became my job.


The cuisine in Le Local will be creative, young, subtle and also respectful towards products and nature. “Zero waste” will be our motto in all the recipes and will be shared with all the people working with us in the kitchen and outside.






The two of us are really yearning to save the world with a fork because it feels like there is a fresh new impulse to give to the restaurants industry.


Our long way vision is a stronger human commitment and an inner will to raise awareness among people about the upcoming food challenge. Le Local is all about that, the first culinary incubator and talents showcase is born!


By going back and forth local farms to find producers, we made some alarming observations:

-Lands are expensive

-Time is precious

-Working according to organic principles is time consuming and producers can’t be in two places at once.


Thus, we want to help them : Chantal, Félicie, Thierry et the others


Thus, how can we do?


By committing ourself next to them in every day life, by insuring them a worthy income, by helping them in their ecological transition (recycling, reducing organic waste, restricting packaging) and finally by optimizing their logistical flow to gain time and to reduce carbon footprint.




It’s quite a thing – we know - but that’s something we can do since we are already working with all that producers in our local organic market : La Ruche qui dit Oui!


Why should it matter to you ? because in your plate, 100% of the products will be sourced directly from the farms and 80% of them from local producers.


Indeed, the 20% missing is that we don’t want to say goodbye to the chocolate cake on the menu thus we are committed to look for chocolate coming from direct and organic farms locally.


Transparency and consistency will be our motto to provide you with organic products with a real taste!


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Now the crop is done so let’s go behind the stoves!


Since we are really into food concepts and restaurant industry, we realized that there are many little hands behind the scene who are willing to open their own restaurant but they have no money for.


How can we help them ?


By opening a restaurant to rent ! Le Local will enable fresh culinary talents to be the chef for one lunch or one dinner by cooking a 4 hands menu with Laura or an eponymous menu. (warning, cultural tip : eponymous means to give their name)




Ok but what we gonna eat ? That’s where Laura keeps her weather eye ope !


Rules are simple: cooking according to farms’ delivery!


Raising up tastes and flavours thanks to a fresh and simple cuisine is our philosophy and it will help to rediscover the real taste. And by rediscovering we also mean making you aware of 0 waste interest.


Food wastage is a real plague in your modern society. Each year just in Belgium, 3 600 000 T of foods are throw away, that’s non sense!


Our answer : teaching and training the chefs to the “0 waste” philosophy, using our grand-mothers' tips.





It makes your mouth water? then let’s have dinner in the dining room, but not in whichever one!


Le Local is also a showcase place where freshly graduated artist will be able to express their art through the entire dining room : chairs, tables, walls, everything you will see!


Same observation that in kitchen : many young graduated designers or craftmen are facing some troubles to make themselves known and also financial obstacles.


Le Local will give them a little help !


Circular economy will rule the restaurant, thus : everything will build and make of second hand materials & salvage stuff to upcycle them and make them desirable.


Have you ever dream to get a piece of some restaurant décoration ? Well at Le Local, it will be possible since everything is for sale.


What is the benefits for the artists ? a showcase for their creation, a springboard to be known and a financial income to make a living of their work!







As we don’t want to be just a trendy restaurant which get out of trend – the last straw. Every 6 months, the restaurant’s theme will be changed : chef, menu, design, setting.


Parce qu’on ne veut pas être un restau à la mode qui passe de mode – le comble !-, tous les 6 mois, le thème du restaurant sera changé : chefs, menus, designers, décors.


The atmosphere change but the values are the same.


The experience in the room and in the mooth will be fresh and brand new everytime.


The sustainable commitment will stay the same and the 0 waste philosophy will be our signature!


Le Local will create sustainable renewal : it’s new and it’s sustainable!








We showed our hands from the beginning: we do not want to be a trendy restaurant, we want to be the restaurant of tomorrow.


To imagine and build Le Local, we were inspired and motivated by movies like Demain, En quête de sens and movements such as Les colibris.


We strongly believe that is the individual initiatives which will drive collective strength. Then it may sound utopian and naive, we swear we are neither hippie nor hermit. We are two thirty at ease in their sneakers; we have very well in mind our modern society challenges and we want to bring a change to our scale.


Very little can be done to build a sustainable economy without being concerned by ecology because without the Earth, what can we eat?






Allocation of funds

Le Local needs you !


 9000€  what for ?


-A friendly eco-designed kitchen which reduces its ecological footprint.

->To restrain energy waste through virtuous loop between appliances


Did you know ? You can heat up the water for the dishwasher by using the heat released by the refrigerator compressor.



->To restrain water consumption by re-using black and grey water


Why wouldn’t the water of the dishwasher be used to flush ? If you have to waste water, better do it twice!



- >To restrain energy consumption by using less energy consuming materials and cooking techniques.




-The top of the top of composter, the one which will enable us to quickly compost your organic waste to send them directly back  fertilizing into the soils of our producers!




11 000€ what for ?


-An air refreshing green wall to add a green nature to our urban life and to filter the air for unbeatable lungs experience!






Up to 20 000€ - indeed we believe that you can be our santa claus!


- An industrial canopy to make our kitchen an actual culinary open stage!




And if we reach 1 000 000 euros, we leave straight to The Bahamas to chill and relax!




No, we don’t, we are kidding !


We open a Le Local in every single city where we have a crowdfunder. After all, Le Local starts in BXL to give the impulse but our goal is to make changes happening everywhere across restaurant industry.




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